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"Time To Rock"

Bliss Corporation Italy/MCA USA

Originally released in Italy in April, "Time To Rock" is the follow up single from top Italian DJ Gabry Ponte hits "Got To Get". Gabry is also the DJ for top Italian EuroDance group Eiffel 65 and Sangwara. This song features the vocals of Stefania Piovesan, the PR of BlissCo (Gabry’s recording company). The song has topped many dance charts including TheDanceWeb.com, DeeJay.it Parade, and many others. However the song did flop a bit in the official Italian top 40 (www.fimi.it) by debuting at #33 and then dropping out of the top 40 down to #45. Here at DanceWebSite however, we feel that the song is a very successful dance hit from Italy and is set to do well in the US when it released on December 10th 2002.

"The family of the late La Bouche singer Melanie Thornton are trying to stop her husband Christian Thornton has being declared sole heir to her estate."

In a letter to Undercover Media, Christian's mother Barbara Allison-Simpson says "In December a half hour before the funeral, the husband of Melanie's sister gave Christian a copy of a final divorce degree. He didn't know that one was filed and finalized October 8, 2001".

That action has lead to a bitter legal struggle on both sides.

Barbara says "about mid-February, Christian filed a challenged to the in-laws attempting to be identified as sole heir of the Melanie Thornton's estate. In May, a hearing was scheduled to be heard by the original judge, but the in-laws' attorney had it postponed. The next week, Christian's attorney requested that the county appoint a temporary county administrator of her estate until the validity of the final divorce degree. The family tried very hard to have Melanie's sister's husband appointed to administer the estate" she says.

Barbara's letter to Undercover states "On October 9, 2002, the original divorce judge held a hearing to determine whether to vacated and set aside the divorce. Her final decision was made based on:

(1) an affidavit with a notarized Melanie's signature dated June 5, 2001 was filed with the divorce application June 28, 2001;

(2) the affidavit said that Melanie looked for her husband after the divorced was filed but the signature said that was a lie;

(3) her mother, sister and brother-in-law said that Melanie was out of the country to do what was in the affidavit;

(4) the information in the affidavit was erroneous. The affidavit said that his brother and I had not heard from him in months but their lawyer submitted to the court an e-mail I sent to Melanie June 19, that said that I had just gotten off the phone with my Christian.

(5) The local county probate court had sent a document through the US Postal Service to notify my son of the impending divorce. It was sent to the last known address of the marital house".

"Someone forged his receipt that the in-laws admitted that someone in their household forged Christian's signature to the postal service receipt" Barbara says. "As a result of the forged signature, the divorce court upon the receiving the forged receipt published a notice of the pending divorce. When Christian didn't respond, the divorce was finalized".

Barbara says it isn't over yet and the legal action may go on for a good part of 2003. "The judge was very upset with the fraudulent affidavit and forged signature. She vacated and set aside the divorce. The family has not given up. They have retained a new lawyer and are trying to get a new hearing with the same judge. Things may not be settled until next year".

Melanie Thornton died in a plane crash in Switzerland on November 24, 2001. La Bouche are best known for the dance hits 'Be My Lover' and 'Sweet Dreams'.

In a bizarre twist of fate, Melanie was promoting her debut solo album 'Ready To Fly' when she was killed in the plane crash.

Photo courtesy of private collection of Barbara Allison-Simpson.

"Anyway (Men Are From Mars)"

Tommy Boy USA

This has to be just ONE of my favorite song on this cd. It is not a ballad, but not an upbeat song like "Yes!" or "The Need To Be Naked!" The vocals are OUTSTANDING! The chorus is very catchy and this will be Amber's 3rd single after "The Need To Be Naked". This is absolutely a 10 out of 10! Includes DJ Encore and Al.B.Rich remixes.


Antler-Subway Belgium

What if we told you that Lasgo's lead vocalist, Evi Goffin, was so drunk when she was scheduled to record their latest vocal trance hit, "Pray," that she vomited twice in a dumpster outside the studio and passed out on the floor of the green room with a roll of toilet paper placed under her head in lieu of a pillow...? Well, since not a word of that is true, you could in turn call us big, fat liars. Still, she does sound kinda liquored up on this and virtually all of Lasgo's previous hits. Perhaps it's the fact that she's yet to master English pronunciation, perhaps she's just a kook... who knows? Either way, she's still one of the best Euro-trance vocalists in the biz, and "Pray" stands as a good example of her trio's hi-NRG arsenal. Radio and Extended remixes are included on this Belgian 2 Title CD. A harder trance remix from Peter Luts is included on the Spanish Maxi-CD. The UK CD Single will include more mixes.

"How Many"

Centaur USA

Taylor Dayne is back... and she's got the collagen injections to prove it. The still-svelte pop singer returns to the dancefloor once again to prove she's still got what it takes to belt out power chords usually reserved for the larger ladies. She's also apparently still got the juice to command some of America's most in-demand remixers to produce over 2 CDs worth of club cuts for her latest effort, "How Many." How many, indeed - there are over 20 tracks included on this domestic single; ranging in styles from big room circuit magic ("Guido Osorio Club Mix") to empty floor tragedy ("Lorry K Classic Dub Mix"). While the sensation tribal house epic from Friburn & Urik is still enjoying the most frequent airplay in clubs, other entries worthy of note are Vibelicious' huge, perhaps even grotesquely over the top "Anthem Mix" and the delightfully energetic and uplifting remix from DJs Inc. Should your taste differ from ours, well, you've got, what, like a thousand other extended remixes and dubs to choose from... if you don't like at least one of 'em, well, you probably don't like dance music in the first place.

"Boys Of Summer"

Super M Records Germany/Robbins Entertainment USA

Much like his previous hit, the popular trance cover of Bryan Adams' "Heaven" with Yanou and Do, DJ Sammy's cover of Don Henley's classic 80's tune, "Boys Of Summer," sounds a lot worse in theory than it does when actually played out loud. To be honest, the hands-in-the-air vocal trance tune actually works quite well... Sammy's own extended mix is included here, as is a somewhat similarly styled remix from reliable trance remixers, Green Court. An unexpected offering from the typically more underground outfit, Humate, is also featured here; even more surprising is that it uses all the vocals in a throbbing, progressive trance atmosphere that just about evokes tears upon reaching the climactic chorus. Just about. As an added bonus, this single also includes an extended remix of "Heaven" as well as Yanou's sought-after "Candlelight Mix" of the international hit.



"Precious Life"

Media Records Italy/BXR/Media Records UK

Ah, CRW. Their biggest hit was back in, what, summer of 2000 and it's been an uphill battle for another hit ever since. That's not to say they haven't produced anything worthwhile since the Stateside success of "I Feel Love" (no relation to Donna Summer's classic); in fact, the Italian hitmakers seem to just keep getting better with each new single. It's not their fault that there weren't enough brave DJs in America to give their awesome, hard tribal trance tune "Like A Cat" any airplay. Perhaps this is why "Precious Life" is being re-released almost a year after it was originally offered to audiences - to give a great song one last chance at its rightful place in dance music history. A new remix from trance allstars Lost Witness is included here to offer incentive to anyone who might already have snagged a copy of the original Italian edition, but it's still the hard-to-find "Pro FX Mix" that gets our trance anthem hands held high above our heads. Give it a shot.ub!  

"Inner Life"

Mostiko Belgium

The 6th of September 2002 Forest National hosted the big "Brussels Is Burning" party. After appearing first on vinyl, the official "Brussels is Burning" theme, Decoy and Roy "Inner Life", is now also available on CD single.
DJ ROY, now at age 24, started his career at the age of 16. He's a resident DJ @ Club Reflex (Friday) Belgium, Elsombrero (Saturday) Holland and Bora Bora (Sunday) Holland. His favorite music style is groove, progressive, trance and hist productions are influenced by: Robbie Rivera, Underworld, Tangerine Dream and BT. The track "Inner Life" is Roy's first production. He started this project together with Decoy and producer Tim Janssens, with whom he's currently working on other productions.

DJ Decoy (Danny van Wauwe), known from the projects The Moon and Boss@nova was born in Antwerp and is a resident DJ at Mondial (NL) and Club Reflex (B). He loves Groove, Club and Underground.

