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"I Will Believe It"
Marian Records USA

In early 2006, Cascada was the queen of dance music with her smash hit "Everytime We Touch." Hot off the heels of the success of "Everytime We Touch," Natalie (the voice of Cascada) has once again teamed up with DJ Manian to form the new pop dance group Siria. "I Will Believe It," Siria's first single, showcases the duo's talent for creating the pop dance sound that commands the attention of club-goers and radio listeners everywhere. Natalie's striking and passionate vocal performance along with DJ Manian's hard pop beats make "I Will Believe It" an easy song for fans to connect with. Featuring four dynamic mixes, "I Will Believe It" will put Natalie and DJ Manian on the top of the American charts once again.     

"Secret Of Love"
Marian Records USA

At only 22 years old the European beauty Barcera has already worked with some of the top European dance artists including Special D (whose tracks have reached the top of the UK and Irish charts) and the Top 20 German DJ duo BangBros. After many years of recording with these artists, Barcera has matured into a passionate and memorable vocalist with a style all her own. Enlisting the talents of seasoned club DJ Roland Kenzo and dance producers Chris Crusher and Jan-Hendrik Gebner, Barcera recorded her first single, "Secret of Love", in early 2006. Featuring eight total mixes, "Secret of Love" quickly became a hit on the European dance floors and charts with its high-energy pop dance sound. Poised to become an international dance hit, "Secret of Love" is already impacting radio stations and clubs in the U.S. Club and mix show DJ's are touting "Secret of Love" as a hit with major CHR crossover potential, some calling it "beautiful" (Gary Cannavo, Masspool). Soon everyone will know the "Secret of Love."     

"Forever Young"
Marian Records USA

From singing with aborigines in her native New Zealand as a young child, to recently touring with Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, Cece Winans and Darwin Hobbs, Ella has wowed thousands of fans with her electrifying stage presence in cities around the world. Cutting tracks for Sixpence None The Richer, LeAnn Rimes and Code of Ethics as well, has shaped Ella into a diverse and passionate vocalist. With a 3 ½ octave vocal range, amazing control and astonishing inflection her voice leaves a memorable impression on listeners. In addition to her vocals, Ella has a unique image that can only be described as elegant, exquisite and rich. A true fashionista at heart, Ella's style prowess is evidenced by her display of wardrobes including legendary designers such as Armani, Louis Vuitton, Alexander McQueen and Stella McCartney.

Ella's first single "Forever Young", produced by Multi-Platinum producer Ian D'Souza, is poised to become the next international dance hit. The high-energy track, featuring remixes by Lenny Bertoldo, creates a memorable image in the minds of listeners with its vibrant and moving (physically and emotionally) nature.

With a diverse set of remixes, "Forever Young" is already playing on 60+ radio stations around the country. In addition, Ella is charting on most DJ record pools and is #16 on the DJ Times Dance Chart. In May, "Forever Young" was the #1 downloaded pop album on Peer Impact.

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