The Undeniable/D.Gauss

We are so very proud to introduce you to one of Import Sound & Vision's newest family members. Robbert J. Bricker. Most people will probably recognize him as the unstoppable, highly controversial, electro-punk, rock star, The Undeniable

Besides being an incredible, multi-talented artist, we have discovered that he, along with his partner in crime, D.Gauss,  are fantastic video editors and music video remixers! Check out their amazing video remixes of IAMX "Spit It Out" and West End Girls " West End Girls." 


We are very happy to announce that our videos have now been added to LADY FOOT LOCKER stores, not just Footlocker Stores. LADY FOOT LOCKER is a separate store just for women, that will showcase many more of our videos, and the most exciting part, is that the programming is different from our regular Footlocker programming, so that increases your video exposure! The LADY FOOT LOCKER show will lean much heavier on Dance music. One of their many stores, is the very high-profile, heavily-trafficked Soho store in NYC!

Be sure to check out these Yuletide treats, EXCLUSIVE on LADY FOOT LOCKER in December! Gunther & The Sunshine Girls "Christmas Song (Ding Dong)", BTH "Last Christmas", as well as the hottest hits from Sylver "Take Me Back", Stonebridge Vs. Ultra Nate "Freak On", & Dannii Minogue Vs. Flower Power "You Won't Forget About Me."



It's that time again. Everybody is gearing up for the Holidays, and we can't think of a better way to celebrate than to bring you and yours the gift of some of the hottest and rarest Christmas & Holiday Dance Music videos ever made! Some of these videos we brought you last year, but most of them are brand spankin' new! Check out these HOT Yuletide offerings! Madison Park "Winter Wonderland", Gunther & The Sunshine Girls "Christmas Song (Ding Dong)" (super clean edit), BTH "Last Christmas", Banaroo "Coming Home For Christmas (Dance Mix)", Ilona Mitrecey "Noel, Que Du Bonheur", Fabrizio Faniello "Just 4 Christmas", and our very special tribute to Nathalie & Maria of Passion Fruit "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas"...

We wanted to do something special this Christmas and promote for the very first time in North America, the last video ("I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas") that German pop super-group Passion Fruit ever made, before 2 of the 3 women, lost their lives five years ago in a tragic plane crash, that also took the lives of many others, including our beloved queen of Eurodance, Melanie Thornton (ex. La Bouche). They will be missed and will always be remembered. We sadly were not able to get a great copy of the video, despite our many hard efforts, but we have done our very best to try to make it as presentable as possible for you to enjoy and add to your playlists. This Christmas please join us in a moment of silence to pay tribute to these young, beautiful and talented women.

Check out all of these Christmas videos, here!

What do you get when you mix the dark, haunting beauty of LA's infamous industrial/goth-rock duo Collide, with the highly polished, European influenced, stylish arena trance, of Canada's own DJ Rad? You get an explosion of sound that is both enchanting, energizing and hypnotic. Meet Collide Vs. DJ Rad.

Collide enjoyed their first taste of mainstream success, when their special remix of Front Line Assembly's classic "Predator" (featuring vocals by kaRIN) debuted in the major motion picture, teen horror blockbuster movie, The Covenant. Their song "Euphoria" was added to its soundtrack. "Euphoria" also appears in the new campy horror movie "Evil Bong" from Tommy Chong (of Cheech And Chong Fame)

DJ Rad's debut album was the Number 1 selling album in AsiaISV Entertainment is the first to bring you this world wide exclusive!

WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF? Ghosts? ghouls? vampires? evil clowns? the undead? Things that go bump in the night? We have it all at ISV!

Just in time for HALLOWEEN, we've scared up some extra creepy Halloween goodies just for YOU!

Be sure to check out these Spook-tacular videos on ISV now!

