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"We're Only Here For The Party"
Macrophone Sweden/Victor Ent. Japan

The 2000 release of "We're Only Here For The Party" by Swedish group Q-Pow!, is one of the most complete dance records I have ever heard. If you are a Euro-Dance fan, you must get this album. I had no idea how awesome Q-Pow! was until I heard their full-length album with all of it's intense dance energy and pure pop sensibility. It is hard to pick the best of the best when presented with an assortment of worthwhile songs, such as:

1) SUMMER HOLIDAY: The popular release from the summer of 2000. It is a Caribbean-flavored party ode to "la playa" and "discotecas". A great opening track for this album.

2) MORE & MORE: More of a classic dance song, it has tremendously appealing beats and horn sound effects that make this an unforgettable release.

3) I WANNA KNOW: A classic bubblegum track that captures that classic Northern European sound. If you like acts such as Yummie or Solid Base, this song is for you. With silly sounds and juvenille lyrics, this is a fun addition to the album.

4) COULDN'T GET AWAY: This song continually takes my breath away. It is pure Hi-NRG dance, with it's awesome synthesizers, horn sounds and vocoders, I can't get enough of this one. The climax of this song takes place at 2mins, 42 secs. As the song comes to a near stand-still, the horns slowly creep back up, faster and faster, until we are greeted once again with total dance euphoria.

5) GALAXY: Very similar to SPACE INVADERS by fellow Scandinavian group Hit 'N' Hide, this is a fun trance/bubblegum track that has some incredibly catchy beats.

6) OH, MY GOD!: Another memorable bubblegum track with that signature Swedish sound. The nice bridge right at 2mins is very similar to the A*Teens sound.

7) SURRENDER: This track is just okay. It has a kind of early-90's dance sound, but it is completely okay....nothing more and nothing less.

8) IF YOU REALLY WANT ME: Q-Pow! really hits the mark with this song. One of the top tracks here, IF YOU REALLY WANT ME is getting back towards a dance/pop appeal.

9) JUST A LITTLE KISS: Just like that "little kiss", this is just a little song. Completely unforgettable, yet still slightly danceable, it is one of the few times this group does not come through with a solid song. The vocalist, I have to say, sounds brilliant on here, though.

10) YOU & I: A completely amazing track that really kicks into gear during the second half. Right at 1min and 25secs, there is an amazing rebirth that includes some incredible bits of horn sounds. I play it over and over again.

11) Q-POW! HIT MIX: A lenghty complilation that includes bits and pieces of all the different songs on this album. It is okay, but I'd just assume listen to the orignals.

12) RIGHT BY YOUR SIDE: Another dance track that really fails to pick up much steam. While the group recycles the same vocals and sound effects used on the rest of the album, this track is pretty boring.

13) SUMMERTIME'S CRAZY: Let's consider this SUMMER HOLIDAY part deux. Utilizing the same beach/warm weather-feel of the first song, it is another sizzling party track.

14) WORDS ARE NOT ENOUGH: They just had to go and do it, folks! Q-Pow! had to follow the lead of all of their Euro-Dance predecessors by falling into the "ballad trap". Please keep ballads off dance albums!

Dance fans: Get This Album. It is incredibly brilliant and a must-have!


"The Lonely One"
Violent Records The Netherlands/EMI Germany

The Dutch group of Disc Jockeys, with Judith as the leading lady and current face, releases another single from their debut, "Who Needs Guitars Anyway?" Remaining consistent in their fusion of pop sounds and club atmosphere, "The Lonely One" comprises of the signature electronic beats and vibes resonant which make Alice Deejay stand out from the commercial pop over the airwaves.

Their sounds have made the female group increasingly popular in Europe, resulting in more underground Dutch producers becoming interested in their work. Perhaps a tad tiring after the success after "Back In My Life", "Better Off Alone" and more recently 'Will I Ever", expect a similar feel with "The Lonely One". But it remains catchy and downright haunting all the same, making this single one track you will not be able to get out of your mind so easily.

