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"Everybody's Free (CD+DVD)"
Pulse 8 UK/Amazon Records UK

Originally released in the summer of 1992, Rozalla's first EP is getting a newly arranged and digitally remastered re-release on Amazon Records UK. Rozalla's debut album may not offer a lot in terms of musical variety, but it stands head and shoulders above albums released by similar dance artists at the time. Rozalla's beautiful spiritual voice is quite unique and its hits "Everybody's Free", "Are You Ready To Fly" and "Faith (In the Power of Love)" have become classics within the genre. Other good tracks are a remix of her debut single "Born To Love You" and especially the wonderful "Lost In Your Ocean", which should have been released as a single. Overall, a very good dance album which has stood the test of time remarkably well. Surprisingly, the album as a whole actually sounds stronger and more original now than it did back then.

The highlight of this CD beside being a classic of Dance music is that on top of featuring extra remixes it also includes the videos on DVD of the hits featured on that album as well as a bonus video of "Everybody's Free '96"!

Rozalla was born in Ndola, a town in Zambia. Her musical crusade, however, started in Zimbabwe. When she was a teenager her family moved to Zimbabwe, and it was there that Rozalla started her singing career. As a young girl she used to skip school to play with a band. Later she sang at fashion shows and soon became a national celebrity, as her songs climbed the charts and became well known in the area. Rozalla would always remain the focus of much media attention in Zimbabwe during her career. Despite consternation met by her family, Rozalla left Zimbabwe in 1988 and moved to London.

In England Rozalla teamed up with the Band of Gypsies. Her first two singles failed to make an impression on the pop charts, but the tide turned when 'Everybody's Free (to feel good)' was released in 1991. The song became a massive success, reaching the top 10 in numerous countries, and was one of the bestselling singles of the year. Today this anthemic rave classic is seen as one of the most influential dance songs of the decade.

1992 was a particularly good year for Rozalla. Her debut album 'Everybody's Free' flew straight into the UK top 20 and spawned two more international hit singles: 'Are You Ready To Fly' and 'Faith (in the power of love)'. Rozalla also toured with Michael Jackson on his "Dangerous" tour, and later described it as the biggest thrill of her career.

Rozalla's sophomore set, 1995's multi genre 'Look No Further' featured notable contributions by Apollo 440, Diane Warren, Jellybean and Frankie Knuckles. The album included the top 20 hits 'I Love Music' (soundtrack to the Sean Penn film 'Carlito's Way') and 'You Never Love The Same Way Twice'.

A lengthy hiatus preceded the release of Rozalla's third album, which finally saw the light of day in 1998. 'Coming Home' was only released in the UK. This beautifully produced collection of songs saw her reunite with the Band of Gypsies and she co-wrote many of the songs. It stands as her strongest and most complete work to date.

For the next few years Rozalla kept a relatively low profile as a solo artist, but she continued to record with various acts, and high placements on the dance charts confirmed her status as one of the leading club divas of the decade.

Around this time Rozalla also got married. In recent years there has been renewed interest in her work, as her material has been covered and sampled frequently. In 2002 the German producers Aquagen remixed 'Everybody's Free' and the track went near the top 20 of the German pop chart.

In 2003 Rozalla's collaboration with Plastic Boy, 'Live Another Life', marked a welcome return to the UK pop charts. It was followed by the release of her first 'Best Of' album the following year. Rozalla is currently working on new material.


"Nothing I Won't Do"
Kontor Germany

At just 21 years of age Dennis Horstmann aka Special D has managed to hold a residency at the Cave Club in Hamburg, record under 3 aliases and enter the top 10 charts in Germany with "Come With Me", "Home alone" & now "Nothing I Won't Do"

Starting out with early productions with producer Tobi Bosch they produced the track "Trancegiving" under the pseudonym DJ Awaline, which was released in 2000 on the Mischpuls label. The duo's second project was "SuperFreakz" and the single "Basstest" released on Vinyl Vibes. Then the "SpeakerFreakz" produced their next single "Always Hardcore" and met Dennis Bohn (together with Matthias Menck the producer of Brooklyn Bounce). After splitting up with Tobi Bosch, Special D began working at the Mental Madness Studio, home also of Brooklyn Bounce and also producing two tracks for the Brooklyn Bounce album "BB Nation".