The CD Single comes with 3 different mixes, something we should see more often as getting more for the money is always nice :) The CD Single starts with the required Radio Edit, as that one is needed to get airplay on the radios. This version is just a short version of the Original Extended. The Original Extended is a very nice dreamy trance track with great vocals. (Open your eyes to your inner life....) "Inner Life" is certainly one of the best belgian trance productions in 2002. It's refreshing to hear something different in a year where we've been hearing a lot of dance remakes. (some of which were way to commercial eg. MadHouse). The third track, the Nord Vs Bonka Mix, has a lot more hard stompin' beat going in it, although at 2:45 there is a very beautiful soft part too. This is the version to play at the club!  

"Take Me With You"

Polydor UK

Cosmos is the UK's Tom Middleton, who has recorded 10 different styles of music across 10 different albums in the space of 10 years. He plays chillout sets with 30 voice choirs as well as peaktime deep tech-house, nujazz, deep step and future breakbeat sets. He is not only a DJ by a remixer whose discography includes work for Jamiroquai, Leftfield, Pulp, Underworld, Prince, All Saints, Eddy Grant, Goldfrapp, Lamb, Incognito and Depeche Mode.

In 2002 Tom Middleton returns under his funk ridden Cosmos moniker for another lesson in divine dancefloor intervention. An essential genre mashing dance anthem, responsible for an entire summer of Ibizan chaos. Featuring all new vocals from Andrew Roachford (yes, THAT Roachford!) Undoubtedly one of the dancefloor tunes of the year.

"Because The Night"
Kontor Germany/Product-Incentive UK

Already a number one hit single around Europe, Jan Wayne's UK debut "Because The Night" (cover of early nineties hit by Italian dance band Co-Ro) is one of those rare tracks that manages to successfully touch all kinds of musical bases at once. The work of a hugely popular German deejay (with three hit singles and a Top 20 album under his belt already), it's another catchy, uplifting slab of pumping pop-dance that the likes of Lasgo, Milk Inc and Ian Van Dahl also turn out at the drop of a hat. Set to be huge, "Because The Night" is the first release on Incentive's new Product imprint and, as with the label's usual output, comes with a top-notch remix package to-boot and the enhanced MPEG video of the track.



"Crucified - The Remixes"

ZYX Germany

Just what we always wanted for Christmas - a cover of the Army of Lovers' classic, "Crucified." No, seriously, it's just what we always wanted. Three extended mixes that sound eerily similar to the Lovers' original are featured, kicking off with the DJ friendly "Handbag House Mix" that adds a few sweeping filters to the tune in a standard club tempo take. Next up is flanged-out "Trance Anthem Mix" that turns up the drama a notch of two (if that's even possible) with big builds and pointy, techno stabs. Finally, there's the buzzy, analog-driven "DJ Spacecase Meets Observer Mix," which sets the tune in a hi-NRG Euro-trance environment and, like the other two mixes, uses plenty of the familiar vocals.

"She Moves (la, La, La)"

Ministry Of Sound UK

Already causing a storm on dancefloors and airwaves around Europe, "She Moves (La La La)" looks like it's all set create a big noise in the UK. German born model, dancer and T.V presenter Karaja (pronounced Kar-ay-ya) already has a successful showbiz career, but it was when she caught the eye Mr Lover Lover Shaggy that things really started to happen. An uplifting, energetic slab of contagious Euro dance-pop, "She Moves (La La La)" is one of those singles that's so darned hard to ignore that it's almost infuriating. Set to make the summer last that little bit longer - yippee!

Press release NYC USA

Strictly Rhythm/Groovilicious Records closed its doors on October 2, 2002. According to their press release, the dance label was affected by the current state of the economy, as well as lost revenue due to Internet downloading/CD burning. Groovilicious was responsible for artists such as Abigail, Aubrey, Darude, Vengaboys, The Ones and Milk Incorporated in the USA.

"I Don't Want U"

Nervous Records NYC USA

In the popular tradition of Nicole J McCloud's "One Good Reason," Jessica Folker's "Able To Love," and even Pusaka's "You're The Worst Thing For Me" comes this diva-driven circuit anthem that's already considered among the year's most-wanted club singles. Unlike the aforementioned tunes before it, however, the lengthy "Dezrok Club Remix" spans a range of emotion, beginning with a plaintive "Workin' hard just to pay our rent" sequence in the verse that suddenly makes way for the more ferocious, crowd-pleasing "Pack your bags" chorus. The appropriately titled "Dezrok Dark Drama Mix" offers a more stripped down version of the song with an a bit more sinister undercurrent, while the original "Wide Life Mix" again picks up the pace with the busiest, arguably most anthemic example of the tune. Obviously essential.

"On And On"

F.Y.S. Germany/Central Station Australia

In 2001, Yann Peifer aka "Yanou" asked DJ Sammy to join him and twenty year old Dutch singer "Do" to record a cover version of the Bryan Adams hit "Heaven". Having gone top 10 in almost every country worldwide, the surprising success of "Heaven" which featured Do's angelic vocals strongly raised the public's awareness of how stunning Do’s voice actually is. Now Yanou and Do bring you "On and On", their follow up to the smash hit "Heaven" with remixes from Flashrider, DJs@ Work & Ray Knox. Also contains bonus video.

"See The Sun/What About U"

Byte Records Belgium/Central Station Australia

De Brauwer is a multi talented, multi faceted performer whose contemporary style is currently dominating the airwaves and dance venues around Europe. Zippora (who's name literally means "Songbird") is also the name of the project that fuses her vocals with production skills of top Belgian dance producer Eddy Weyns.

The sound of Zippora was born on the sun baked party island of Ibiza and "See The Sun" was inspired by Ibiza’s heavy nightlife. This six track single features remixes from Sylver and Soho, plus bonus track "What About U" and video clip of "See The Sun". A must!

Perfecto UK

A natural successor to the mighty "Resurrection", Moscow-based 'transki' pioneers PPK soar back into orbit with the brilliant double A-sided 'Reload/Russian Trance'. Another poignantly hook-filled blend of haunting melody, signature bleeps, spooky atmospherics and relentless Russian beats, "Reload" is the solar soundtrack to big nights on even bigger, louder, more uplifting dancefloors. Whilst "Russian Trance" sees PPK launch into slightly deeper, but no-less devastating mode on a track that's already shaking clubs to their very foundations. Don't miss! The maxi-cd includes the video!

"Hope And Wait"

Mostiko Belgium/Data UK/Ministry of Sound UK

Comprising the collective talents of Belgian producer Serge Ramaekers (Cartouche, Confetti's, T-Spoon, Technotronic, 2 Boys, Stay-C, Twenty 4 Seven...) and vocalist Caitlin, Orion Too's "Hope & Wait" is another trance direct hit for the increasingly prolific Data Recordings label. Big in Europe (especially Spain, where it stayed in the Top 10 for six weeks), it's another of those uplifting vocal trance monsters that's as catchy as it is impossible to avoid dancing to. And with Flip'n'Fill (yep, them again) turning up to deliver an Ibiza styled mix (all breezy guitar loops) and a stripped back dub, "Hope & Wait" is another essential package from Data/Ministry of Sound UK.



"Walk On Water"
Antler-Subway Belgium/Positiva UK

Already one of the biggest dance acts around Europe, Milk Inc debut on the mighty Positiva UK with another inspired dose of catchy pop-trance. Coming with a more dancefloor orientated remix from the currently on-fire Flip'n'Fill, "Walk On Water" is one of those singles that balances the tightrope between dance and pop with relative ease. Catchy, completely irresistible and as comfortable in a club as it is on the radio at home, it's set to propel the Euro dance stars to new UK heights. The maxi-cd is enhanced and contains the full new UK video of "Walk On Water".

"All The Things She Said"
Universal Records Russia/Interscope Records USA

First American release for this successful openly gay duet T.A.T.U. from Russia. The group TATU was formed in 2000 by the script writer and director Ivan Shapovalov who is now producer of the group. Lena (19) and Yulia (18) delivers a nice little pop song very similar to Sarina Paris' voice and music. Skip the "Radio Version" (pop) and jump to the eurodance beats of the "Extension 119 Club Edit". The 2 Title CD contains the video!

"Put On Your Red Shoes"
Media Records Italy/ZYX Germany

Mister d'Agostino is back! And this is a burner, be sure!

