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"Party Starter"
Cool Music Sweden

Another Swedish release. This time from Evelyn. Her looks and hair really reminds me of Alexia. She is very talented singer and this album proves it. You will find here several interesting song. One of them is "Funny Bunny Boy" and has already charted in Scandinavia. This is very happy album and sound is also diversified. The album starts with "Everybody". This one combined Euro-Energy and Euro-Techno in one swirling delight. Evelyn also reached to some classic Dance. Her interpretation of Harpo's "Moviestar" was lifted to 90's sound with wicked synths. If you looking for Eurodance type of the song you got lucky as well. "Blue Sky Black" brings you rounded NRG affair with exciting beat. Nicely done rhythmic track. In similar venue is "Get It Up". Yeah, some sexual innuendo's as well. Track itself is slamming Euro wih contemporary piano section. The beat is great as well. If you want a bit of Bubble Gum sound, "Play With Me" has some distant similarities and still retains Euro synthline. Taken together this album is well rounded collection of DANCE tunes that should find home in your CD collection.

Bliss Corp. Italy/Universal USA

Eiffel 65 is suffering! I don't believe they were prepared for such a success. The success is amazing and worldwide! Even we here in the U.S. are being exposed to their super hit "Blue". American Radios are actually killing this track by playing it thousands times a day over and over again. We know groups like Aqua or Real McCoy received the same treatment here. Let's back to the album. First of all let me assure everyone who thought that Eiffel 65 will be one song wonder, you are wrong. This album proves that the group has potential and will give us some more good tunes in the near future. No wonder. Many songs are produced by Massimo Gabutti and Luciano Zucchet. Both very well known in Italian Dance industry. DJ Gabry Ponte that mixed many tracks in this album already did mixing jobs for groups like Da Blitz or Bliss Team. Also, leading vocalist Jeffrey Jey who was part of Bliss Team and did artistic productions for many of their singles is not a newcomer! Album itself, should not really surprise you. The group decided to "cash-in" on "Blue" and kept the melodic line, and vocals in the same venue. The starting track "Too Much Of Heaven" mixed Euro-Pop and Hip together. I am not particularly fond of Hip but this was done appropriately. Some good Euro-Techno sound just to name few "Dub In Life", "Silicon World" or "Move Your Body" (released also as a new single). So if you like the group you will enjoy the album. The album was first released in US by Universal and has an Extended Version of "Blue" added. 


Remixed Sweden

Solid Base is retaining their title of great Euro band for a long time. This brand new album further justify this title. Indeed a party blaster! If you are into Eurodance sounds, you will be extremely pleased to find here some amazing tunes. For instance "Set Me Free" a powerful Euro track delivering great synths, rhythms, I felt like being back in 1995. This should be BIG! Crossing between NRG and EURO with great feeling into it. Same goes to incredible "Colours Of Your Dreams" that add more TRANCE strings into main theme. HEAVEN!!! This is one DANCE paradise. Group took the liberty of looking at various DANCE styles. While EURO predominates. other styles found their place as well. For LATINO sound check "Baila Bolero". If you like Vengaboys sound, check "This Is How We Do It". The song's line is simply identical. I was amuzed indeed. Great tune! If you like a bit of EURO-REGGAE turn to "Come On Everybody". Some RAP in here and TECHNO strings as well. Very, very interesting! Ready for some covers? Here you are! Group did remake of HOUSE track "Push". They added some ENERGY to it and some fierce synths. Very CUTE! If you are into more POP sound, you got lucky as well. Check "I Gotta Know". I can go on and on. This is simply one of those rare albums that makes practically everybody happy. Great production, great music. This seems to be one of the best and well rounded album of 1999.

"Mambo Nr. Sex"
BMG Germany

We are sure fans of this band were waiting for a new album. It was almost a hopeless wish, since group was recording mostly in Eurodance/EuroEnergy genre and this style as you know is fading away from European dance floor. Luckily enough Far East still loves this style and is powerful enough to keep the genre alive. So here you have, a brand new album from E-Rotic "Mambo Nr. Sex", the German release version of "Kiss Me" album released on March 03, 1999 by Intercord Japan! Most of you probably does not need our recommendation. Entire album is written and produced by BROS (David Brandes, John O'Flynn and of course Felix J. Gauder) unquestionable geniuses of Eurodance. If you know the music style of E-Rotic you know what to expect. Great dance music with sexual innuendos! If you've missed this style, here you have it! A gift from heaven! :) This album is not as strong as previously released by this band, yet good enough to chase for it!