His latest single "Nothing I Won't Do" is a happy hardcore version of JX's earlier classic production with pumping beats that are a lot of fun and spread a great vibes into the most distant corners of the dancefloor.
If artists like Scooter, Charly Lownoise, Mental Theo & DJ Sammy rock your dancefloor check out Special D!

Antler-Subway Belgium/Positiva UK

The Belgium trio are back with their new single to follow up their debut album 'Somethings' which topped the charts all over the world with hit singles such as 'Something', 'Alone' and 'Pray'. In this single they stayed with there signature sound that gave them the recognition they deserved. Evi Goffin's voice certainly carries this new single with great precision, while Peter Luts and David Vervoort (aka David McCullen) maintain the musical force behind Lasgo to take the track to the next level. The Maxi CD includes the enhanced video.


"Heaven Is A Place On Earth"
Concept UK/Water Music Dance USA

Originally released in the UK in February 2003, Soda Club's single "Heaven Is A Place On Earth" finally gets its released in the US through Water Music Dance. As the pop-dance bandwagon trundles along at an ever-increasing pace, Soda Club's updated version of Belinda Carlisle's "Heaven Is A Place On Earth" is the latest to join the party. What more can you say! Following the plans well laid out by the likes of Interactive and Flip & Fill, Soda Club might not break any ground, but they do it with a great big smile on their face. Good fun, incredibly catchy and as irresistible as it has hard to ignore, this new pop spangled version of the 80's classic is a must for anyone that likes their music with its tongue wedged firmly in its cheek. No radio version on this CD but 5 extended mix perfect for DJs. Most store selling the CD single for $1.99, it's a bargain you can't miss.

"Was A Time - Deluxe Single Edition"
Off Limits Italy/ZYX Germany

Whigfield is the stage name of a lovely blonde lady of Danish origin, who has decided to make a mark in the history of pop-dance music. Her real name is Sannie Charlotte Carlson.
After leaving her native Skaelskar, she tried modelling but soon realised her true love was music. She studied music in Denmark and sang in her brother's group.

Needless to say her looks and powerful personality have helped her on her way in her career. When Larry Pignagnoli (who was already famous for launching Spagna to international success) found out about WHIGFIELD, he immediately recognised her star quality.

Her first single "Saturday Night" went to n° 1 in Spain for 11 consecutive weeks and subsequently became a smash hit all over Europe, reaching the number one spot in the UK for four weeks running, as well as in Germany, Italy, Switzerland and other countries. It sold over two million copies.
The WHIGFIELD legend gained impetus also with the help of her stunning live shows in clubs and discos all over Europe and Canada, where her records have all been major hits.

The follow-up singles "Another Day" and "Think of You" were both top ten singles in the UK and many other countries around the world.
Her debut album, simply called "Whigfield", contains these singles, as well as her now famous ballad "Close to You".
The album was re-released with her fabulous cover of the Wham classic, "Last Christmas".
Her summer '96 single , "Sexy Eyes", also contained on the debut album, charted in Spain, Germany, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland and South Africa. In Australia, it went to n° 1!
The first single not included on the debut album, "Gimme, gimme" was released in autumn ‘96 and enjoyed vast success in Australia and South Africa, as well as in Europe.

November 1997 saw the world-wide release of the second album "Whigfield 2". After the dynamic success of “Baby Boy” and “No Tears To Cry”, “Giving All My Love” was released in Europe at Easter 1998 and carried on right throughout the summer and into the autumn.

In 1999, Whigfield kicks off to a flying start with a new single, a cover of the famous Sixties’ hit, “Be My Baby”. A great song for a great artist. When asked why she chose to do a cover, she replied, “Be My Baby is a Whigfield tune that just happens to have been written before I was born!”

