right smack dab on the top of the Import Sound & Vision office delivering some of the hottest new videos to bring you a heaping helping of Holiday cheer!

Cascada " Last Christmas" watch the video

Just in the nick of time comes this amazing yuletide offering from Cascada.

Cascada nails the timeless Wham classic, putting their own unique trademark spin on it. 

The video is exceptionally well done and is just the perfect thing to get you in the mood for the Holiday season.

We are very excited to say that we have the exclusive on this one and it is only available for limited promotion, but we have done our very best to make sure that we were able to get
Cascada " Last Christmas" right into your homes and hearts.

Bearforce1 " Christmas Is Here" watch the video

Forget about Take That, move over N-Sync here comes Bearforce1!

Meet the world's first boy band consisting of all openly gay members, who also happen to be Bears!

Exploding onto the scene, these Dutch bears' debut single "
Bearforce1", had jaws dropping the world over, now just in time for Christmas the bears are back full force promising you a Beary Merry Christmas with their hot new single "Christmas is Here"! ... The best news is that we have them both!... 
Just remember who brought it to you first!...

Check out all of these Christmas videos, here!


It's that time again. Everybody is gearing up for the Holidays, and we can't think of a better way to celebrate than to bring you and yours the gift of some of the hottest and rarest Christmas & Holiday Dance Music videos ever made!

Some of these videos we brought you last year, but check out our newest ones Bo & Monica "Please Please Santa" and Inga From Sweden "Inga's XXXmas", as well as Madison Park "Winter Wonderland", Gunther & The Sunshine Girls "Christmas Song (Ding Dong)" (super clean edit), BTH "Last Christmas", Banaroo "Coming Home For Christmas (Dance Mix)", Ilona Mitrecey "Noel, Que Du Bonheur", Fabrizio Faniello "Just 4 Christmas"...

Check out all of these Christmas videos, here!

As we near the end of 07, and Thanksgiving is right around the corner, we ask you all to reflect on all of the HOT dance music videos that we have brought you throughout the years from just about every corner of the globe. 

We would like to give thanks that we have been able to be here for nearly 7 years and are still going strong.

We couldn't have done it without all the support from our partners, and the amazing labels and artists that have provided us with their great videos.

As you know, 2007 marked the birth of our very own record label, ISV ENTERTAINMENT.

We want to thank you all for making us a huge success with our first 3 releases!

Coming soon... Just in time for Thanksgiving, we have a very special treat for you all.

ISV ENTERTAINMENT, in cooperation with our friends at Ranco Records, proudly presents our 4th, and highly anticipated single, Annick " Give It To Me ( Remixes)".

We are very excited about this release. It features a slew of brand new mixes and a hot enhanced CD with 2 special video mixes and lots of extra goodies.

Be sure to check out our video of the month Annick- Give It To Me (Radikal DJ's Electro ReWork edit) brilliantly edited by our very own video mix dream team, The Undeniable/D.Gauss


It has been awhile since we have had any news, but we have very good reason, as they say "no news is good news".

We have absolutely AWESOME news!

Import Sound & Vision is very excited to present our parent company and brand, spankin' new record Label ISV Entertainment

We have 2 hot new amazing releases right out of the gate Groove Enforcers "A Little Closer" and Yumm Yumm "Happy Day" and one more, James Roy "Rise Above" on the way in a few short weeks!

Be sure to check them all out at ISVENT.COM 

Yumm Yumm "Happy Day" is our featured video of the month. It is also the brainchild of our own Nivek Tek from Import Sound & Vision.

Think Barbie Girl meets Cascada!

Also check out all of our exciting projects below on myspace! ...be sure to ask to be one of our friends!



Meet Annick

This sexy femme fatale that hails from Windsor, Ontario Canada, will turn up the heat on your summer, with her scorching hot, debut single, "Give It To Me".

Canada has long known, what the world will soon be baring witness to, that an intense genre of dance music, and the artist that performs it, are very much a part of a viable growing market. 

The dance wave in Canada is garnering increasingly more attention and appreciation. Annick is here to help usher in that new wave, with her first single "Give It To Me". 

This song highlights Annick's talent of dance and rhythm. She has the talent and the fortitude to propel her to the next level… With Annick, the Sky's the limit! 

Be sure to check out her video right here on our site, and click the link to get your very own copy, and just say "Give It To Me"!

digital download
buy the record


Mickey Oliver & Kathy Phillips "I Know It's You" is the highly anticipated follow up to Oliver's previous track "Nothin' More To Give," which was picked up by dance stations across the country, as well as making an appearance on the Billboard charts. Also, the music video for "Nothing More To Give" is currently burning up the chart on BPM TV's Hot 20 music video chart.