JULY 2000

"More & More"
Orange Records Sweden

I have heard this enough times to grab my attention, and buy it. The result is a grabbing track with a techno feel to it. Slightly cheesy vocals are provided on two mixes, however under the right circumstances they can be very effective. Another very hot production to look out for.

Miss Jane
"It's A Fine Day"
Rampage Music USA

From Italy, Miss Jane is an excellent remake of the classic Opus III song. There are four wicked remixes by ATB, Jason Nevins, Jonathan Peters and Eddie Baez. The ATB remix is radio friendly and the vocals bring this track to a peak as the music and the vocals are in perfect harmony. Jason Nevins' mix takes us to the jungle with his tribal mix, while Jonathan Peters pounds out the hardhouse soundsof NYC. Eddie Baez gives us as much pump as the rest and adds a padapella to boot.

SM Trax
"At The Club"
Radikal Records USA

I am sure you are familiar with SM-TRAX. Group recorded several singles in HOUSE style, including hits like "... Is Calling", or "Climb on Me" for instance. Now we have their newest single "At The Club". It is actually a MEGA single with 8 versions featured lasting all together more than 43 minutes of pure and exciting dance in various style. Granted, HOUSE is a leading genre but since so many remixes were introduced in this powerhouse single you will find also other styles. My favorite remixes are done by Mario Lopez and Lightforce. No wonder Their Radio Edit is a sizzling EURO-TRANCE ala Alice Deejay with pumping beat and angelic synth work not to mention incredibly powerful female vocal by Monya. Their Remix is more TECHNO-oriented and perfect for club dance floor. Version retains also some TRANCE elements that enpowered Radio Edit, but these synths are coming up a lit bit later while the track progresses. Since I am pretty much into TECHNO/TRANCE these days, I also admired Axel Konrad (DJ VALIUM) Remix. Lots of killer uplifting synths to enjoy and of course the female vocals that appears here and there. For more info about the group, please visit their page at www.sm-trax.com

JUNE 2000

DancePool-Sony Music Germany

To say that expectations were high for Mr. Corsten for the follow-up to "Out Of The Blue" would be a drastic understatement. There was a lot of opportunity for a straight rip of the old tune as done by so many artists lately. However, this is by no means similar, and in my opinion even better. Luscious vocals provided by Lie-Arjaan, give the world a possible huge chart stormer. The original club mix provides the most peak-time / radio play, with a fantastic piano break. Corsten's own mix is a slightly harder interpretation with a bigger kick, as often played by Ferry himself. Lieb's vocal-less very progressive remix provides material for the obviously more progressive DJs. Overall a fantastic package.

"Dance City"
Gang Go/Edel Germany

"Trance Mission" owners might recognise this name from the last track of the release, their comeback single "Where Are You", complete with repetitive "hoo hoo" sounds and the rousing shouts of a freaked-out Australian DJ ending the mix with a bang. The debut Paffendorf LP, "Dance City", is a showcase of Ramon Zenker and Gottfried Engels' efforts, the duo often using different influences to find inspiration for their highly successful productions. Expect pounding noises from a steam engine, score from the film "Terminator 2", and even inspiration from a well-known German advertisement for a sex chat line. Besides five previously released singles, "Dance City" also contains seven new tracks ranging from exotic South American taste, old New Order-style Electro pop and even resounding pop influences in the album. With their growing popularity as a live act in major German clubs, Paffendorf may have the potential to make it big around the world.

"The Summer"
Bang On Australia

I admire ATB (André Tanneberger, ex Sequential One rapper) for his sound so obviously I couldn't ignore this beautiful release that is from his forthcoming album "Two Worlds". The Australian edition of the single features 4 versions. Airplay Mix delivers incredible TRANCE/DREAM sound. This one is like ATB returning to his roots. When you will listen to it, you obviously will hear similarity to his another hit "9 PM (Till I Come)". Clubb Mix is also terrific with after hour feeling in it. Great track to chill out the overheated dance floor. Instrumental Clubb Version seems to be more dynamic with more TECHNO BEAT feel. The last Ibiza Influence Version is yet another after hour fare with dazzling synthesizers propelling into another chill out marvel. Also the Australian edition features the video, for more details visit the enhanced cd section.