The year 2000 begins with a fantastic new single, “Doo Whop” released the world over. 
“Whigfield 3” , the third album features the hit single, “Much More”, already a Whigfield classic.

The fourth album “Whigfield 4” was released all over the world in 2002.

In 2003 Whigfield has been constantly touring UK , Germany and Austria. She has appeared as a special guest on UK Channel Four’s “Little Friends” and posed for as a "schoolboy crush" in the UK edition of Maxim in the autumn, looking as great as ever.

Look out for her new single, "Was a time" in its limited edition deluxe edition containing the Roberto Molinaro remix, the MPEG video, bio, lyrics, music sheet and photos! Get ready for another chapter of Whigfield’s record-breaking success story. After all, how many other Europop dance artists are there in the Guinness Book of Records?!?

JULY 2004
"Livin' On A Prayer"
HellFish Belgium/Robbins Ent. USA

From the same Belgium production company that brought us AB Logic, Jordan James releases a EuroTechno cover of Bon Jovi's hit "Livin' On A Prayer." Although there is an unwritten law in dance music that a cover of a rock song is best pulled off with a female vocalist - case in point, Deja Vu's "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" or DJ Sammy's "Heaven" - Jordan's strong vocal and the awesome Belgian production makes this track one not to miss for your dancefloors. The maxi-cd contains 6 mixes.

"Where Are You Now?"
Antler-Subway Belgium/Robbins Ent. USA

Robbins skipped the release of "I Can't Let You Go" and went straight to release "Where Are You Now?" taken from Ian Van Dahl second album "Lost & Found." The sound is just pop trance builds and breaks with lyrics about longing for lost love. Nothing extremely exciting or desappointing about it, the remixes however are all highly successful at hardening and profounding a single that would otherwise be just ho-hum. The maxi-cd contains 10 mixes.

JUNE 2004
"Hit My Heart"
Off-Limit Productions Italy/Energy Prod. Italy/ZYX Germany

Originally release in November 2002 by JK, "Hit My Heart" is being revisted by the same team of producer by under a different name this time and using one of their other vocalist Dhany. Although JK's version passed mostly unnoticed, this one in the pure "Satisfaction" style will be a hit for sure. Watch out for the brand new long player "Pumphonia" featuring Sandy, Dhany and Violetta among others.

"It's Time"
Tsunami Holland/Positiva UK

"It's Time" is Ferry Corsten's second single from his "Right Of Way" album and the follow-up to the huge track "Rock Your Body Rock". The track is a vocal led trance breakbeat production sampling the 80s electro classic 'Al Naafiysh' by Hashim. The maxi-cd features mixes by Luke Slater, Kai Tracid and Agnelli & Nelson and the enhanced video.

"Touch Me"
Data Records UK

Lara McAllen returns with Angel City and a superb track which covers the Fonda Rae classic "Touch Me" which was made famous by Cathy Dennis back in 1991. The maxi-cd features mixes by Rank 1 and Phunk Investigation and the enhanced video.

PIAS Belgium/Defected UK

Junior Jack returns with another highly inflammable slice of prime time dance floor mayhem, 'Stupid Disco'. Ironic, twisted with electro and disco flava, this massive fave from Junior's debut album set "Trust It" has already been at the centre of a sampling row, and shows no signs of slacking off now. With a phat Balearic filtered mix from Hott 22, Lee Cabrera goes for the chunkier and edgier beat whilst John Julius Knight gives it his electro melodic touch, "Stupid Disco" is starting to blow up as another mighty crossover dance smash for the man who can currently do no wrong.

MAY 2004
"Look At Us"
Sony Music UK

Formerly known as PNK, Northern Heightz are set to release their single "Look At Us". Northern Heightz are a combination of DJ/Producer Pez Tellett and Producer/Remixers Ian Bland and Martin Neary who are complemented by the vocal and songwriting talents of Katie Halliday. The maxi-cd features 4 mixes and the enhanced video.

