Sultry, Canadian songstress Annick returns with her follow up single to last year's mega smash hit "Give It To Me".

Get ready for a side of Annick that you never heard before, as she continues to launch her assault on clubland.

Armed with an arsenal of HOT mixes from some of the greatest producers on the planet, Annick once again proves that she is virtually unstoppable! The release includes mixes by Klubjumpers, React, Majik Boys and more.

"Wonder" no more in 2009!!!!!!

Annick exploded onto the scene in 2008 with her turbo-charged, wickedly erotic, debut single "Give It To Me". Reminiscent of such old skool, funky, sleezehouse gems as Jamie Principle "Baby Wants To Ride", Lil Louis "French Kiss", and Laidback "White Horse", or the tongue-in cheek playfulness of 20 Fingers "Short Dick Man", "Give It To Me" drives it all home, as it adds some nu-flavor to the already spiced up mix of retro electro delight.

Packed with the most eclectic collection of mixes that range from hot electro house and "gotta get up and dance" hands-up euro, to the smooth and sultry , infectiously sexy, piano house, that is a throwback to some of the biggest floor burners of the early 90's.

Though "Give It To Me" oozes with raw, sexual, unbridled passion, it is never too crude or overtly offensive. If "Give It To Me" is a little too hot and sexy for your kitchen, there is even a few mixes that will politely douse the fires. Deliciously erotic and seductive pop dance candy. "Give It To Me" is a surefire hit! You will be hooked with just one listen. "Give It To Me" is the "sex floor" anthem of 2008!