Sylver comprises of class female vocalist Silvy De Bie and top club DJ, keyboard player, writer Wout van Dessel. Their first album "Chances" was the trailblazer that really caught the attention of the public. The album yielded two mega-hit singles "Turn The Tid" and "Forever In Love". The second album "Little Things" continued the upward trend when both "Living My Life" and 'Why Worry" reached the top of the charts consecutively. 

Their third and latest album "Nighttime Calls" has taken an age to produce to the standard that we've come to expect from Sylver, it's a rich hand woven tapestry that endorses the credibility of this amazing duo and will inspire all who hear it. 

After promoting and remixing Sylver's "Why Worry", "Living My Life" and "Love Is An Angel" videos, the band got licensed in the US in 2005 by Toucan Cove for single and album releases.

Import Sound and Vision promotion from January 2004 to March 2005.
US release on April 11 2006.







Why Worry 3.38
Why Worry (Noemi Remix - Rockamerica Remix) 4.29
Why Worry (Noemi Remix - Promo Only Remix) 3.21
Love Is An Angel 3.25






Nighttime Calls (CD)              






Sylver official web site
Byte Belgium
Toucan Cove (USA)




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promoted in 2005/2006
US release April 06
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promoted in 2005/2006
US release 04.25.06
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  Sylver - Nighttime Calls  
promoted in 2004/2005
US release 04.11.06
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promoted in 2004/2005
US release 05.17.05
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