"Love Comes Again"
Black Hole Holland/Nebula UK

Tiesto has turned the song into the perfect mix of dancefloor sounds and mesmerizing melodies. As usual our man delivers the original mix, whilst on track 3 by Mark Norman's who grind it up some more by bringing in an edgier rhythm section and a surprise breakdown.The maxi-cd features 4 mixes and the enhanced video.

"Now We Are Free"
Universal TV UK

Gladiator "Now We Are Free" is the massive new smash based on the well-loved theme to the film Gladiator. Featuring the exquisite vocals of the hugely talented classical vocalist and Brit Nominee Izzy, the track has been tearing up dance floors all over the country for months. The maxi-cd features 3 mixes and the enhanced video.

APRIL 2004
"Cherish The Day"
Manifesto UK

Plummet are back with the long-awaited follow up single to "Damaged". "Cherish The Day" is a record that is already causing a massive stir on both the dance floor and the radio. Amidst a plethora of trance flavoured tracks "Cherish The Day" like "Damaged" certainly stands out from the rest. The track has already become a main stay in a host of DJ boxes all over the UK. The maxi-cd features 5 mixes and the enhanced video.

"In Concert in Dallas TX, Atlanta GO and New Jersey NJ"
Antler-Subway Belgium

Milk Inc. will be in concert live at CLUB LIQUID, 2005 Greenville Avenue, Dallas, Texas USA (214-823-9700) on Thursday April 29 2004. The concert is organized by East Meets West Productionz and sponsored by KDL 106.7 radio. Advance purchase only $12 at ATPT Records (972-682-5826) and Bill's Records (972-234-1496) and online at www.getquickticks.com. Don't miss your chance to see Milk Inc live perform "Never Again", "Walk On Water", "The Sun Always Shines On TV" and many more of their hits!... Also Milk Inc will perform at Club Europe, 4001, Presidential Parkway, Atlanta, Georgia on Friday April 30 2004  and at the Polish American Club, 1-3, Monroe Lodi, New Jersey, NY on Saturday May 1st 2004. For more information on the band, check out Milk Inc's web site.

"In Concert in Dallas TX"
Serious Records UK

Sonique will be in concert live at CLUB LIQUID, 2005 Greenville Avenue, Dallas, Texas USA (214-823-9700) on Saturday April 24 2004. The concert is organized by East Meets West Productionz and sponsored by KDL 106.7 radio. Advance purchase only $12 at ATPT Records (972-682-5826) and Bill's Records (972-234-1496) and online at www.getquickticks.com. Don't miss your chance to see Sonique live perform "Feels So Good", "Sky", "Alive" and spin for 3 hours!... For more information on the artist, check out Sonique's web site

MARCH 2004
Angel City feat. Lara McAllen
"In Concert in Dallas TX"
Combined Forces The Netherlands/Ultra Records USA

Angel City will be in concert live at CLUB LIQUID, 2005 Greenville Avenue, Dallas, Texas USA (214-823-9700) on Saturday April 3rd 2004. The concert is sponsored by KDL 106.7 radio. No extra charge at the door, entrance to club Liquid is $10. Don't miss your chance to see Lara McAllen live perform the revamped 2004 version of the classic hit from Angel City "Love Me Right" (originally released in 1999)!... For more information on Lara, check out Lara McAllen's web site.

"In Concert in Dallas TX"
Spinnin' Records The Netherlands/Ultra Records USA

4 Strings will be in concert live at CLUB LIQUID, 2005 Greenville Avenue, Dallas, Texas USA (214-823-9700) on Thrusday April 1st 2004. The concert is organized by East Meets West Productionz and sponsored by KDL 106.7 radio. Advance purchase only $12 at ATPT Records (972-682-5826) and Bill's Records (972-234-1496) and online at www.getquickticks.com. Don't miss your chance to see 4 Strings live perform "Take Me Away", "Diving", "Let It Rain" and more... For more information on the artist, check out 4 Strings' web site

aka. Novaspace
Cinema Confidential Interview by Thomas Chau.