"Fell The Heat 2000"
Polydor Germany

When you read this review MASTERBOY new album "Best Of" is already out. I have decided to review this "Feel The Heat 2000" single not only because I am fan of this group to death but also because some of the featured mixes are far from what you know based on the version appeared in the album. While the album version is recorded in more POP/DANCE compare to original EURODANCE sound other featured versions in the single are very interesting. For instance Trance Club Mix done by Luiz O'Brien is very unusual interpretation of this song. Quite sophisticated production and amazing synth-driven marvel. You will appreciate thundering bottom and DREAM line dominating in this amazing fare almost church-like feeling. Track lasts almost 7 minutes and is surely a highlight of this single. Another quite interesting interpretation of the song was done by Muguel Sombrero in his Webtress Miami to Copacaban Club Mix. Here we have lucious TECHNO mixed with after hour quasi LATINO-beat. Quite a treat. For more info about the group, please visit my their official site at www.session-group.de

MAY 2000

"Omen III"
EAMS Germany

French born DJ VALIUM (aka AXEL KONRAD) is a project that gains more and more attention among fans of DANCE. After his hit "Go Right For" he is back with this brand new single "Omen III". If you are fan of EURODANCE, you should be familiar with this fare. Originally written by A.K. Swift, Kempf and Staab was successfully introduced by mega group MAGIC AFFAIR back in 1994. DJ VALIUM delivered 5 versions. While the main EURODANCE line was retained sound was updated to what the current dance floor is falling for. Radio Mix is a commercial DANCE edition of this song, while Extended Vocal Mix delivers more club feeling with good TECHNO edge making this version a searing DANCE scorcher. Simply an incredible melody, synth-lines and powerful vocals by Tat Morena. Speaking of TECHNO and it's hard shade you should check Klubbheads Remix. They delivered hard pounded TECHNO-HOUSE. On the same line is A1 Mix, but this one delivers more PROGRESSIVE/TRANCE synth line. Live In Holland Mix retains similar climate yet pushing it into more DARK edge. Taken together, very good DANCE release with across the board potential. Already swamped club scene all over the Europe during this summer.

"I'm Your Pusher"
Edel Germany

Every single released by SCOOTER.is always awaited with high hopes. So, no wonder that fans were thrilled to finally get a new single from this German leading TECHNO group. This is timely release because it introduces forthcoming album "Sheffield". I think group is really keeping high cutting edge sound and does not lower their level of excellence with every release. As a matter of fact the sound is getting better and better. Seems SCOOTER is fascinated with Scotch sound, so you have Scottish elements in this truly wonderful and powerful track. As you can expect, high flying dazzling synth lines are everywhere giving this PROGRESSIVE track a distinct TRANCE feeling. I love the tune, but I have to bitch a bit. I was pretty dissapointed that only two versions were features and even damn club version was below 5 minutes. Such wonderful fare deserves more remixes. CD single has all together 4 tracks. Two first are the title one the third is called "The Pusher". It is probably a mix (?) but more in DARK ACID PROGRESSIVE side if anything. The last tune: "Firth Of Forth" is instrumental DRUM'N'BASS version of the title tune (I guess). I would really spend more time on getting more TRANCE-oriented remixes of the title tune. For more info about the group, please refer to their home page at


APRIL 2000

"Who Needs Guitars Anyway?"
Violent Records The Netherlands/Universal USA

Yes, you might be asking the same question that I asked, “Who is Alice Deejay?” She came up with a debut single “Better Off Alone” and it stayed in the UK Top 5 for 5 weeks. And no, this was not a one-hit wonder that appeared and vanished. Alice DJ is a concept that works with a collective of DJs and producers. Judy, the face and undoubtedly stunning vocal talent of Alice Deejay is the driving and creative force behind the act.