Collide - Son of a Preacher Man and Euphoria (you can't escape their haunting beauty)
Dr Reanimator - Move Your Dead Bones (with footage from the movie "Re-Animator 3")
The Lost Brothers - Cry Little Sister (for all you Children of the night who loved the vampire horror classic "The Lost Boys")
Mysterious Art is always sure to please with Das Omen and Requiem
Magic Affair - Night Of The Raven (a spin off of "The Crow") and Omen III
P-Control - The Clown Song (a spin off Stephen King's "It")
Bad Boyz DJ team - Ghostbusters (I ain't afraid of no ghost)
Anders Manga's videos will chill you to the bone...

Be sure to also check out Gothminister, Skinny Puppy, The Cruxshadows, Project Pitchfork, Funker Vogt, Eisbrecher, In Strict Confidence, Artwork, The Undeniable, Run Level Zero, and much more!

Remembering September 11

Five years ago, our nation came under attack and we have not forgotten the heroism of the police officers, firefighters, rescue personnel, and private citizens who responded selflessly to the call for help on that devastating day in our history.

Let us never forget.

Intoducing the new Dutch duo Bo And Monica!

It is almost that time of year again when it's back to school, pencils, books, and teachers dirty looks. It is also the height of the reality TV shows like " American Idol," " America's Got Talent," " So You Think You Can Dance," " Making The Band," and many more. People all over the US are competing to prove that they have what it takes to be a star.

Well, if there was ever a perfect theme song for all of those shows, then this would have to be it! Introducing the hot young Dutch duo of Bo And Monica with their smash hit "Gonna Be A Star". The timing is perfect to launch this video in the US because of the very popular trend of shows like the ones I mentioned above. Check out their new video here!

You can also import the CD Single from Free Record Shop for less than $8 USD. Shipping is fast and secure, we've tested it. But quantities are limited so hurry up before it's gone!

My Space is all about meeting new and interesting friends and networking. If you like what you see and hear, please add us as your friend on myspace.com, we'd love to meet you!

Please read our blog and you will find out all you need to know about Import Sound & Vision.

Please feel free to check out our myspace site, we'd love to have you. www.myspace.com/importsv

ISV celebrates diversity, as June is Gay Pride month in North America. We always have the largest roster of openly gay dance and electronic artists and music videos, but this month we have pulled out all of the stopps with gay-themed and gay "friendly" music video content.
DJ's & Veejays and dance music fanatics alike, be sure to check out these videos... Exacta "Pride (A Deeper Love)", Limahl "Tell Me Why (Dance Mix)", a classic from the Coming Out Crew feat. Sabrina Johnston "Free, Gay & Happy," a hot video mix of the gay dance floor classic "Feels Like I'm In Love" by Kelly Marie. Nicki French returns with a brand new 2006 mix of her massive smash hit, "Total Eclipse Of The Heart". Scott Bolton shows us some Canadian gay pride with his cover of "Love Is In The Air" and much more...
So, whether you are Gay, Bi, Straight, or Confused, get out there and celebrate your diversity in life and your freedom to choose!

Mysterious Art "Das Omen" video has been added to bpm:tv's web site "Hot 3 Video Picks of the week"! Check it out.

We would like to send out a very warm and HUGE thank you to our good friend Forrest Mallard of Compulsive Music, who has created our FANTASTIC Import Sound & Vision my space page. It looks incredible.If anyone needs a my space web page made, this guy is your guy. Don't take our word for it, go check out our my space page at www.myspace.com/importsv and see for yourself, this guy is a genius!

Please check out Compulsive Music's hot new video for Exacta "Pride (A Deeper Love)" on our music videos page. It will be debuting EVERYWHERE in June 06, so here is your first sneak peek... Enjoy!

2006 is the time for retro music videos. More than ever before, 2006 is proving what was old, is new again, as we are seeing quite a huge resurgence of hot retro musical styles such as Electro, Techno, and old Skool House, but mixed with hot, contemporary grooves and bigger , stronger beats. Many musical styles that we thought were long dead, are back and hotter than ever. Eurodance, EuroTechno, and Aqua-styled Bubblegum Dance with acts like Banaroo, Machoman, Gunther & The Sunshine Girls, Carlito, and more have returned with a vengeance. The Dance Music scene is more eclectic than ever before, and it seems there is a pu-pu platter of many different styles of dance to sample and sink your teeth into.