It took quite a while for your beloved Italian to put a new production out, but I must admit: this was for the best. "Put On Your Red Shoes" is a hit in the vain of his former hits! Don´t miss it! The maxi-CD contains the video!

Antler-Subway Belgium/Positiva UK

Still piping hot after the massive success of last single "Something", Lasgo return with yet another perfectly primed pop-trance monster. Already big around the rest of Europe, "Alone" is catchy, uplifting and perfectly formed for the summer, but more than that, the original version proves that Lasgo are indeed a real band that can actually play their own instruments. But never fear, the dancefloor is ably taken care of by Ian Van Dahl (on a big room tip), Hiver & Hammer (uplifting) whilst Lasgo's own Peter Luts turns in a darker, tripped out version as DJ Shog. The maxi-CD contains the remixed video!

"Absolutely Mad"
Bio France/Serious Records UK

As Mad'House mania rages unabated across Europe it's high time the heady pop delights of first single "Like A Prayer" gave way to the album behind all this crazy business. Not content with re-booting just one of Madonna's international crows-pleasers the Mad'House inmates have come up with a full album dedicated to la Ciccone. Thus "Abolutely Mad" is fourteen popped-up, beat-driven Madonna tracks including "Holiday", "Into The Groove", "Like A Virgin", "Papa Don't Preach", "Frozen" and plenty more. And, as if this wasn't enough, this version includes bonus tracks "Frozen" (Exclusive Club Mix), "Like A Prayer" (Almighty Mix) , the "Like A Prayer" and "Holiday" videos and a free screensaver!

"Cosa Restera"
Bliss Corporation Italy/Vale Music Spain

After selling thousands of copies of the 2002 remixes of ATC's candy-coated hit "Around The World (La La La La La)," we see no reason why the equally uplifting "Cosa Restera (In A Song)" couldn't enjoy the same fate. It's catchy, euphoric and loaded with more sing-a-long vocal elements than you can legally fit into a Euro-single without being arrested for brainwashing the public. Those who cringe at severely computer-enhanced vocals may be pleased to discover that Jeffrey also sings without digital assistance here (as he use to back in 1995 on Bliss Co productions)... at least on a few of the verses.

"Around The World 2002"
BMG Germany/EMI Records UK

Comprising of four unique talents from various different parts of the globe, Joe (New Zealand), Sarah (Australia), Tracey (England) and Livio (Italy) all came together whilst starring in the German production of Andrew Lloyd Weber's 'Cats'. And with vocal skills to match their obvious dance abilities, this foursome have very quickly gone on to become one of the biggest pop acts in Europe. An upbeat, catchy combination of hooky pop and bouncy Euro-dance (think Steps), "Around The World" looks like it could be the single that'll launch this multi-talented group into the UK's pop slip stream. A great debut remixed for 2002 and including the video!


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"Heaven Is A Place On Earth"
No Colors/FMA Italy

Behind DJ Lhasa is Italian DJ/producer Maurizio Braggagni. Born in Milan on 11/26/1968, Maurizio started deejaying in 1987 and released his first CD in 1989. Four years spinning North Europe Techno tracks would strongly influence the sound of his future productions. Thanks to the success of Two Cowboys "Everybody Gonfi Gon (1993), Maurizio strenghtened his experience by deejaying in several clubs across Europe and by producing remixes for big artists such as Whigfield, JK and Berri. Right now, Maurizio spend most of his time in his studio (Mabra Studio), releasing compilations, remixes and Techno commercial productions. DJ Lhasa is his latest, picked up by FMA Italy, and licensed all over Europe. This track will remind you of DJ Sammy feat DO "Heaven". It has the same quality in its production. A guaranteed future hit.

"In Your Mind"
New Music Italy

Lady Violet lives a noble life….because she is a real countess. In fact, she comes from a Florentine ancient noble fasmily of '600 with shield and blazon, of course. Her life has always been conditioned by the usual rules and ceremonials of the noble life, but which she has never accepted, because of her nature that makes her love freedom, sincerity, passion and transgressions. She has never accepted any sort of restriction, and her impulsive temper has always created problems between her and her noble family members and especially with a very traditionalist and conservator uncle. 

"I fall in love with dance music when I was really young" Lady Violet says "and I always secretly listened to it closed in the bathroom, dancing and doing my make up at the mirror; I wanted to be a singer since then, but I knew that my parents and, my Uncle in particular, would have never approved and supported my choice. One night, at my friend’s birthday party, I sang "Happy Day" to him and another boy, who was at the party too, consequently noticed me and asked if I wanted to sing a song he had been planning for a long time. A remake of a Limahl’s song of the 80s. His way of asking me for this was between serious and funny, but I immediately accepted with no hesitation anyway. I sang "Inside To Outside" and my artistic story began: totally by chance I ended one day at New Music International; where we spoke about an Artist Agreement, a photo session, a video clip, promotion… a real revolution for my usual style of life… and, of course, I agreed again with everything without hesitating!"

The idea to give her a little halo of mystery really bears from Lay’s need not to reveal the new life to her family (her uncle would exclude her from the family will). The name Violet was born from her passion for this flowers…

And Lady …. well, her noble origins oblige to a natural elegance in the name as well… "Inside To Outside", released in October 1999 in Italy, immediately climbed all the charts both of the radio and of sales and Lady Violet was immediately accredited as one of the best dance acts in her native country. Then, after the release in all the other European countries between February and March, the single was getting very good results all around Europe, entering all the international sales and dance charts, supported by the airplays of the main networks and with af promotional activities in several countries. The video clip, entirely shot in Los Angeles, is played on the main TV channels. Then 4 other CD Singles followed and after a year break, Lady Violet is back with a eurotechno pumping track entitled "In Your Mind".



"She Moves"
Motiv8 Records Germany

With her debut "She moves" 24 year old Karaja is really kicking the summer into gear. With her trademark close-cropped blond hair, she’s an avalanche of energy with a voice to match – that was the recipe that took her high into the Spanish charts a few months ago. The track now stands on it's own merits as a wonderful piece of ear bashing dance floor pop. In Spain it peaked at nr. 8. Neighbouring countries have greeted the track with nothing short of euphoria and in France and Greece their promises to be a real “Karaja-Wave” sweeping over the Mediterranean Sea this summer. "She moves" is without doubt the first summer-smash hit of 2002.

The recent meteoric rise to international stardom slots perfectly into the biography of Karaja (phonetically spoken karad’scha). Ivana (real name) was born in Berlin 1978. There she resided until taking a life changing decision to leave school at the tender age of 16. Her intention was to head for London to attend a 'dance' course. Resolute in her decision to move on, in 1997 Ivana finished her course at London's prestigious 'Dance academy' with honours. Her first short-term professional engagements were on London's renowned West end stages – as a dancer and backing singer. She also did various modelling jobs.

Her musical bandwagon began rolling in 2001, when she worked for Shaggy’s stage crew at the "Record Of the Year" Awards. It was there on the set that the production team Schott & Bredie discovered her. After one vocal audition it was unanimously agreed that Karaja had arrived in style. Her first tenuous steps into the music business were made with the assistance of celebrated Swedish Dance-Pop specialist Patric Ullaeous who's hi-tech video clips have already brought BroSis aka ATC to the foreground. On the wave of her Mediterranean success Karaja is working on her eagerly awaited second album, which is guaranteed to display even more facets of her remarkable talent. Until then summer will bounce along in Berlin, London and Barcelona to the beat of Karaja's solar powered anthem – "She moves".

"Open Up Your Mind"
EMI Italy/Provocative Music USA

You scream, I scream, We all scream for Eyes Cream. You probably remember their '99 vocoder dance hit "Fly Away (Bye Bye)", well Eyes Cream is back! Granted, the name of the band is bizarre, but "Open Up Your Mind" is nevertheless a fantastic song and among the first singles to be released off Thunderpuss' new label Provocative Music USA. The lyrics are strong and Agostino's diva vocals croon while the song's catchy riffs and funky rhythms lift you up. This combination blends so well that it makes this song truly delicious to lick. Virtually all the mixes are fabulous as well, keeping the integrity and vocals of the track while adding new elements and reminding us why we live for dance music. Among the most sought-after remixes is the "Club 8 Extended Mix," however the "KLM Club Mix" adds a nice tribal feel. Unsurprisingly, however, it's the legendary "Guido Osorio Club Mix" that breaks through with a big-room circuit mix that no DJ will want to live without. If you love disco house and great vocals then you'll definitely want to check this one out.