She describes the Alice Deejay sound as “dance-trance pop”, an exhilarating hybrid of body-rocking beats, hypnotic grooves, and spirited catchy pop verses that celebrate universal aspects of life, love and desire. The album celebrates the same theme, with tracks like “Better Off Alone”, “Back In My Life”, and the latest single “Will I Ever”.

"I Promised Myself"
Orbit Records Germany

If you are into HI-ENERGY the title of this single should sound familar. Originally composed and recorded by NICK KAMEN became one of the "classics" in this genre. Now it has been "processed" by JOHN DAVIES. Single includes three versions. First two (Single Edit and Extended) retains the HI-ENERGY feeling. John's voice is very nice and his version of this classic is very well done. Few "touch ups" to have the instruments sound more like 2000's. The treat for more PROGRESSIVE/TRANCE oriented crowd MARK'OH delivered his remixed version. It starts almost exactly the same as ALICE DEEJAY'S "Back In My Life" and progresses into sizzling Circuit/Rave fare. Very nicely done. The athmosphere of the original KAMEN's production hybridized with exciting TECHNO-driven sound makes this one a releases that should catch your attention.

"Danse Avec Moi"
Dos Or Die Germany

So here is the track that is storming all dance floors all over the world. New from KOSMONOVA. "Danse Avec Moi". Single features 6 version of this very powerful fare with both NRG and TRANCE feeling. Ingenious production by Tommaso De Donatis and Michael Nehring (who also co-wrote this spectacular offering). Choose version to please you. All of them retain the main melodic lines but geez! They differ and I mean it. Radio Version is powerful TRANCE with French lyrics yet quite commercial. This version is closed to what appeared on video. If you are more into clubbing, check Airscape's Radio Mix. It's an epic big room trancer with seductively hypnotic female vocal that explodes at the breaks. Synths are plainly amazing! For more TECHNO feelings check Plug'N'Play version. Thanks to Jan Vervloet we are also blessed with FIOCCO remix. Dark PROGRESSIVE fare aimed to cavernous, underground clubs. Galloping, soaring, high-flying synths rising to majestic heights make this tune essential for clubs. Incredibly intense! This one is a MUST! Don't think the version you have on compilation is good enough! You gotta have the single to understand what you would miss otherwise!

MARCH 2000

"Do It To Me Again"
Defected Records UK

Back from last year's monstrously-big "Can't Get Enough" (or another title as usually preferred by the female listeners), Soulsearcher are back in 2000 with something of equal proportions.

The original Soulsearcher uses almost the identical bassline with the new excellent vocals, a must for all house floors. Jazz-N-Groove as the title suggest add a bit of jazz and groove to the mix to provide a more varied mix.

Richard's is another variation on the original club theme. The most interesting mix I think is the Basstoy mix, sounding a lot like "Runnin" with a fast-paced bassline, and interesting effects on the vocals. Sandstorm provide a deeper interpretation for more underground floors. An all toghether huge package, which should do extremely well in the Top 40.

"Just Around The Hill"
Edel Germany

By now all serious fans of SASH! should already have his bran new album "TRILENIUM". If so, you should be familiar with "Just Around The Hill". If you heard the album version, you also know that it was recorded more into POP style. While the version is indeed a nice track, it's distant from what we used to hear by SASH! No, wonder I was surprised to notice that it was released as single. Well... not anymore! Several versions featured on this CD single were recorded and produced in dance mood. 5 out of 7 versions falling into this category. Dance Radio Edit is more into HIGH-ENERGY! YEAH! No kidding! Doug Laurent 12" Vocal Mix is the first version featured on this CD that introduces TECHNO feeling. Starts as rather monotonic fare rescued by female vocals of one and only TINA COUSINS transforms later as full blast TECHNO/TRANCE wonder. Very nice. Another mix done by DJ Shah starts with vibrating female vocals and distict beat sections. This one is full-throttle PROGRESSIVE TECHNO version with many elements reminding ALICE DEEJAY! Extended Dance mixes has some TRIBAL feelings into it. Rather AFTER HOUR versions still retain a lot of dynamic features and HIGH ENERGY feeling into it. So, if you want some DANCE version of this tune, you should get the single.


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