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Lady Tom
"It's A Dream"
La Bouche
"Be My Lover" (US Version)
La Bouche
"Be My Lover" (US Version - Disco Tech Remix)
La Bouche
"Sweet Dreams" (US Version)
Lady Violet
"Inside To Outside"
LeAnn Rimes
"Can't Stop The Moonlight (Almighty Remix)"
Le Click feat. Kayo
"Call Me"
Le Voyage De Maxime
"(It's Gonna) Reach Your Soul"
Lexy And K-Paul
"The Greatest D.J."
Lonnie Gordon
"If You Really Love Me"
Lost Witness
"7 Colours"
Lovestern Galktika meets Daisy C.I.O.
"Galaktica - Are You Ready?"
"Lookin' 4 Love"