Bio France/Serious Records UK

Already massive around the rest of Europe (number one in Germany, Holland, Belgium and Austria), this danced up cover of Madonna's pop classic now looks set to storm the UK's charts. A huge single on import; it's also the first release from Madhouse's forthcoming debut album.....and guess what? It's packed FULL of covers of Madge classics. Madhouse's "Like A Prayer" is actually very, very good indeed! Re-sung by gorgeous Turkish front-woman Buse; the French production team have added a pumping, Euro-tinted house edge and in the process created a summery, uplifting pop monster. The Uk maxi-CD includes a more pumping "Almighty mix".

"I Never Knew"
Logic Records USA

Credited by VH-1 as having released the #1 Greatest Dance Song of all time, Gloria Gaynor steps into the spotlight once again to prove there's more than one-hit in this wonder. As club anthems go, "I Never Knew" is about as big as they come - driven by an emotional storyline and an ecstatic chorus in which Gaynor's gospel vocal talent shines with unexpected exuberance. These attributes are best illustrated in the circuit-inspired "HQ2 Club Mix," which comes to us from two of the most trusted names in dance music, Hex Hector and Mac Quayle. A rather noteworthy tribal-tinged take on the single comes from Cruz & Bagz, who turn things down a bit in a warmer house setting. On the other end of the spectrum is Mike Rizzo's thumpier circuit mix, which retains the original vocals and tempo, yet surrounds the tune with more digital, slightly trancier effects. The single closes out with an entertaining medley, which consists of several brand new tracks from Gaynor's forthcoming album, "Stronger", due in stores September 10th. If "I Never Knew" is any indication, it's definitely going to be an album worth looking into.

Tommy Boy USA

Amber Alert! Amber Alert! No, no one has been kidnapped - it's just the newest CD release from circuit diva Amber. Sugar sweet vocals, drum machines and danceable rhythm's... what's not to love about Amber? The intimate way she sighs, whispers and coos so silkily about sex and her breasts and being naked makes listening to her album almost as good as... you know what. Amber's newest release "Naked" is almost like a companion to her last album "Amber". Many of the songs are interchangeable (you could press your "shuffle" button and it'd flow pretty much the same), but there is still a fresh air to this album and her sound remains reliable. The highlights of this album, besides the singles "Yes" and "Need To Be Naked," are the danceable "Sex Without Sex" and the inspirational "If There Would Be No Tomorrow". My personal favorite is the identically titled tribute to the HBO series "Sex and the City." The only complaint about the album is that many of the songs are slower and more like ballads... and less of those dance hits that we are used to hearing from our often anthemic sweetheart. "Naked" has a romantic, feminine quality that warrants dimmed lights, flowery fragrances and ambient moods. However, one added bonus of buying the album is you can get a companion CD with megamixes and videos by entering a special password (found only inside the CD: go to www.tommyboy.com/amber/login and type the password "morenaked") on the Tommy Boy web site. So what are you waiting for? Get Naked.

AMBER’s track record of club and pop hits such as “This is Your Night,” “Above the Clouds,” “If You Could Read My Mind” (the hit from the “Studio 54” film soundtrack with Ultra Nate and Jocelyn Enriquez) and “Sexual (Li Da Di)” defined her as a dance diva with a flair for the mainstream. AMBER also made her big screen debut in the much talked about film of the same name, performing the song as part of the trio. Her talents as a singer and songwriter have been celebrated and complimented with five consecutive #1 Dance singles. Her songs have been covered and have produced hits for other artists, including most recently, Cher recording AMBER’s “Love One Another” on her latest album and AMBER’s rendition of the Diane Warren penned “Taste the Tears" landed on the first music compilation from television’s "Sex and the City." After seeing her perform, David Gest invited her to join the impressive list of artists performing at his recent wedding to Liza Minnelli. AMBER’s third studio album, NAKED, (Tommy Boy), out on August 20th, showcases her personal and artistic growth. “With this album I feel I can really breathe as a songwriter, as a vocalist, as a creative person,” she says.

Setting out to explore the layers beneath the surface reflects the artist and songwriter’s life and lifestyle. AMBER has a writing credit on all but two of the album’s 13 songs and she transverses lyrical territory from God, to James Joyce, to her young son. This is a new AMBER, a stronger-than-ever AMBER. Since her last album, AMBER, was released three years ago, the singer bought back her contract from the Berman Brothers, the producers of her first two studio efforts and instead worked with a cadre of talented producers--of her own choice. "With the other producers, I didn’t feel I had the creative freedom I was supposed to have," explains the singer. "I was directed in terms of how to write my songs. I didn’t feel comfortable in that skin."

NAKED then, is 13 new tracks of AMBER feeling completely comfortable--to detail what's new and important in her life, and to spread her musical wings. "I think people will be surprised. My roots are in dance music but with NAKED, I am able to show all the colors I have, from alternative to dance to ballads to classical. Variety is the most exciting thing in life, as in music."

And, her high music standards are deep rooted. Music was always in her life -- growing up with a Mother who is a piano teacher and songwriter and a Father who is an Opera Singer, the Dutch born artist grew up in a home where she says, “Music was just another language we used to talk to each other.” It is easy to see where the musical variety on NAKED derives from, a dance diva with classical training, quoting literature on a hit single!

"Yes!" the first single from NAKED, is probably the first dance song to take classic literature as its sole inspiration. AMBER acquired the permission of the estate of James Joyce to use the text from Ulysses as the hook for the first hit from the album. She sings, “I put my arms around him, yes/and drew him down to me so he could feel my breast/And his heart was going like mad/And yes, I said yes.” AMBER bristles when she recalls that some advised her the lyrics might be censored at radio. "Those are Joyce's words! You have all these songs about smoking weed and sex on the radio and there might be controversy because of the word 'breast?' What am I missing?" The song topped the Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart and hit #2 on the Hot Dance Music/Maxi Single Sales chart.

AMBER is going boldly where few divas have, daring to bring depth and meaning to the dance floor. Expanding into unusual territory for an up tempo number, "He" is gospel--for a nightclub. "I am a person that believes in God and a higher spirit," explains the singer. "This song is a love declaration towards my creator. God is always with me. I pray regularly to make sure my son grows up and when I travel, I pray he guides the plane. He doesn’t judge me, and as the song says, 'He sees me. He feels me. He heals me."

Then appreciate the universal message of AMBER's fast-paced, straightforward "If There Would Be No Tomorrow.” The song showcases an alternative vibe, and includes some guitar riffs. "What would you do if there would be no tomorrow?" asks AMBER. "Do you live your life the way you think you should live it or are you just wasting your life away, pissed off? Do something about it! Have a voice and take control of your situation."

The singer is practicing what she preaches: another standout track on NAKED is "Anyway" (Men are from Mars), a song the singer dedicates to her recent divorce. "It was a very empowering thing," says AMBER. "Sometimes you're surrounded with people that give you bad energy and you don’t see it right away but then you realize people are holding you back, trying to control you." The lyrics speak to AMBER's growth: "I like to talk, you'd rather watch TV. You like to control, I accept what I see."

AMBER says the most important song on the album, to her, is the family affair "The Smile Of My Child," a song about her son. "He is the most empowering and important thing in my life," says the singer. "That's where I always go to put everything in perspective, and what unconditional love is about." AMBER wrote the song with her mother (who has contributed songs to her albums in the past) and the piece, built around piano and a symphonic orchestra, tapes into her musical roots. "This song is different from the rest of my album, but that's what I like, to get people’s, attention and for them to say ‘what is she doing?”’

AMBER is pushing at the boundaries of dance music, daring to redefine her fans' definition of the genre, and laying herself bare in her provocative lyrics. "I am at a point where I want to say to people, 'I have a lot to say and I am a serious vocalist, even though people have buried it under their beats in the past. With NAKED I am finally free. If people like it, that would be great. If not, at least I did take the leap into the deep end."’

For more information on AMBER, please visit: www.amber-mcc.com

Amber’s "Naked" is being released on August 20, 2002!