An actress since she was 13, Jessica is best known for her TV work on the German soap opera, "Marienhof." But what is perhaps her bigger claim to fame is being the lead singer of Novaspace, where she has sung numerous top 10 hits in Germany. Many of her hit song titles are covers of 1980s songs in the United States, including remakes of Cyndi Lauper's "Time After Time," Midnight Oil's "Beds are Burning," and Bryan Adams' "Run to You." 

In "Euro Trip," Jessica plays Mieche, a German internet pen pal who helps Scotty (Scott Mechlowicz) with his German in high school. Scotty, who thinks Mieche is pronounced "Mike," doesn't realize his Internet friend is actually a beautiful blonde girl. When Scotty e-mails Miche to tell her he no longer wishes to speak to her, he realizes he has made the mistake of a lifetime. Desperate and lonely after a breakup from his girlfriend (Kristin Kreuk), Scotty and his best friend Cooper (Jacob Pitts) embark on a trip to Germany with two other friends (Travis Wester and Michelle Trachtenberg) that will lead them through a series of hijinx and mishaps in the strange land that is called Europe.

TOM: Hey, how’s it going?

JB: Pretty good. I just have to get back into this English talking because it’s pretty difficult (giggles).

TOM: So is it true Germans love David Hasselhoff?

JB: Oh my God! (Laughs) How come everyone’s asking me that?

TOM: It’s an old Saturday Night Live joke...

JB: That’s so weird. Everyone on the set asked me, (in a low voice) “Is it true you Germans love David Hasselhoff?” That is so weird! You know what? Just last Wednesday, I was sitting next to him on a German show. It’s the MacDonald’s chart show. He is starting a comeback and he’s starting in Germany and we haven’t heard of him in the last ten years! Except for the Baywatch thing but he’s back with a new single called “California Girls” or something. This is just fun though. I always have to think about this question.

TOM: Did you start out acting or singing?

JB: I started with acting professionally when I was 13. It was my first job. When I was 16, I had my first record deal.

TOM: You’ve been involved with show business for a long time now. Was it ever tough for you as a child?

JB: I would say no because I always loved to entertain people. My parents told me that whenever we had guests at home, I would just stand there, in the middle of the house, and tell a story or something. But I think I’ve just always enjoyed entertaining people. This is what I’ve wanted to do! It’s not really that tough or hard.

TOM: Which do you prefer more? Do you consider yourself more of an actor or singer?

JB: I think people always ask me that and if I had to choose, I think I would definitely choose both because there is a connection between these two things, but still, it’s two different techniques. As a singer, I love standing on stage and entertaining people because you get their response immediately. As an actor, you can try to make different versions of one scene and you talk to the director, and you choose the best of them. But I think these two things are connected.

TOM: Who are some of your favorite American music artists?

JB: There are so many of them. I don’t really have an idol or something but there are so many people that I love for what they’re doing. I love the music of Erykah Badu and Robbie Williams. I love him when he does live concerts. I like old stuff, like Aretha Franklin and Al Green. I like anything. I was into Limp Bizkit once in my car. I also like the new Alicia Keyes album.

TOM: What about some of the blonde pop singers in America like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera? What do you think about them?

JB: Well Christina changed her hair color, right? (Laughs) I just think they are doing a perfect job. If you see them on stage, it’s just perfect from beginning to end. I know that there’s a lot of work behind that and people on stage should get more involved with the audience, like talk to them and keep them into it. That’s just the perfect show. I admire them because they treat their audience as if they were talking to them.

TOM: What’s your favorite part about performing?

JB: I would definitely say just making people happy. Whenever I see people in the audience just grinning or laughing because they are enjoying themselves, then it is the best thing that can happen. Or when people come up to me in the streets and they ask for an autograph and they say, “I like your work,” this is great.

TOM: Do a lot of people recognize you when you’re walking down the street?

JB: Sometimes. Sometimes I just wear a baseball cap or something and people don’t really recognize me because in all my videos, I have a special kind of style that I normally don’t have when I’m walking down the streets or going to the supermarket.

TOM: Do you have any strange or weird fan experiences?

