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Universal Music Sweden

Basic Element is back with a hit packed new album featuring new vocalist Marie Fredrikson replacing Saunet. The album "Earthquake" is a 12 track journey in euro-techno euro-progressive euro-dance tracks featuring powerful rap lines from Petrus. The original Swedish Basic Element was rapper Petrus (Peter Thelenius), keyboard player Cesar Zamini and singer Zetma Prenbo. In 1994 their first album Basic Injection was released from which teh following singles were released "The Promise Man", "Move Me", "Touch" and "Leave It Behind". In 1995 they released "The Ultimate Ride" album, pregnant Zetma Prenbo was replaced by Saunet Sparell. From the second album were released on singles "The Ride", "The Fiddle", "This Must Be A Dream" and "Queen Of Love". For the third album called "Star Tracks", Basic Element shrank to a duet after Cesar Zamini left the band. Single released from the album, "Shame" was totally different from Basic Element's earlier production and was being influenced by 70's disco music. 
During a break in 1997, Petrus made a solo album "Trust Then Pain". He also covered in Finnish Ann Bell Fell's track "I Feel It Coming". Saunet who sang in "The Ultimate Ride" and "Star Tracks" albums is now on ZTV and Swedish TV3 on a single chart program called Toppen. Single released from "Earthquake" album are "Rok The World" and "Love 4 Real".


NR Music/EMI Austria

DJ Visage has been a very successful project managed by Norbert Reichart that is also involved with project IMPERIO. "Geil!" is third single by DJ Visage already storming dance floor of European dance floors and beyond. The single features seven versions and fans of groups like ABSOLOM or FIOCCO will be pleased that Jan Vervoloet and Christophe Chantzis did remixes of this track. If you like Eurogressive style you should like the single version. Several mixes warrants that you should find one that will fit your needs.


Arcade Music Belgium

Let's move to Benelux scene for two following releases. Three countries that are part of Benelux (Belgium, Luxemburg and Holland) itself were European pioneers of Techno sound and not only remain in that mainstream but in fact start to dominate in terms of quality of releases. Groups like Absolom, Fiocco, 2 Fabiola, Praga Khan does not need a recoomendations. If you serious about the genre these names not only sounds familiar but stands for solid releases. New coming group to this "Dutch Techno Establishment" is White Widow. This Belgian involves A. D'Hondt, K. Burton and W. Perdoen. "Spy" is their follow-up single to another song called "Leave". This new song is stunningly dance TECHNO-TRANCE release with absolutely beatiful strings and synths. Female vocals adds to the drama.


"Inspiration Vibes"
HouseNation Germany

Another release from House Nation This time it is a new track by Sequential One "Inspiration Vibes". More monotonic compared with their previous releases featuring very limited computerized vocals. Yet interesting strings make this track a good choice for more GROOVE oriented clubs. You can dance to it nicely, but again there are mory dynamic releases from this group. The Inspiration Mix and Club 98 Mix are pretty much similar but they mix very well and definately will put you in trance mood.

"Music Is My Life"
Mid-Town Belgium

Another vinyl release from Mid-Town and another TRANCE gem. This vinyl contains two songs from unknown to me Dutch act, yet I found it worth to present you. Vocals in this release are limited yet synths are what really makes this track WANT-TO-HAVE item. "Rude Entry" is good club track, so if you are looking for repetitive HOUSE one, get it and you will have 7 minutes of jumping crowd.


ClubTools/Edel Germany

After quite long lag we have their new single: "Contact". Six mixes brought a different flavor to each of them. Both Contact Single and Original Club Mix are pounding TECHNO with great strings and percussion instruments. Good track for more INDUSTRIAL oriented clubs. C.J. Stone's Pleasure Mix brings interesting synths and computerized vocals with absolutely gorgeous background instrumentation. Very High-tech oriented track. The Vengaboys Remix and Marino Stephano Remix are very intersting and dancable versions of this record. You probably do not need an introduction who Vengaboys are and indeed you can hear the characteristic sound of this group in their remix. Vengaboys mix is just full of great strings and gallopping rhythm. From slow beat to high beat track. Marino's interpretation is more concentrated on very well arranged and sounding synths. Limited vocals but instrumentation is gorgeous. Listen to it loud and flow with it!

JULY 1998
JUNE 1998

"Da Bass"
HouseNation Germany

DJ Red 5 I am sure is no stranger to you all fans of PROGRESSIVE sound. "Da Bass" is their newest single on one of currently best German label releasing this genre: HOUSE-NATION. This track is really DA BOMB! Progressing from slow intro to a full blown TECHNO TRANCE at it's best. Both versions: Radio Edit and Extended Version are quite similar. The drama is in there and you simply will not be able to resist to drawn in to it. The third mix is done by Stephan Heinemann and Thomas Kukula that call themselves: KLUBBIRDS. This is more BREAK-BEAT oriented version. Interesting but not that breath taking as two previous one.

MAY 1998

HouseNation Germany

I have to admit that this group is unknown to me but this track caught my attention. Several reasons for it. Simply an interesting voice and nicely done instrumentation that are bringing together good DREAM style with more PROGRESSIVE sound. You should appreciate beatiful synthesizers that swirl seductively around a soothing, sensual female vocals that seems to be calling from heaven. Quite powerful track I might say.

APRIL 1998

Antler-Subway Belgium

2 Fabiola is one of leading group of Dutch PROGRESSIVE sound consisting of two people: Pat Krimson and Zohra. The group already delivered great songs and is almost ready to released the new album that I will review when it is available and I will have my hands on it. "Flashback" is great dance PROGRESSIVE song with nicely crafted synths and well arranged keyboards. Diabolic voice of Zohra delivers mystic feel to this track. Ditto for dance clubs!

MARCH 1998

"Prisoner Of Love"
Sony Music Germany/Columbia USA

The singer we loved as the lead vocalist from Culture Beat's "Serenity" and "Inside Out", now begins her solo career . She has great vocals particularly on the radio edit version. I strongly recommend this CD single to anyone who enjoys Dance music . I hope she comes out with a full length cd.


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