"All The Best"
BMG Germany

Haddaway secured his position as a talented vocalist that are capable of singing in varieties of styles. When Bad Boys Blue left Coconut Records in early 90's, Haddaway became Coconut's leading artist. I am sure Dance fans know his name very well from many hits he released over the years. This album (or maybe a compilation) brought back all his gratest tracks. So you will find hits like "What Is Love", Life" back from 1993 or "Rock My Heart" and "Fly Away" back from 1994. Haddaway in 1999 released remake of his 1993 track "What Is Love". I know already, that many of you were a bit surprised. Well... That's true! His new versions are more into House rather than into Dance, yet I found Mosquito Headz Millenium Remix with Techno strings quite exciting. As I said, Haddaway is very talented vocalist that feels pretty strong in various genres. This album proves it further. Among classic Dance tracks I mentioned above, you will also find other genres. For instance "I Miss You" also from 1993 is nicely sang and arranged R&B track. He also did some House tracks as well like "You're Taking My Heart" for instance. This album is Dance. If you didn't have his releases before or need to complete his collection, this is it! Learn more about best of Dance. Here it is. Andy Matern did also a "bonus" track called "In The Mix". It lasts more than 8 minutes and contains 5 of Haddaway's Mega Hits. As usually Andy's mix is great with some "additions" to update the sound. Nicely done. I hope we will hear more from this artist soon.


JULY 1999
JUNE 1999

"Love Inc."
BMG Canada

One of the most interesting album released in 1998. This time from Canada. The country itself has proven to become North America's bastion of dance music. This album is a very interesting proposition for dance floor. It is in the middle of the road between club sound and mainstream. Albums brings Progressive sound in nice symbiosis with more mainstream House genre. Several melodic Dance tracks "Broken Bones", "You're A Superstar" gives great treats for dance floor. If you are looking for more Progressive-Trance sounds turn to beatifully crafted "C'est Fantastique" topped with French female velvet vocal to melt for. Are you into more Energy sounds, go for "Be Who You Want To Be", that should do it. If you prefer more Mainstream sounds listen to "Homeless", beatiful Pop-R&B track or a bit faster "Everything Is Gonna Be Alright". Do you want to dance close to your partner? "Why Don't You Take Me" is a perfect choice. Taken together this album is for everyone who like different dance music genres. It will make unhappy folks looking for a particular style but for someone who wants a Dance CD with great selection, it's a bargain! The album is released on June 16, 1999.


MAY 1999

"Space Gate"
Warner Music Germany

So here it is. Mr. President after more than one year of complete silence is coming back with new album released in May 25, 1999 entitled "Space Gate". At the same time their brand new single called "Give A Little Love" was released as well. Group has long tradition of releasing good dance music. Their first album was almost pure EuroDance. Group later shifted more into main stream Dance. I am sure many of you who liked the group is quite curious what the new album brings. First let me tell you, that the album is already topping top charts and aforementioned single already found home in Top 10 in German Dance Chart within the first week after being released. So how is the album? Well... It brings a lot of Dance. Not really EuroDance but Dance in general. The band has chosen to stay in mainstream Dance (probably a wise choice) yet brings a lot of "cute" tracks. This is definately a summer album, full of happy, easy to dance and tap to music. "All I Wanna Do" is a pretty Pop (almost Bubble Dance) track with good rap and happy rhythm. "When I Fall In Love" is more classic slow Pop with some R&B influence in it. "Looking For You" is recorded in House style with some Techno synths (just a bit of them). Nicely done and very dancable! There are 14 tracks in this album and many of them have different flavor. "Simbaleo" in it's convention reminds a little bit of their ultra hit from two years ago "Coco Jamboo". Recorded in EuroReaggae is sure hit to dance on the beach! YES! you can try it at home safely! :) "I Can't Get Enough", is uptempo HIGH ENERGY track! "F.B.I." reminds me a bit of theme from movie "Mission Impossible" crossed with "Agent 007". Dynamic track with police action embedded. Good rhythm and beat! For more "reflecting" SOUL-ish feeling go for "Love Takes Two". If you care to stay in "dance on the beach" mood, you should check "Cachito Bandito", hot SALSA-like track full of hot latino rhythms. Finally, "Give A Little Love" . This crossover Eurodance track is a dynamic proposition from this trio. Get the single with this title (more mixes and some of them are real treat !!!). The last on the album "On And On" is a nice Dance track recorded in the border of Eurodance and House. Nice closure for this release. So, all together Mr. President fans got something they were looking for. Good release, good production! This album will make you dance and that's what counts the most!