JB: Sometimes there are people who are just crazy. I always try to calm them down or just talk to them and tell them I’m a normal person and that there’s no reason to freak out.

I have this one special fan and he’s almost at like, every concert. He’s always finding out where my hotel is and he follows me. The last time I saw him was two or three weeks ago and I was just stepping into an elevator, and he asked me if he could come in. I said, “No, of course not.” He kept on trying and asking me again and again and I said, “No, can you please respect me?” And then he let go.

TOM: You know, in America, we have laws against that…

JB: Well, I’m never alone when I’m doing shows so I always have somebody to keep an eye out for me. But you know, for my job, I always have to be friendly and sometimes, they just step over the border. I just don’t understand.

TOM: A lot of your songs are 80s covers. Why did you choose to sing them?

JB: I was born in 1980 and I’ve always listened to all these old songs because my dad used to be in a band since he was a student. He always played me these old songs from The Pretenders, Chicago, Fleetwood Mac, and Eric Clapton. I just wanted to show people the decade I was brought up in. I think it’s time now to bring this music [out again]. The greatest songs were written in the 70s and 80s. Teenagers, who are like 12-13 years old, don’t even know these songs. I thought it would be good to bring them back but in a new style. It’s better to sing these songs to these people in a new style in a 2003 style.

TOM: Right. I think it’s interesting you mention that because that's the trend over here now. If you were to turn on the radio right now, you’d hear that No Doubt has their cover of “It’s My Life,” The Ataris redid Don Henley’s “Boys of Summer,” and 311 just came out with a cover of The Cure’s “Love Song” for Adam Sandler’s new movie…

JB: I think teenagers, when they listen to these songs, sometimes think that they’re brand new and then they find out that they’re 20-30-40 years old, and this is amazing I think. I think this is one of the advantages in covering songs, in that you can make really young people buy these old records again. I think that’s a good thing.

TOM: I really like your cover of Cyndi Lauper’s “Time after Time,” because when I hear it, I picture myself in a nightclub dancing, you know? The lyrics to the original song are so great but then you put them to a music beat and it works out well…

JB: This is what I want to reach, you know? This is my goal: for people to dance and enjoy themselves.

TOM: Almost all of your songs are about love. What’s love to you?

JB: What’s love? Love is a big word. Love is I think being able to have the confidence to trust somebody. Whenever this happens, this is love.

TOM: Likewise, your videos are pretty sexy and you dress sexy in “Euro Trip.” How do you define sexy?

JB: I think it’s not necessary to just wear underwear to be sexy. I think sexiness comes from the innerself. But it’s no need to wear less, you know, when you can just show it.

TOM: You show a lot of skin in “Euro Trip.” Are you ever uncomfortable with nudity?

JB: No, not really. I knew it was part of the character. I liked the thought about these dream sequences. The part I get topless is a dream that Scotty has on the way to finding me. It’s just a dream. It wasn’t real. (Laughs)

TOM: Do you think Americans make a big deal out of nudity? Like over here, people still talk about Janet Jackson and the Superbowl…

JB: Oh God, yeah. I became really, really close friends with one of the girls in the movie, who’s also topless, Molly Schade. And she told me that Americans make a really big deal about it. Germans would look at it and say “Nice boobs” or something and that’s it. But they wouldn’t even think about it like “Oh my God, what did this girl do? Is she out of her mind?” (Laughs) I think it’s an American thing. I have no problem with it.

TOM: How was it working on an American project like “Euro Trip”? Do you want to do more American projects?

JB: Yeah, hopefully. It’s a different kind of working to be honest. I once did a short movie in New York with Herbie Hancock in 1996 and even then, it was so different and so interesting.

TOM: How is it different?

JB: Small things. At noon, whatever you do, it’s lunch. Whatever it is, even if you’re in the middle of a scene. Everyone just stops and goes to have lunch. They’re more into details than the Germans are. And they treat you well! I tell you, when I came back to a German production, I was like, “Whoa, what the hell is going on here?” They don’t even have proper catering sometimes! On the “Euro Trip” set, they had these huge trailers so we could just sit and wait. But when you come on a German production, maybe if it’s bad weather, they’ll have a tent where it’s overcrowded (Laughs)

TOM: Are there any actors here in America you want to work with?