Recently 80's covers, remakes and remixes, (many from the original artists themselves) such as Pakito "Living On Video", Noe "We Belong", Clea "We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off", Jaybee feat. Morris "Shattered Dreams", QED "Love Bites", Dancing DJ's vs. Roxette "Fading Like A Flower", etc... found themselves being played in many popular stores and clubs across North America.

In June we have no shortage of these videos and so much more to come. We are also excited to announce the return of the Hi-NRG queen Nicki French with a hot, new 2006 version of "Total Eclipse of the Heart", the return of 80's pop sensation Limahl (Kajagoogoo "Too Shy") with an original song "Tell Me Why" that will have you up on your feet.

Sylver returns to their trance roots with a fantastic, yet rather unexpected, cover of the ABBA classic "Lay All Your Love On Me", and DJ Bobo returns with 80's pop goddess Sandra with "Secrets of Love". 


The time has come again, you have been warned! June 6, 2006 marks the first time in over 1,000 years when the year, month, and date will be 666, it is also the official release of the remake of the horror classic THE OMEN. There couldn't be a better time than now to release for the first time ever the original video for Mysterious Art- Das Omen. This is personally one of my favorite songs of that genre. It will be perfect for the whole 666/OMEN theme. It is a fantastic upbeat, Hi-Nrg Dark and Gothic sounding dance track. The vocalist has an uncanny resemblance to Claudia Brucken of Propaganda fame. Check out this video... if you dare!!!!!!!!

We also are relaunching the band that Mysterious Art morphed into in the 90's Magic Affair with "OMEN III"! Very HOT EuroDance in the tradition of La Bouche and Culture Beat.

Import Sound & Vision is no longer just a dance music video promotions company, we now are a full fledged music video production company with several music videos already under our belts, and access to awarding winning directors, and videos in heavy rotation on MTV/LOGO, as well as thousands of retail and club outlets throughout the US & Canada. Is it any wonder that Import Sound & Vision is fast becoming a household name in dance and electronic music video promotion and production?

If you need a hot music video for your label or artist, or need some promotional support please feel free to contact us, we are your one stop shop, for all your video production & promotional needs. We'll get you an MTV-styled video, at just a fraction of the cost, then we will get it out there everywhere for you. We personally guarantee you will get the highest level of quality video production and promotion we can provide.

Import Sound & Vision invades Footlocker. In a very short period of just a few months, Footlocker has undergone quite a huge content change in their In Store video programming. Footlocker, who is usually known for their sports gear, and more hip hop oriented clothing and music, has witnessed an invasion of high energy dance music video in over 2,000 chain stores across the US thanks to ISV. This month alone you can catch 20 of the newest and hottest European styled dance music videos currently burning up charts and dance floors around the globe, sharing the spotlight with huge pop mega stars such as Madonna, Missy Elliott, Shakira, and Kelly Clarkson. Now that's what we call FRESH!

We are so pleased to announce that some of the artists we have been promoting over the last year or so, such as Bananarama, Tess, & Gunther & The Sunshine Girls have gotten signed to exclusive album deals in North America. This is very exciting news for us and artists and labels all over the world.

Import Sound & Vision has teamed up with Chicago's EsNtion Records, on bringing new life to the Danielle Bollinger hit "Kiss The Sky". Award Winning Director/Editor Alexander Cartio has added his own magical touch to the video with his brilliant editing. You can see the pop rock edit in clubs across the US now. Soon it will be airing in retail stores and TV stations throughout North America. We have also worked with Alexander Cartio on another new video, which is a hot trance anthem, from Robert G Feat Kate Lesing "Highest Mountain", also on EsNtion Records, due out in June or July.