BPM TV has the distinction of being the largest 24 hour a day music video channel for dance music in North America, and Oliver is grateful for the support. "I'm very happy with the success of the song, and for Import Sound and Vision's help in getting exposure for the music video," said Oliver. With the new song, Oliver hopes to capture people's imagination even more, having filmed the next music video at the Monte Carlo Casino on the Las Vegas Strip, along with his recent decision to collaborate with more established dance artists.

"I Know It's You" features international gold and platinum selling dance vocalist Kathy Phillips, who has high expectations of her own for this track. "The dance industry won't know what hit them once we get this song out there!" she enthused. "I love the track and can't wait to see it take off." With several hit songs already under her belt, Kathy Phillips can be very selective regarding her choice of music projects. But the opportunity to do a song with Oliver was an easy decision. "I am so grateful to be working with such a talent as Mickey Oliver! We make a great team. I would love to contribute as much as I can to make this project work, and make it as successful as it can be."

Check out Mickey's and Kathy's video:
Mickey Oliver & Kathy Phillips "I Know It's You"


We are very proud to present to you, the HOT new video by Paul Lekakis to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of his international smash hit "Boom Boom (Let's Go Back To My Room)". Paul's video has caused quite a lot of controversy, among some of his fans within the gay community. The video features a wild Hollywoodesque party that features Paul and a group of women and one man , in some very compromising positions. The feedback that we and Paul have received directly is that Paul is "selling out", "ashamed of his sexuality", "trying to play straight" etc.. We at Import Sound & Vision just want to set the record straight, as we stand firmly behind the artists that we represent. Paul Lekakis is a proud, openly gay man, musical artist and actor. Paul has been an advocate and spokesman for the gay community for many years. Not only did Paul have the courage to come out as an openly gay artist to the media and to the industry, but as a gay man living with HIV, and helping wage the war on ignorance and tolerance for knowledge and understanding about HIV & AIDS, crystal meth abuse, gay rights, supporting charities, and being a positive role model for the gay community as a whole. "Boom Boom (Let's Go Back To My Room)" was never a "gay" song. It was a pop anthem for sexual freedom for everybody, no matter what your race or sexual orientation. Though Paul knew that a lot of his gay fans might be disappointed that he didn't make a "gay video" for Boom Boom, Paul wanted to make a universally appealing video that everyone could enjoy and identify with, and that's just what he did with "Boom Boom (Let's Go Back To My Room)".

Last year, another one of our artists, Sean Ensign, faced similar adversity with his debut video "Without You", that also features a woman, as a possible love interest. Sean, also a proud and openly gay man, wanted to just simply tell a story. It wasn't about "selling out" or not loving himself, or not being proud of who he was. Sean & Paul both have great respect for their fans both straight and gay, Sean, like Paul, has supported many charities for HIV & AIDS as well as Tsunami relief.

Let's get it in check people, we should not be ostracising these courageous young artists, we should be celebrating and supporting their right to be openly gay artists, who love and respect their community, but want to educate and entertain the world, no matter what or who they are. We are proud to promote and represent these artists. We have the largest roster of openly gay dance and electronic music artists in the world. Starting in June, the Human Rights Campaign will be throwing a major benefit concert featuring some of the biggest names in the pop world, Erasure, Debbie Harry and Cyndi Lauper, to name a few.  

Whether you are gay, straight, bi, or undecided, please support our rights as humans to share the same benefits in marriage, health care, and basic rights as a human being. Let's love and support each other, especially those like Paul and Sean, who are courageous enough to take a stand and make a difference for us all!

Check out Sean and Paul's videos:
Sean Ensign "Without You"
Paul Lekakis "Boom Boom (Let's Go Back To My Room)"


"Forever" is the 5th single from Alyson's critically-acclaimed debut album "Take A Good Look".

"Forever" is the # 1 Breakout on the Billboard Dance Chart this week (April 7, 2007) and is now being released to club and radio DJs across the U.S.! Be sure to check out the new music video for "Forever" that's now debuting on TV and in clubs and retail stores near you!

Watch It Now Here! And grab the CD on CDBaby.com This is a limited edition promotional CD available exclusively from CD Baby for a limited time! Remixes on this CD of "Forever" are by world-renowned producers JY & Zeb, L.E.X. and Jason Randolph that span many styles including pop/dancehall, pop/dance and electro pop.


James RoyWe are very proud to present Blue Disco Records' shining star James Roy.

James is capturing the world around him in high-energy songs with powerful lyrics, and a controversial, yet extremely important message.

With the desire to make a positive impact, and encourage people to think differently, James released his first music video Rise Above. Full of strong imagery and vibrant color, the video exposes his feelings about discrimination and offers the scenario of a more progressive and open-minded society. Rather than perpetuating conflict through aggression, he suggests taking a greater perspective through understanding.

"Rise Above" is directed by talented North Carolina filmmaker Steve Murray, and offers a rather pointed surprise for those who oppose same-sex marriage.