JB: I’ve always liked Al Pacino’s work but I’m sure I could never play his daughter because we just don’t look alike.

TOM: “Euro Trip” shows some things Americans find weird or funny about Europe. Do you find anything weird about America when you come over here to visit?

JB: Of course! It’s so different. What I love about America is that grocery stores are open 24 hours. (Laughs) And you find anything! It’s so huge! Everything’s so huge! I like the mentality, especially on the West Coast. It’s understandable because the sun is shining all year too. People are so much happier. It’s easier to talk to people because they are more open, even if it’s something superficial, like if they just want to exchange business cards or something. Even if you go into a club, it’s so easy to talk to people. You can go up to stars and celebrities and just talk to them. Here in Germany, everyone’s so scared about people, especially when you’re a celebrity.

TOM: Was working on “Euro Trip” a fun atmosphere?

JB: Definitely. They were all so nice and they made it so easy to make the actors work. I got along so well with the actors. Sometimes we would go to a club when we had some leisure time the next day. It was a lot of fun.

TOM: Did you make fun of anybody in German so that they wouldn’t hear you?

JB: No, but Molly Schade, the girl I mentioned before…she used to have four years of German in her high school and so she knows bits and pieces of German. So we’d sometimes walk up to the other actors and pretend we could talk German to one another, which was pretty funny, but actually there was no sense in it.

TOM: Your character is the main character’s Internet pen pal. Do you spend any time on the Internet on your own homepage?

JB: I don’t really like chatrooms because it’s a lot of stress. You can never decide to read or to write! Sometimes, I have chats with my fans which is once every two or three months. But I keep writing a diary on the homepage so my fans know where I am, what I do right now, and maybe have new tour dates.

TOM: Also in the movie, we have this guy that’s looking to travel from America to Germany just to ask you out. What would be the perfect date for you?

JB: I think I’m very romantic so I like the usual things. Dinner, movies, a long walk on the beach maybe, counting the stars. (Laughs) Something romantic.

TOM: Do you have plans for Valentine’s Day this weekend?

JB: See, I’m going to have a show that night. It’s Saturday night, right? I’m going to be in the middle of Germany, having a show, and I’m going to have LOTS of valentines. (Laughs)

TOM: Are you coming over to America for the premiere?

JB: In three days, I’m going to Los Angeles for the premiere and I’m so excited!

TOM: Is this your first American premiere?

JB: Yes, it is.

TOM: Have you picked out what you’re going to wear?

JB: I have no idea! I just hope I will find something over there. I’m going to take a red dress with me which I really like. Maybe I’ll find something better when I’m over there. I’m going to have two more days of shopping.

TOM: What else do you plan on doing in Los Angeles?

JB: I want to see my friends first of all! I can’t wait to see the sun again. In Germany, it’s really cold and it’s snowing everyday…

TOM: Yeah, same here in New York City…

JB: Is it? Ugh. I really don’t like it. I like the beach and the sun. I’m going to go shopping a lot and maybe go to the movies to see all the new movies, because in Germany, you always have to wait three or four months.

TOM: Finally, if you could have one superhero power, what would you choose and why?

JB: Wow, that’s a tough question. You know what? I would like to sometimes read somebody’s mind. That’s a good thing I guess.

"Euro Trip" opens in theaters February 20.


"Take Me To The Clouds Above"

Featuring a sample of one of the biggest U2 tracks of all time, "With Or Without You", "Take Me To The Clouds Above" features an amazing vocal from Rachel MacFarlane who sings a section from the Whitney Houston track "How Will I Know?" over the top - it has to be heard to be believed. Clearance had to be sought from all four members of U2, who also approved the usage of their name, as well as the writers of the Whitney track - fortunately they all saw the potential of the track and this is certain to be one of the biggest hits of early 2004. The maxi-cd includes 6 mixes from Lee S to Flip N Fill.

