Da Buzz
Da Buzz is one-of-a-kind, incredibly talented pop/dance band from Sweden. One listen and you will understand the phenomenon that is DaBuzz! The lead singer Annika has an unbelievable range and is one of the world's finest vocalists. Powerful dance and pop hits to seductive ballads, one listen and you will realize why they are consistently one of the top groups in Europe, and the most radio played Swedish group in Scandinavia!

After promoting their videos in 2004 and remixing the "Dangerous" video in June of 2005, the project got licensed in the US by Airus Entertainment for an album release including 4 bonus tracks never released specially recorded for the US! Their next US album release being scheduled for the end of the Summer 2006.

Import Sound and Vision promotion from May 2004 to November 2005.
US release in April 2006.







Alive 3.27
Tonight Is The Night 3.20
Dangerous 3.27
Dangerous (Vasco & Millboy Remix Edit by Div-A-Matic) 6.10






Alive & Dangerous (CD)          






Da Buzz official web site
Da Buzz US official web site
Sonar Music (Sweden)
Bonnier-Amigo (Sweden)
Airus Entertainment (USA)




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