APRIL 1999

"Movin' Melodies"
Kontor Germany

Finally first album by ATB is out. It hit German stores on April 26, 1999. We are sure that if you followed Sequential One or heard several remixes done for Future Breeze, Red 5 or U 96, you know who ATB is: André Tanneberger. This very talented DJ, producer and remixer became one of the most hot personalities in German Progressive scene. His recent tracks "9 PM (Till I Come" and "Don't Stop" became Progressive House hits.. As a matter of fact "9 PM (Till I Come") took peak position on several charts (Media control Charts #14, DDC #4, DMC #1, German DJ Playlist #1). No wonder, fans of Progressive style were waiting for ATB's debut album with anticipation. So here it is. The first feeling I had when I listened to it was that this album is NOT per se a dance one. Granted! Several tracks fall into the category of dance like the one I just mentioned above. However, the album brings more than just Trance Progressive sound. You will find interesting quasi-Dream sound, like one present in "The First Tones" that set the atmosphere for the album since it is a starting track, as well as "Obsession" , beatifully crafted Electronic Pop/Dream song. Transcendental Techno-Trance dominates in many tracks in this album. These are not really to dance, but listening to them stimulate your senses, forcing you to meditate and dream. The sound of running water and underwater life present in "Beach Vibes by EFF" or "Underwater World" spiking the body, tickling senses. Truly an amazing feeling. To really enjoy the album you have to think more profoundly about ATB than just the composer and author of good dancable Progressive Techno. Many songs are very personal. I felt like ATB is trying to transpose his feelings, his dreams, his desires thru the music. If you will not immediate fall in love with this album, this feeling will grow on you. Definately an interesting release, showing the enormous possibilities this artist have. For sound sampler I have chosen 7 tracks (and I skipped those two I mentioned before). You will find mostly dancable ones on it. To really enjoy the deep sound of other songs you have to have original one. Buying this album will be a good investment for your money! Enjoy!

MARCH 1999

"Sound And Vision"
Dr. Records Sweden

I said it many times and I will say it again! Sweden is the country to look for great Dance music. Recently released album by La Cream is not just very good. It is simply amazing. Released on Swedish label Dr. Records (you guessed it right, the label belongs to Dr. Alban himself), "Sound And Vision" is dream come true to everyone who seeks eurodance style. Twelve tracks and ALL of them are exciting, and guaranteed pure enjoyment. I was stunned that one single album can have so much of great dance music put together in one set! Dramatic "Intro" will set you for mystic atmosphere to a second one on this album "Château D'Amour". Beatifully sang in French with dramatic sound and swirlling beat, drives you to the limit from the very beginning. All remaining songs caters to great Eurodance sound and to have it "updated" Progressive strings are here and there. Indeed a beautiful album! You will love each and every one track on this album! So, go ahead, buy the album without thinking twice.


"Peeping Tom"
3H Music Germany

If you are frantic fanatic of original E-Rotic you are for a treat! As you might know the original singer Lyane Leigh left group "officially" several years ago and started Sex Appeal. Until now, we didn't hear a lot from the group, yet they did release couple of good dance singles. Finally, we have a debut album. Is this really a debut? Not really! If you like (or love) sound of E-Rotic, this album is simply a must! Lyane again showed her unique vocal abilities proving her voice being one of the best dance voices ever. If you remember project like MISSING HEART or some female background vocals done by her for Bad Boys Blue, you know exactly what I mean. "Peeping Tom" is another masterpiece that should find it's own place in your Dance CD collection. You will find some familiar sound from E-Rotic in tracks like "Manga Maniac", "Hanky Spanky" or "Sex Is A Thrill With A Pill". That's not it though. There are some other brilliant dance tracks that perfectly fit into Eurodance category like these my favorites "Peeping Tom", "Fragile Love", or "Total Eclipse". You might think that lack of producers like David Brandes could make this album weaker. Well... It is not a case here. Even without Brandes or John O'Flynn, SEX APPEAL retained freshness and excititng sound. I am very excited that Lyane is continuing her carrier and I hope she will retain the pathway she is following. This is indeed a good album. Beside Eurodance sounds, you can find here some Euro-Reggae like "Here We Go". This would be a perfect summer track. Taken together, a very interesting release. Since it was released in the end of November, it will serve as a perfect closure of 1999. Follow below links to get the album you will not be dissapointed. You can purchse the album and more online at http://www.3h-music.de  

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