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"Rhythm Of Love"
Sony Music Germany/Crave USA

"Rhythm Of Love" was a high energy summer hit this year, but by the time this album is getting released, DJ Company is pretty much forgotten. Though they previously had hits overseas (a rap version of "Rhythm Of Love", "CyberSex LoveGame", and "Hey Everybody"), they barely hit the mark here, and was soon swept under the rug with the many other wonderful eurodance acts out there, like 3rd Party, She Moves, Gina G., Real McCoy and many more. This album is mostly high energy with superb vocals by January Ordu, and the cover of "Forever Young" is outstanding. The hidden gem/non-hit (but should have been a hit) was the Diane Warren penned "Wishing On The Same Star". This ballad was perfect for January, and it's a standout track on this album. Too bad it wasn't released as a single, as it would have been a hit, I'm sure. With the boy band and pop craze once again taking over (as if we didn't have enough of it in the late 80s), DJ Company and the other Eurodance acts of this particular time either disbanded, was dropped from their record label or continued to make underground club tracks. Unfortunately it seems DJ Company is no more, and that's sad, because if you had the rare chance to see the "Rhythm Of Love" video (the USA mix), the group as a whole had so much energy and potential, but the only thing that's left of this group nowadays is the sentimental value of this album from a time when dance rocked the radio stations.


JULY 1997

"Tonight Is The Night"
BMG Germany/Logic Records USA

In 1997, Kayo takes the lead in Le Click as the late Melanie Thornton formed La Bouche (the original Le Click scored a hit with "Tonight Is The Night" previously). This incarnation of Le Click is just as good, and the fabulous vocals by Swedish singer, Kayo prove so. The first single "Call Me" did quite well, and the second single "Don't Go" didn't do as good as the first, but overall is just an excellent track. Their version of "Tonight Is The Night" was a little heavy on the bass, but a definite track to make you get up and dance. "I'm In Trouble" and "Heaven's Got To Be Better" are both excellent tracks with an uptempo beat (check out the bass on "Heaven..."). "Voodoo Fever" was the track that took me several listens to finally enjoy, as it is another great track; same with "...And We Fly". In it's entirety, Le Click Featuring Kayo is an excellent Eurodance CD and is very underrated, yet a sublime recording for its time. An excellent CD to get the party started, highly recommended!

JUNE 1997
MAY 1997
APRIL 1997
MARCH 1997

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