"The Need To Be Naked"
Tommy Boy USA

Okay, Amber - you're sexy, we get it. The second single taken from her third album entitled "Naked", the rapidly rising number one hit, "The Need To Be Naked", at first listen appears to be a high energy "Take off my pants, my shirt, my socks and my shoes, I need to be naked with you", heavy breather, but after a few listens and in context with the rest of the album, we can see that this is Amber’s anthem to stripping down to what's really there, to getting beneath the skin, if you will. "It's not about sex," explains Amber, "though it has that twist to it. 'I feel the need to be naked with you' means I need to tell you the truth about me and I want to know everything about you."...

"Treat Me Right"
Nervous Records NYC USA

Who knows how she does it, but Kim English is among the rare breed of dance divas with the delightful ability to release one terrific song after another. As thousands of DJs and dance fans still thrill to the magic that was her previous tune, "Everyday," English slams out another massive anthem, packed with her trademark combo of great vocals and insightful lyrics. Like the broken-hearted "Missing You" and the legendary "Unspeakable Joy," "Treat Me Right" offers a great story and a few important life-lessons in two top-notch club mixes by Guido Osorio that are above and beyond mere circuit fodder. This stuff would work just as well on the radio as it does on the dancefloor, armed with monolithic vocal builds, tidal crescendos and a chorus you simply can't get out of your head. There's also a very cool t-dance mix by Jon Cutler, which downplays the anthemic elements of the Osorio mixes in favor of smooth, jazzy house. Quite simply, "Treat Me Right" is a truly brilliant single from one of the most talented names in dance music.

JULY 2002


"Blast The Speakers"
Dos Or Die Germany/Blanco Y Negro Spain

Noise, noise, noise.  Bring it on and make it loud!  Fill my ears with the dirty beats of the Warp Brothers.  Pop techno is here and it's name is Warp!

"Blast The Speakers" is an almighty mash-up of relentless beats, acid-spiked breakdowns and yes, you guessed it, phatt bass.  It's guaranteed to have hi-fis throughout the US self-combusting as the Warp Brothers have created a track that'll put the frighten grandmas everywhere.

The Warp Brothers are Olly Goedicke, Jurgen Dohr, Guido Kramer and Dennis Bierbrodt.  Olly and Jurgen met when they were 16 and both members of rock bands.  That helps to explain why there is such as huge rock element to the Warp Brothers' style. Commenting on this new track, Olly states "What we do is music with power.  We wrote this track because we like our music hard and loud and because we always like to turn up the volume.  We've actually blown about 10 sets of speakers so far this year."

The Maxi-CD was also released in the US on Radikal Records and in Spain on Blanco Y Negro Music.

"I' A Woman"
Astralwerk/Virgin France

French house supremo's Cassius return to the frey with their first new material since their acclaimed debut album "1999". The single is called "I'm A Woman" and is instore now. Already one of the hottest club tracks in UK and Europe and #20 with a bullet on the Australian ARIA Club Chart. The follow-up album is due in September. "I'm A Woman" is cool uplifting house with garage grooves, a disco spirit and funk attitude - and with club icon and soul veteran Jocelyn Brown on the mic you know it's going to have a lot of the latter. This is going to be everywhere! Boombass and Phillipe are scheduled in to play gigs in the UK and France over the next few months.

Cassius are production duo Boombass and Phillipe Zdar, fine connoisseurs of hip hop and house. But more than that they've been a seminal influence on the French music scene for the past decade. And this year, they're going to prove how influential they are once again with a club classic in the making, "I'm A Woman". Boombass grew up on the west side of Paris. His father was a top Paris record producer, so it was only natural he would follow in his footsteps and he got his first job as a teaboy at a recording studio. By 1991 he had become a producer and was working on MC Solaar's first album. Meanwhile, Philippe had studied to become a studio engineer and met Boombass in 1988. A couple of years later they were production partners. Together they produced three hugely successful albums for MC Solaar, including the minor UK hit "Bouge de La" and developed the proto-trip hop grooves of La Funk Mob whose seminal EP "Ravers Suck Our Sound" arrived in 1994. Philippe then started recording as Motorbass with Paris DJ Etienne De Crecy and began experimenting with house music. Their Pansoul album remains one of the benchmarks of French house music's first wave. Back with Hubert, Philippe made the house track "Foxy Lady" under the name of L'Homme Qui Valait Trois Millards, aka, The Six Million Dollar Man, which eventually evolved into Cassius.

'What we really like," say Cassius, "is heavy bass. We listen to Daft Punk, DJ Sneak, Tuff Jam, Masters At Work, 2-step speed garage, DJ Premier, Timbaland, drum & bass. You might not hear it on the record, but it's all there." Their debut album, "1999" in the same year was a critical success, combining pop appeal, underground grooves and the sheer brilliance of their French comrades like Air and Daft Punk. The past three years have seen them extending their DJ duties and working on the follow-up to 1999. The first cut from said oeuvre arrives this spring. Entitled 'I'm A Woman', it's another slice of uplifting house, featuring tear-the-place-right-down vocals of club icon, Jocelyn Brown.

The maxi-cd includes the full MPEG video of "I'm A Woman".

EMI Germany/Nettwerk America

From Germany (yes, again), Beam and Cyrus teamed one more time and released a brand new Trance tune for the first time domestically in the US. This tune is built around galloping synths in edge of Progressive cut to die for and a repetitive voice stating: "This is our music, and that is our lifestyle. Our music. Our lifestyle". Yeah right :) Well the result is a very energetic track that everyone should own. Their new European single is "All Over The World". Visit Bean vs. Cyrus official web site at http://www.beam-vs-cyrus.de/

"Temple Of Dreams"
Alphabet City Germany/Radikal USA

Future Breeze serve up an intense slab of emotionally charged trance with "Temple Of Dreams".  It's throbbing beats set the pace as piercing synths and dynamic chords collide together until the guitar-like riffs wash over you with euphoric pleasure.  With the radio edit featuring a seductive female vocal hook, this is an awesome package.

On remix duties, Pedro Del Mar vs. DJ Shah add a bit of progressive funk - replacing the vocals with harder stabs and general mayhem.  While fresh from their international chart success with The Drill, The Dirt Devils deliver a darker, rougher edge to this uplifting anthem.  Electrique Boutique introduce the must-have euphoria - swirling synths and gentle strings beckon you to dance floors across the country.  

This track has been causing a furor on dancefloors across Europe and in the UK.  Premier league DJs such as Ferry Corsten, Dave Pearce, Tall Paul, Fergie and Armin Van Burin all jumped on this track and showed immediate support.

Future Breeze are Markus Boehme and Martin Hensing. From Essen, Germany, they began producing music in their spare time in the early 90's.  A lathe operator and power production technician by day, they were music producers by night. Their first big break came in 1994 when a demo that they had produced was accepted for a record deal with Alphabet City Records in Germany. A year later, their track called "Read My Lips" was released and it catapulted Future Breeze onto the German dance charts. They remained on the charts for the next 10 weeks. Other successful singles followed, such as "Why Don't You Dance With Me", "Keep The Fire Burning", and "Another Day". Both boys could finally quit their day jobs and concentrate on music full time. "Smile", their last single and now their debut single on Radikal Records, was their biggest hit to date and made it to the top of the sales charts in Germany and in the UK. Energetic hard trance / progressive techno.

"Walking In The Sky"
Universal Denmark/MCA USA

DJ Encore's second single "Walking On The Sky", taken from his album "Intuition", finally got released in the US after months of airplay on American radios. The single includes 4 extended mixes and 1 radio acoustic version, but surprisingly no radio edit of the original. This single is quite interestin although not as powerful as "I Can See Right Through To You". Rush on that release before MCA USA decides for no specific reasons to pull it off the shelves as they did with the first CD Single release of "I Can See Right Through To You"...