Choker Music UK/Robbins Ent. USA

Robbins Entertainment releases yet another excellent dance single with a variety of remixes. The song could be classified as trance, tribal or house depending on which remix you choose. For trance lovers there's the "Original Mix" (5:58) which features melodic keyboards and synthesizers all complementing Hannah-Rose's superb vocals. Tribal/Progressive dance enthusiasts will love "Giuseppe D's Dark Remix" (7:58) which is loaded with percussion and dark sounding synthesizers. House buffs will enjoy the "Passengerz Club Mix" (7:20) with it's swirling synthesizers and galloping dance beats. There's also a "Passengerz Dub" (7:04) which removes most of the vocals from the track. For Breakbeat lovers there's "DK KJ's Breaks-Club Mix" (7:56) which utilizes your typical break beat style and acidic sounding synthesizers. Last is the "Radio Mix" (4:12), "Passengerz Radio Mix" (3:38), "Giuseppe D's Dark Radio Remix" (4:27) and "DJ KJ's Breaks-Radio Edit" (2:57) all of which are shorter versions used mainly for dance radio airplay. If you enjoy artists such as Rockell and Tina Ann this single will not dissapoint you.

"If I Were You"
Flight Music The Netherlands/Robbins Ent. USA

From the producers of Alice Deejay and Vengaboys comes a great new artist by the name of Candee Jay. Frequently played by many DJ's around the US, this is an absolute must have for any dance music fan. Included are 9 amazing remixes with beats that will put your stereo to the test! The video was shot in February in Vegas and should be available early March. Read more about this Euro girl at www.candeejay.com.

"Deepest Blue"
DATA UK/Ultra Records USA

Produced by Israeli-born Matti Schwartz with vocals from talented singer/songwriter Joel Edwards, "Deepest Blue" is a superb new houser that heralds a slight change in direction for the usually more up-for-it Data Recordings label. The original is a sublime slice of groovy house that's perfect for long summer days and sweaty nights, whilst the remixes offer a little variety for all kinds of dance tastes. Electrique Boutique craft a storming deep trance workout, Lee Cabrera brings the drums on a tribal bruiser and John Hopkins funks it up. Yep, something for everyone!

"Voice Of An Angel EP"
Incentive UK

First appearing as a whitelabel at the tail end of the summer, "Voice Of An Angel" has grown to become a favourite on British dancefloors, demonstrating once again why Matt Darey has often been referred to as the "King of Trance". The vocals are supplied by the amazing Marcella Woods and comes with the exclusive Michael Woods vs Matt Darey remix.

"Somebidy To Love"

Data Recorings kicks off the new year with the Boogie Pimps who produce this fantastic commercial pop/house tribute to Jefferson Airplanes 1976 classic "Somebody To Love". Maxi-CD single includes the video.

Energy Italy/ZYX Germany

Italian club sensation Benny Benassi has re-written club culture with his unique electrohouse sound. His debut album ‘Hypnotica’ features his ultra-smash dance hit "Satisfaction" as well as a medley of the best heavy filtered, bass distorted and electro tweaked tracks with the toughest vocals that would battle even the almighty Stephen Hawking. Benny along with cousin Alle Benassi, Paul French and Violeta, who performs as the "The Biz" make up the whole picture that is Benny Benassi presents The Biz. The album has touches of techno, electro and house melded as a fun and invigorating experience. All the elements that made "Satisfaction" a smash are included with a new twist. "Let it Be" is a slower, mellower track which has a beautiful flow to it and is a nice break from the harder tracks that dominate the album. The track "I’m Sorry" holds a heavy jazz influence with some funky percussion elements that really compliment the vocals of The Biz. The music goes on a retro tip with the track "Put Your Hands Up", and then, just when you thought it was all over, the Benassi Brothers reel you back in with two tracks of pure electro heaven with "I Love My Sex" and "Don’t Touch Too Much". "Hypnotica" delivers a synthesised feast of synths, whirrs and enough bleeps to make the 80’s come crashing through your stereo.

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