"Rise Above was written in 2004," says Roy, "right after the elections, of course, when they started having those state amendments that were passing to define marriage as between a man and a woman. And it personally affected me. I think all that legislation was based on the unwillingness to understand people who are different. And I know a lot of people just reacted with some counter protests of sorts, but I wanted to take a different route. So Rise Above is pretty much saying, ultimately, try to understand everyone and forget about differences and realize that everything you do will come back to you." 
And Rise Above has served as a musical statement in response to same-sex marriage discrimination.

James Roy "Rise Above" is a powerful and poignant video, that is an absolute must-see for everyone! You can catch his video on Screenplay's Club Vision April DVD, Rockamerica's Videopool April DVD and PromoOnly's Club Video May DVD and in heavy rotation on bpm:tv Canada

Or Watch It Now Here!


Young DivasSearchin' for a hot new smokin' track? 
Then we have just the video for you. The Young Divas exploded onto the Pop/Dance scene with 2 scorching hot covers of "Happenin' All Over Again" and "This Time I Know It's For Real". Their brand new single "Searchin" is in stores March 17.

After stealing the show at this year's Mardi Gras in Sydney, Emily, Kate, Paulini and Ricki Lee are coming back to reclaim the dance floor with their third sensational single "Searchin'' from their double platinum debut album "Young Divas". "Searchin" is a vamped-up version of the 1980s Hazel Dean classic and it's guaranteed to give you some serious boogie fever. The single includes four wicked versions including a Pop Embassy Remix, Radio Extended and KC Baker Club Mix, so get out on the dancefloor and find yourself a man!

Seen the "Searchin'' video yet? Watch It Here!


We've just heard from the director of "Self Control", Jesper Fleng, who said:

"I  just received a mail from my friends at Border Breakers. They pointed me to your web site, which features Infernal - Self Control. I'm the director responsible for that video, and I'm very pleased that you have it on your site and myspace. And the fact that the Laura Branigan's website likes it too."

Check out Jespers' web site:



We are overwhelmed by the absolutely incredible response we have gotten based on our tribute to Laura Branigan. Since then, we have heard amazing feedback directly from Laura's fans and have been working hand in hand with her wonderful manager and dear friends Kathy and Vince of Other Half Entertainment/www.LauraBraniganOnline.com.

Just recently we received kind words from Trine Galst, Project Manager at Border Breakers Denmark, as well as Paw and Lina from Infernal themselves!

"I will thank you for your support – it is absolutely amazing news!! And it looks good at your website – thank you so much… We are very excited to hear response on the video... And what wonderful news about Laura Branigans manager and friend… You are really doing a good job – and we are very pleased to work with you." Trine Galst

"Oh my God! I can’t believe we’re reaching out this far. We get so much response from Canada and the US in our guestbook, but it always seemed completely impossible to do anything with this kind of market. I’m really proud that people so close to Laura Branigan herself has approved of what we have done with the song. To say the least, I was petrified when it dawned on me that I was going to sing one of my personal all-time favourite tracks – Self Control. I’m completely thrown by all the praise, we’re receiving and it would be a great honour for us to participate in any way we can in paying tribute to Laura Branigan. Please send all our love to these amazing people.." Paw & Lina

Kathy Golik, Laura Branigan's manager, of Other Half Entertainment wanted to thank us for our tribute. She also wanted Laura's fans and supporters to know that there will be some new exciting developments in 2007.

For the latest updates and news, check out www.LauraBraniganOnline.com the ONLY official Laura Branigan web site.

Check the Thoughts For Remembrance web page for a special mention about our recent tribute.


Laura Branigan

As our special way of entering 2007, Import Sound & Vision pays tribute to the beautiful, and multi-talented Diva of pop/dance Laura Branigan.

Her amazing and uplifting music has filled our hearts and souls for years, and will no doubt live on forever. Laura enjoyed incredible success with the chart topping platinum hit "Gloria". The album "Self Control" also went platinum, and the title track "Self Control" went Gold. She has sung for audiences on every continent, and her Best Of... albums have sold millions in every world market, including Europe, Asia, Africa and the Pacific Rim.

InfernalWhen we first heard that the latest single "Self Control", by the super pop-dance, Danish duo, Infernal, (best known for their mega hit "From Paris to Berlin") was burning up the charts all over Europe, we knew we had to do something special in Laura Branigan's honor. Check out the fantastic video right here!

On 8/26/04 the world lost a true music legend, Laura Branigan.

Our Hearts go out to Laura's family and friends who have asked that rather then sending flowers you donate on behalf of Laura to the following charities:

Click here to donate to the American Cancer Society

Click here to donate to the Children Affected By AIDS Foundation


We would like to wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year!
We are looking forward to bigger and better things in '07!
The music industry, just like the world around us, is forever changing, and we at ISV are changing with it.

Expect lots of new and exciting surprises in 2007!