JUNE 2002


"The Videos"
VMP International Singapore

VMP International Singapore is delivering us a great double VCD derived from their multi-platinum dance audio cd compilation serie "Heart Attack". This double VCD compilation contains a total of 32 MPEG eurodance/eurotechno videos, including hard to find videos such as Billy More "Up & Down", A7 "Piece Of Heaven", Sarina Paris "Just About Enough", Gitta "No More Turning Back", Espresso feat. Manola "Everybody Get Up", Zorolt "I Wanna Be" and DJ Flex "Good Feeling" just to name a few. The full tracklisting and reference is available from the ENHANCED CD section. Recent VMP International Singapore VCD releases includes Eiffel 65 "Contact" (2001), Whigfield "III" (2001) and Kadoc "United People" (2000)

Up Music Prod. Estonia
/Robbins Entertainment USA

Hannah (Hanna Pruuli) was born on May 12, 1981 in Tallinn, Estonia. Unmistakably enamoured of singing since the remarkably early age of three, Hannah proceeded to study the piano and write her own songs. She composed her first piece of music at age 13. As for now, Hannah has proved her performing gifts and song-writing talent at numerous contests and competitions in Estonia. Starting with ballads and subsequently embracing dance tunes, the best part of Hannah's repertory has always consisted of original songs. At present, after a successful series of collaborations with various Estonian producers and bands, she is established as one of the most popular female artists and in-demand performers in her homeland.

Parallel to performing and composing music, Hannah studies advertising and media at the Tallinn Pedagogical University.The first song of Hannah's that made the general public prick up their ears, move their feet and, in general, pay notice was "Still Waiting For You" ("Sind otsima jään"), her joint venture with Caater Productions in 1999. It was followed by two dance hits, "Without You" ("Sinuta") and "Blinded". On Hannah's signing a recording contract with Sony Music Finland in 2001, both songs were granted a Finnish release as singles.

2001 saw also the release of the young artist's debut album, "Secretly" (Salaja). It was at once warmly welcomed at home, and pretty soon the record started to attract attention abroad.

Deservedly so. Most of the songs from the album —"Still Waiting For You", "Blinded", "Without You", "Secretly" as well as "Leidmata sind" and "Lõputud ööd" — quickly rose to the top of Estonian dance charts and consistently found favour with the majority of Estonia's radio stations. What's more, in early 2002 "Blinded" suddenly hit it off with a number of American listeners who came to hear it on Chicago's Energy 92,75 (www.energy9275.com).

At the 2001 Estonian Music Awards, Secretly was voted the Dance Hit of the Year. As a matter of fact, Hannah's debut was simultaneously nominated in four more categories: Newcomer, Female Artist, Dance Artist, and Radio Hit of the Year.

As for the future, there is no doubt about it — fresh challenges and further fulfilment are awaiting Hannah.

Super M Records Germany/Robbins Entertainment USA

Spanish disc jockey and producer DJ Sammy became involved in entertainment while working for a local techno/house radio station. After graduating with a degree as a sound technician, DJ Sammy recorded "Life Is Just a Game" in 1996. His track "Prince of Love" climbed the German charts in 1997. In 1999, his debut album, called "Life Is Just a Game", featured the hit single "In 2 Eternity." In addition, he produced Loona's first record "Bailando", Paradisio's cover. After a couple of albums produced for Loona (feat. Carisma), DJ Sammy is back with a new album full of eurotechno gems, featuring the voices of Do and Carisma.  

MAY 2002


Antler-Subway Belgium/Robbins Entertainment USA

IAN VAN DAHL project of CHRISTOPHE CHANTIZ (well known from ABSOLOM) after having a world success with two singles: "Castles In The Sky" and "Will I" is releasing the debut album "A.C.E.". This album is scheduled to be released in May in US and UK, followed by BeneLux. It features both singles as well as the newest one "Reason". Not only though. The album has 16 tunes all together (including an intro, the intro is not available on the US edition) and most of them are powerful TRANCE-related compositions. Be prepared to get frenzy over hypnotic sound, fiery tilt synth lines and female vocals (provided by ANNEMIE COENEN) featured on many tracks in this offering! Should you like the album? It really depends what your expectations are. IAN VAN DAHL's oscillates between TRANCE and VOCAL TRANCE. New tunes in this album do follow this pattern. Majority of fares contain female vocals. The music is interesting but not free of repetitions. The originality of ABSOLOM, was much more distinct compared with IAN VAN DAHL project. So how about more details? "After All" has some elements of HOUSE, TECHNO and VOCAL TRANCE. It's nicely crafted tune, fits good for clubs scene. Same pattern follows "Satisfy Me", but it corners more into HOUSE oriented TRANCE, again with seductive female vocals that indeed sounds great. "Nights On Java" is an instrumental monster with hypnotic melodic lines and driving synths that sends the melody soaring. It builds up though. It's starts rather as commercial repetitive track, but transforms later into thunderous TRANCE trip. "Try" is a cosmic voyage to underworld. It's engaging club smash with TECHNO/TRANCE appeal. "Lonely" is a slow, to calm you down. "Be Mine" will put you back to more faster pace. Among other tunes that falls into faster TRANCE are "Nothing Left To Say" or "Tears". The album closes with "Run". Solidly mesmerizing Intrumental TRANCE. Taken together an engaging album for fans of IAN VAN DAHL but some of you might expected a bit more. I still really missed ABSOLOM. The US edition includes a free CD with video of "Will I" and audio track of "Castles In The Sky" (Original version).


I have recently experienced difficulties with HMV Japan customer service. Although their answer were fast they did not try to understand my needs neither admit their mistakes, which leads me to lower my customer service ratings from EXCELLENT to POOR (see LINKS>RECORD STORES) and also leads me to recommend instead to shop with Tower Records Japan


Groovilicious USA

"Flawless" is one of those tracks that has built a reputation by word of mouth in previous months, with more and more people being informed of its existence, and its fan base growing in accordance with this.

Hard to believe it's the production from three guys who worked in a clothing design boutique in Greenwich Village, Paul Alexander, JoJo America and Nashom. Between them, they've worked on such tracks as Morales' "Give Me Love" and the track Headhunter for Danny Tenaglia's "Tourism" album, to name but a few.

Flawless was originally released on UK imprint, Ink, but Positiva, always on the money, have snapped it up, pushing it right to the forefront of the scene's attention this summer, and have turned it into a huge smash.

Mixes come from Phunk Investigation, who turn in three superb mixes, a vocal and club mix, featuring the superb catchy vocal that has caused massive effect each time its been dropped in the White Isle, and also a dub for those who prefer to be different.

Additional mixes come from the acclaimed outfit Sharp Boys, whose stomping house remix is yet another that causes dance floor mayhem. Different Gear add their unique tribal influence to the track, to great effect and Curtis Mantronix has taken the track to new heights with his Afro Hut remix, which has fast become an anthem at DC10, making sure Jo Mills has to avoid those crumbling walls.

Looks like it will be three years in a row for Positiva in signing the summer's main anthem, which just goes to show how on the ball they are. An essential purchase, whether you've been to the White Isle this year or not.

APRIL 2002



Time SRL Italy/Radikal USA

"Relations" by Erika is currently one of the hottest records in the Chicago area.  # 1 on WKIE, Energy 92.75, it has been getting lots of listener reaction and has remained one of the station's most requested songs for the past several weeks.

DJs, retailers and music fans in the Chicago area have been going crazy trying to find copies of this very hard to find import.  We are happy to announce that it is now available domestically on Radikal Records as a CD maxi or 12" vinyl single.

"Relations" is a highly energetic and melodic euro-trance track, similar in style to Gigi D'Agostino or Sarina Paris.

Erika (aka Erika De Bonis) is a vocalist from Italy.  Her brother, Tristano De Bonis, wrote the song and it was produced by the guys who are better known as Magic Box (DJ Ross and Gian Luca Mensi).

Relations has reached #1 on the Italian Pop Chart and was also released in Germany, France, Benelux and Spain.

"Like A Cat"

Media Records Italy/BXR/Media Records UK

Already No.1 on many of the charts that count as well as a big tune for all the top trance and hard house jocks on the scene, "Like A Cat" finds Mauro Picotto donning his CRW hat on yet another future classic. Featuring longtime collaborator Veronika on vocals, this sweeping, uplifting vocal trancer is, arguably, CRW's best release to date. The awesome remix package veers from a commercial edge to Picotto's usual tough techno-tinged sound, whilst along the way Tillman Uhrmacher (of "On The Run") gets in on the act with a stunning trance version. Massive!

