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We are so very proud to introduce you to one of Import Sound & Vision's family members. Robbert J. Bricker & D. Gauss.

Most people will probably recognize Robbert as the unstoppable, highly controversial, electro-punk, rock star, The Undeniable. Besides being an incredible, multi-talented artist, we have discovered that he, along with his partner in crime, D.Gauss,  are fantastic video editors and music video remixers! Check out their amazing video remixes and original songs below!

Here are just a few FAQ's about the dynamic duo!

  • In 2003, The Undeniable & D.Gauss became a team, now known as Sinister Minister Underground Theater, USA (SMUTUSA).
  • In 2004 The Undeniable & D.Gauss / SMUTUSA began working with Import Sound & Vision.
  • They have been nominated three times for Pill Awards (NYC).
  • Since then, SMUTUSA has produced many music videos and short films both on a national and international level, both dance music and many other styles, they love it all!


RobbertBesides being a singer/songwriter, producer and engineer, Robbert is also a director, artist, cartoonist, animator, graphic designer. He is also the proud father of three awesome children, who not only support his art, but often participate in it, along with his rather offbeat cast of friends, it has truly become a family affair. The Undeniable's extremely eclectic musical style ranges from electro-punk, to folk music and everything in between. You can hear this on his debut album to be released sometime in 2009... for now you can check out and even buy some of his music at the links provided above. His influences are as all over the board as his musical tastes, ranging from Marilyn Manson to Danny Elfman - From Eminem to Billie Holiday.

DavidD.Gauss (David Gauss) is an internationally published photographer and cinematographer. Getting his feet wet was never the plan, David exploded onto the scene making a splash that would be heard around the world. As Robbert's better half, and his right hand man, David brings his many talents and artistic expertise to the table. His brilliant cinematography and breathtaking art, can be seen in many of SMUTUSA's video mixes and productions. His influences are among the greatest in his field, Michel Gondry, Annie Leibovitz, John Waters and Chris Cunningham, you can see David's art and photography on his links below. David's darker side that he shares with his partner Robbert, are strongly influenced by old zombie and horror films.

Together these two incredibly multi-talented men, make for an unforgettable power house dream team, and are responsible for some of the hottest dance music video mixes to hit clubland today!

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Give It To Me (Radikal DJ's Elektro ReWork Edit) 3.06
128 BPM
Editor: The Undeniable/D.Gauss
ISV Entertainment
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Threw It All Away 4.11
138 BPM
Director: The Undeniable/D.Gauss
Ford Records
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The Undeniable
I Surrender All (A Slave Anthem) 3.42
141 BPM
Director: Robbert J./D.Gauss/Justin M. Davis
The Undeniable.net
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