We are very happy to announce that Kristine W's video for "I'll Be Your Light" is still one of the most requested videos on MTV/LOGO. Please check out all 3 of the versions of her video on our site, including a special, unreleased version of the Tony Moran mix by Div-a-Matic.
Kristine W and Import Sound & Vision- Sheds some light on a very important subject, children and adults afflicted with Cancer.
In late 05 Kristine W asked us if we could help her to produce and edit her new video "I'll Be Your Light" which incidentally was completely funded by Kristine herself, and of course, we were more than happy to help out such a great artist with a very important cause which was very personal and dear to her heart. It turned out to be a bit of a family affair as it featured cameos from her real life family, her daughter, son, and husband.
Our very own Jim Patterson has helped to create a beautiful and touching story of the power of a mother's love for her daughter dying of Cancer, and a special bond shared between mother and daughter. At the end of the video is a personal message of hope from Kristine W, as well as some information where you can donate your time or money. Please try to do your part to help find a cure for this terrible disease, and help ease the suffering of those living with Cancer or Leukemia. There is also a less non-serious, straight forward dance remix version, by our very own Div-a-Matic that is currently on all your favorite dance floors all over North America, while Jim Patterson's more serious version is one of the most requested videos on MTV/LOGO.

HeLLeR is the new pop rock sensation from Italy. Her track "Looking For" is already storming the rock scene in her native country. Dance music lovers are not left off either with 2 excellent radio and club friendly remixes by Luca Zeta ("Star", "Song Of Joy"...).
Our new in-house video remixer Garry A Cagle has once again created an awesome video re-edited to the Dance Extended Remix guaranteed to be a hit in Clubs and Bars across North America. Watch It Now!
Both edits are also available in Canada on bpm:tv so be sure to contact them and make it climb up their Viewer Top 10!

Thanks to your support Be Angel "Each Time You Break My Heart" is #8 of bpm:tv's Viewer Top 10! Keep it climbing!
In the meantime, you can purchase Be Angel's brand new CD Single from www.self.it and www.americandisco.net.

As of February we are again actively promoting music videos in retail at Footlocker stores through IN STORE SPORTS NETWORK
IN STORE SPORTS NETWORK manages a national closed-circuit television network providing original music and sports programming onto the selling floors of the nations most important sports-specialty retail stores. On the air since 1993, IN STORE SPORTS NETWORK today services Foot Locker, Inc.: Foot Locker and Champs Sports stores on a national basis. Programming runs nationally during all open store hours (11 - 12 hours per day) and are updated monthly, giving an incredible exposure to the artists. IN STORE SPORTS NETWORK programming are available at over 1,950 locations across the country, covering the Top 1,000 malls of the United States (98% coverage of U.S.), and reaching a Potential audience of over 29 million people every month! The programs are designed to appeal to the young, active sports consumer's two biggest passions: MUSIC and SPORTS featuring custom produced videos not available anywhere else and music videos. Watch out for our videos on their network in 2006!

Congratulations Fabrizio! Fabrizio Faniello ("Just 4 Christmas", "Love On The Radio") is for the second time the winner of the Malta Song Festival and will be representing his home country at the Eurovision 2006 competition to take place in Athens, Greece on May 18th, 2006.
Fabrizio will be performing his new hit "I Do" and a music video and dance remixes are currently in the work. We will of course keep you posted on all this as we learn more!


Import Sound And Vision is proud to team up with ToCo International, the world's leading independent music broker, to bring you even more quality music videos in 2006 and beyond! Starting in February with the vocal trance classic by Silverblue "Do U Know", the dancefloor filler "Everytime You Leave" by Karma and the brand new club hit "Pump Up (Gimme Gimme Gimme) by Team X.

Be Angel is back with a new pop-dance cover of Nick Camen's 80's hit "Each Time You Break My Heart." The video tells the story of a couple of thieves robbing a mansion of its jewelries... But there is a couple of twist to the story! Watch Be Angel's brand new video before it hits the Clubs nationwide in February. The remixed video by mi3 is scheduled to be released in March. So keep your eyes peeled!
In the meantime, you can purchase Be Angel's brand new CD Single from www.self.it and www.americandisco.net.

Import Sound And Vision is proud to be working with Barry Browder aka Div-A-Matic who was recently featured as video remixer of the month by one of the most prestigious music video companies in the business, Screenplay Inc.,  in their December music industry newsletter.
You can read a full profile of Div-A-Matic and watch all his remixed videos by clicking here.

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