"Beautiful 2002"

Incentive UK

Already looking like a bumper year for trance, 2002 sees the welcome return of one of the scene's all time biggest and best tunes. Still massive with all the top deejays after its initial release in July 2000, Matt Darey's sublime "Beautiful" returns re-vamped, rejuvenated and well, sounding as good as, if not better than it ever did. The classic original's included for those that missed it first time around alongside new dancefloor interpretations from Hiver & Hammer, JDS, Pulser and Stuart Chrichton. With a little something for all tastes, each mix adds a new slant to this faultless classic.

"Light A Rainbow"

Jive Electro USA

Released in 2001, Tukan "Light A Rainbow" finally gets its domestic break out on the Jive-Electro USA. You've got the CJ Sone Remix, The Green Court Remix, ATB Remix and The Wippenburg Remix. Plus you have two radio versions as well. Every Remix is great with the exception of the ATB Remix. It's slower and is just plain boring when compared to the other remixes which are more uptempto. The female vocals are superb and the song is in the same vein as "Will I?" by Ian Van Dahl, "Forever" by Dee Dee, "Tremble" by Marc Et Claude and "The Sound Of Goodbye" by Perpetuous Dreamer. A catchy melody and driving beat with beautiful vocals make this perfect for dance music stations. It's basically commercial pop/trance which some die hard trance fanatics may consider cheesy. I consider it superb dance music worth adding to any collection. Highly recommended!


Kontor Germany/Radikal USA

"Dedicated" is the new album from ATB.  His third full-length release, it features 11 new tracks along with the much sought after remix of "Let U Go" and a US bonus track of a never before released mix of "Hold You" (remixed by Todd Terry).  ATB's previous albums, "Movin' Melodies" and "Two Worlds" have sold over 200,000 units combined in the US alone, and have sold millions world-wide.  This new album should continue his success well into the future.  

While most of the tracks maintain the characteristic ATB sound and style that he's become known for, they take it in a little different direction.  In this new set, he expands his sound palettes and reaches beyond all musical expectations. It's a bit deeper, a bit funkier, a little more progressive and a great ATB trance package.

The CD includes a VIP access code to a special ATB website where there are exclusive videos, audio, screensavers and computer wallpaper.  Only the Radikal version of the ATB Dedicated CD will take you to an English VIP area.  (Anyone who uses the code on the import should understand German.)

"Dedicated" also includes a mail-in offer for a limited edition bonus enhanced CD that contains previously unreleased remixes of "9pm(Till I Come)", "The Fields Of Love", "Killer" and "Hold You" as well as the video for "Hold You", which is the first single off of this new album.

"Dream Of You"
Radikal USA

Dream Of You is the first single from Schiller's new album Voyage.  A chill-out trance track, it features the vocals of Heppner, from the electro-synth pop group WolfsheimHeppner helped pen the track and his vocals blend perfectly with the mood and the melodies of the music.  Part electro-synth pop, part trance - many have mistaken this track for Depeche Mode.

DJ Tomcraft, Ayla and Molella all lend their talents to the remixes, and there are plenty of them.  Ranging in tempo from a relaxing chill-out groove to energetic progressive trance and covering just about every facet in between, there is a mix here for everyone's musical tastes.

Dream Of You was released in Germany where it reached #1 on the German Dance Charts and the Top 20 on the German Pop Charts.  The video received heavy rotation on MTV Europe and VIVA.  Dream Of You also reached the Top 20 on the Italian Pop Charts.

Zeitgeist, the debut album from Schiller, is a novel combination of pop and dance - well suited for dancing or for chilling out.  It is full of relaxing melodies, driving rhythms, and voices which expand your consciousness and set your fantasies soaring. 

With their first single, Glockenspiel, the producer duo of Mirko von Schlieffen and Christopher von Deulen managed the jump into the Top 25 of the German sales charts, where they stayed for three months. The follow-up single, Liebesschmerz, managed to match that feat with a chart entry at # 24. Glockenspiel became one of the most played club anthems of the year, a Top 50 radio record and the video also became the most played video on Viva. 

When Mirko and Christopher met, it didn't take them long to recognize their mutual musical interests and they set out to prove that they could produce a great album with Schiller, a truly complete album, not just a couple of catchy singles. They have succeeded in accomplishing that goal with Zeitgeist - equal parts trancey rhythms and ambient, haunting melodic parts on par with anything heard from Enigma. They have created a listening experience par none.

Named after the German poet Friedrich Schiller, the production duo of Mirko von Schlieffen and Christopher von Deylen took German dancefloors by storm in 1999.  Coming out of left field with their unusual combinations of German poetry recitals, esoteric vocal lines and soaring string lines over hypnotic trance tracks, audiences all over Europe found this musical mixture irresistible.

Singles like Glockenspiel (The Bells) and Ruhe (Peace/Quiet) struck a chord and made major impact on sales charts everywhere. The album Zeitgeist became the biggest selling dance album in Germany in 1999.

Glockenspiel is finally available in the USA, as their lead-in single for their album's release at the beginning of 2001. Accompanied by a strong video, it will have no problem ringing the bells on American dancefloors and on radio.

Aside from Schiller, Christopher and Mirko have also produced hits by acts such as fellow labelmates SM Trax (Got The Groove), Soulforce and Tank, all of which were major pop hits in Europe.  Ministry of Sound, their UK label, considers Schiller the heir apparent to Enigma.  Great to dance to, great chill-out music. Get ready for the emotional dreamscapes of Schiller.

MARCH 2002

Antler-Subway Belgium/X-Treme Records USA

Absolom is back with this US exlusive CD single release of "Stars", a great Eurotechno track in the pure style of Antler-Subway Belgium's hits. Absolom is a project by Christophe Chantzis, the same guy that's also part of the DJ Jan, DJ Glenn, Astroline, Dee Dee and Ian Van Dahl projects.

Christophe has made remixes for Fiocco, Zohra and X-Session (all Belgian dance groups) but also for foreign groups like Future Breeze, Komakino, Organ and the swedish Ace of Base.

Christophe together with DJ Jimmy Goldschmitz created a few smash hits in the studio: "Secret", "Where", 'The Air" and "Baby Boomers" should definitely be played on a party!

Live acts were done with Pascale Feront (vocals), two dancers (Cindy & Ellen) and Christophe behind the keyboards. Later Ellen joined Praga Khan.


Super M Records Germany/Robbins Entertainment USA

This time DJ Sammy is back without Carisma (aka Loona) and teamed up with Yanou (from Beam and Yanou). The result? An awesome vocal trance cover of the Bryan Adams classic, with more mixes on the domestic version, too! Note that the "Anastasia Mix" is not by Anastacia.

DJ Sammy is undoubtedly the best-known DJ and producer from Spain. Born on Mallorca in 1969, this party king began his DJ career in 1984 in various clubs such as Alexandra's, Bananas & Zorba's. At about the same time he completed training as a sound technician at the music college in Palma. As a radio DJ with CADENA TOP, the official techno/house channel on Mallorca, he spread the up-to-the-minute club sound outside the clubs. In 1991 he got to know the Dutch singer and dancer Marie José van der Kolk and appeared for the first time with her under the name DJ Sammy feat. Carisma at Zorba's Club in Playa de Palma. A year later Sammy became resident DJ at the legendary Joy Palace Club in Arenal and together with Carisma provided the hottest party nights on the island.

Now he can look back on a career spanning more than 15 years as a DJ in the most acclaimed clubs around Europe, having celebrated success as a producer in the fields of pop and dance and founded the Gamba Music company and his own dance label, Super M..... Records.

In November 1995 the first single under the project name DJ Sammy feat. Carisma was released, entitled "Life Is Just A Game", and it reached pole position in the Spanish radio charts. By the time the second single "You're My Angel" was released, people in Germany were becoming aware of the duo from Mallorca, to the extent that DJ Sammy und Carisma were bombarded with requests to perform. Their fans, now a Europe-wide community, made sure that the third single "Prince of Love" climbed to No. 24 in the German sales charts, marking the beginning of a varied success story. Their debut album "Life Is Just A Game" released in June 1998, which like the singles previously released was produced by Sammy together with the team from BASS BUMPERS Music (Henning Reith, C.J. Stone, Akira Yamamoto & Caba Kroll), also made it into the sales charts and that summer was the highest-placed dance album in the German charts. The follow-up singles "Golden Child" (HP #43), "Magic Moment" (HP #67) and "In2Eternity" (HP #31) were all proof that DJ Sammy feat. Carisma knew just how to turn club music into commercial success.

DJ Sammy is well known as a talented, committed, music-loving DJ and producer, and it is no wonder that simultaneously with his own recordings he worked on and released the live DJ set he had always dreamed of, under the name "DJ Sammy At Work": this was a mix CD which immediately entered the Top Ten of the German compilation charts.

It was at this point that the big breakthrough in all of Europe came; by putting together the pop project LOONA with his singer and partner of many years, Marie José, Sammy was adding the cherry to the icing of his cake of success. The first LOONA single "Bailando", which Sammy recorded with producer Henning Reith, shot straight to No. 1 in the German, Austrian and Swiss charts. Further hits, like "Hijo de la luna" and "Mamboleo" , to mention but two, sold more than five million copies in Europe within weeks of release and earned multiple gold and platinum status. By now, two LOONA albums and various other singles have been released and enjoyed equal success, making DJ Sammy one of the most successful producers of the past three years. Furthermore, LOONA and DJ Sammy have had awards heaped upon them, such as ECHO and R.SH Gold.

In addition to his dance and pop recordings, DJ Sammy returns again and again to his roots in the progressive house and techno fields through other projects. Under the pseudonym Porno DJ he released "The Judgment" in July 1999, and in the same month, he delivered his unofficial anthem for the Love Parade entitled "Lovestern Galaktika meets Le Petit Sam", which also placed successfully in the German Media Control Charts (highest position #32).

Despite all his many producer activities, DJ Sammy constantly returns to where it all began, namely in the clubs. The list of his guest appearances reads like a Top Ten of the most popular European dance temples, with more than 200 DJ gigs a year.

Visit DJ Sammy's web site at www.djsammy.de.

"The Sound Of Goobye"
Nervous NYC USA

Written and produced by Armin Van Buuren, "The Sound Of Goodbye" is a high profile vocal trance single with great, memorable vocals that also includes extended offerings from trance all-stars and "What It Feels Like For a Girl" remixers Above & Beyond as well as Van Buuren himself. We knew this one was gonna be big ever since it was released several months back on import and people still keep asking for it.

Every face i see is cold as ice 
everything i touch is pale 
Ever since i lost imagination 
Like a stream that flows into the sea 
I am lost for all eternity 
Ever since you took your love away from me
Sometimes the sound of goodbye 
Is louder than any drumbeat

Armin Van BuurenArmin Van Buuren is no stranger to the global trance and progressive scene. Who can forget the earth-trembling majesty of "Blue Fear", possibly one of the seminal trance sounds that broke through in 1998? Maybe someone with amnesia might forget, but if you were to subject him or her to a liberal blast of Armin's latest production, I’m sure it would all come flooding back. This is 100% club dancefloor dynamite and although it has a distinctly commercial flavour, you will not be disappointed.

"I See Right Through To You"
Universal Denmark/MCA USA

A shining new star named DJ Encore has emerged in the galaxy of pop-dance. Along with his vocal partner Engelina, the pair has dazzled the world courtesy of their smash debut single, "I See Right Through To You."

Only 22, the Copenhagen-based DJ (real name: Andreas Hemmeth) was born into a musical family - his mother teaches music; his father is a music consultant. As a child, Andreas learned to play piano, guitar and taught himself how to mix music on his computer. Two years ago, he took up DJing and garnered DJ residencies at three local clubs spinning pop and trance as he worked on his own music. While engineering at a recording session for Funkstar Deluxe at a hometown studio, Andreas met a representative from Sony Music publishing. Impressed by the demos Andreas played for him, the representative heard something in the grooves and suggested that Andreas should meet Engelina, a talented chanteuse and songwriter who came from an opposite musical background.

"He knew Engelina and asked me if I wanted to write with her," recalls Andreas. Engelina, a jazz/soul singer whose father is a songwriter and grew up singing with her two older sisters, appeared to be the perfect Yin to Andreas' Yang. "I said of course. The first time I wrote with her, it was like, 'Whoooaa! This is good!'"

"I thought that it would be interesting to work on something so different from the background I came from," adds Engelina. “The environments that he creates really inspire me."

After their initial meeting, the two set aside some time to write together. Andreas produced "I See Right Through To You," which become the theme to the Big Brother show in Denmark. Engelina contributed melodies, vocals and lyrics and the song became an instant, yet unexpected hit.

"I went skiing in France when the TV show started," explains Andreas. "I came back and had four different record deals waiting for me. It was so unexpected."

With "I See Right Through To You" blazing up the charts, the pair signed to Universal and traveled to England, Germany, Belgium and Sweden to write and collaborate on the songs that now compose their debut album, Intuition.

"We made music that we thought was fun and went with it," says Andreas. "There was really no plan. It's all been a surprise and we've done what we thought was right and fun to do. We didn't think about writing another hit. We're writing songs, telling stories and working through our intuition."

Boasting a wealth of sounds, emotions and textures, Intuition displays a musical maturity beyond the duo's years. The ballad "Out There" remains close to Andreas' heart, while pumping tracks like "High On Life" hint at the forthcoming live show that'll be full of musicians and dancers.

As DJ Encore Featuring Engelina's "I See Right Through To You" continues to dominate the European charts alongside the album's second single, "Walking on the Sky," the first single has begun to infiltrate American radio in key markets.

"It is a huge dream to have our music played in America," says Andreas. "We wrote the single for a TV show in Denmark that became a hit, and now that people in the USA want to hear it is amazing. We don't want to expect too much, and can't wait to tour America and play some gigs."

Now that they've burst onto the global music scene, what do their musical families think of Intuition? Andreas laughs. "My father plays classical music, but he loved the melodies. That's the most important thing for me and Engleina."

Engelina beams: "My dad, who is very critical since he is a musician, thought that our album was clever and well-made. He said that he thought that it sounded very perfect." In this case, father really does know best.

DJ Encore's "I See Right Right Through To You" CD Single US release has been recently deleted by MCA Records and is currently impossible to find in stores. The "Intuition" album is still available in the USA.

"Wake Up"
Logic Records/BMG USA

Songwriter, performer BEKI Onslow's solo career is official. BEKI's debut single "Wake Up" is scheduled for a January 2002 release on Logic Records/BMG. Co-written by BEKI and world famous DJ/producer Guido, they have given this former member of the multi-platinum quartet "Solid Harmonie" what could well be the dance theme song for 2002.

This redheaded, Wales native now calls Orlando her home. Under the wing of pop mogul Lou Pearlman, BEKI's passion and talent have sparked an already bright career. While in Solid Harmonie, BEKI toured the world sharing the stage with artists that included: N'Sync, Backstreetboys, BBMak and LFO.

A very theoretical and creative family who is not only musical, but also very spiritual brought BEKI into life. This has given BEKI a down to earth personality with depth and inspiration that translates in her own unique feel for lyrical poetry in her songwriting and stage presence. BEKI's music industry background includes having been a part of several writing projects with U.S. producers including: Guido, Billy Chapin, and Keith McGuffy.

The collaboration of BEKI and hit producer Guido for "Wake Up" have generated lyrics with an inspiring message "Wake up ..It's a brand new day, wake up, a new days begun". BEKI's debut song sends a positive message of hope in a much-needed time. Guido's production / remixes along with additional remixes by Johnny Vicious will drive the beats and vocals of "Wake UP" into a worldwide dance floor anthem.

BEKI is currently working on her debut LP scheduled for Summer 2002. She will be lighting up the stage on her January 2002, club tour.

For more information, please contact Jennifer Kanas of Logic Records at 212.219.2710

"Love And Affection"
Manifesto UK

The work of Leiam Sullivan (aka Mr.Pink) and Dave Lee (aka Jakatta, Joey Negro, Raven Maize), this re-working of Joan Armatrading's 1976 top 10 hit FINALLY surfaces on Manifesto after being hammered by all the top jocks for the last couple of months. Messrs Lee and Sullivan take the classic original and twist it around a thunderous, insanely funky disco-house groove making this update of 'Love & Affection' a slab of primetime house gear that'll move most floors without fail. Also, checkthe remixes; Joey Negro himself funks it to the max while Mike Monday gets on a deeper progressive tip - all bases covered then!

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