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"Out Of Control"
Neo Records UK

Finnish dance wunderkind Darude seems to have been fairly quiet of late. However, the man responsible for trance missiles "Feel The Beat" and the anthemic "Sandstorm" returns with another massive dancefloor botherer. "Out Of Control" bears all the hallmarks of his earlier releases but somehow manages to sound sharper, more competent and altogether more primed for serious club action. Already massive, and completely unmissable! But there's more; Tom Stephan gets down anddirty in his Superchumbo guise for another sleek lesson in dark tribal action on a remix of "Sandstorm" while Jan Driver gets a little more progressive. This UK edition is enhanced and contains the full MPEG video of "Out Of Control".

"Before The Storm"
Neo Records UK

Ville Vitanen to his mum, Darude's cunningly beguiling trance-pop has helped covert the dance-hungry and club-bothering to a sound that has come to characterise both Ibiza specifically and European dance music in general. His 2000 track 'Sandstorm' is still the staple of a good night out and there was always plenty more where that came from. Cue debut album 'Before The Storm', a set that reveals different sides to the Darude character, veering from out-and-out house music, through trance as far as chill-out in an inspiring and eclectic mix. This version of the album comes as a double CD set with three extra remixes new to CD and three MPEG videos. 

"Say That You're Here"
Illustrious/Epic UK

Fragma return after a short absence to shower us all with more Ibizan trance vibes on a new label and with this brilliant new single. Once again featuring Damae on lead vocals (she sung on the last single 'You Are Alive' and is now a permanent member) "Say That You're Here" finds the Euro trancemeisters doing what they do best. Easily combing pristine pop and dance, it's a catchy, high-energy tune that's set to send dancefloors wild and become a party staple at the same time. Another great single! 

"Who Do You Love? (Stringer)"
London Records 90 Ltd UK

As an instrumental (originally titled "Stringer") this track was massive across clubland winning support from the likes of Pete Tong, Tall Paul, Judge Jules and Graham Gold. Now the mysterious Riva do a Spiller and draft in Kylie's younger sister Dannii to work her vocal magic and turn a huge dancefloor monster into a bona-fide clubland anthem. "Who Do You Love?" is the kind of record that sweaty peaktime dancefloors were built for; it's magnificently uplifting, instantly catchy and has enough pop appeal to cross over all kinds of musical boundaries and looks set to be huge for the foreseeable future. The UK edition of the Maxi-CD is enhanced and contains the full MOV amazing video of "Who Do You Love?" Don't miss it!


November 26 2001 6:00AM - Melanie Thornton, Maria Serrano-Serrano and Nathaly van het Ende and Confirmed Dead in Crossair Crash

Melanie ThorntonMelanie Thornton (former member of La Bouche, Men Behind, Joy-Lab, Le Click...) and Passion Fruit's Maria Serrano-Serrano and Nathaly van het Ende were killed in RJ-100 Crossair jet crash on November 24th in Switzerland. Debby St. Marteen, also from Passion Fruit survived, said the band's manager, Georg Bergheim.

It is nearly incomprehendable what has happened. In the wake of the terrorist attack on America, which Melanie Thornton had such comforting words on her website about, she too has died in an airline crash. Out of the 34 people on board the Crossair flight LX 3597, she was not among the 8 survivors. At 18:15 Swiss local time, she was confimed dead. Melanie Thornton and Passion Fruit were on tour with their respective new Christmas singles for Coca-Cola "Wonderful Dream" (released November 26) and "I'm Dreaming Of... A Winter Wonderland" due to be released in January 2002. Our deepest sympathy goes out to Melanie's husband, family and friends, as well as Maria's and Nathaly's family and friends.

Listen to an interview of Melanie Thornton from September 2001 in which she talks about her life and carreer.

Partial reports from CNN.com

"ZURICH, Switzerland -- A U.S. singer picked to be the voice of a Coca-Cola advert has died in the Swiss air crash.

Also killed was American-born singer Melanie Thornton, 34, who had a string of hits with La Bouche and was on tour to promote her solo album "Ready to Fly."

Thornton was flying to Zurich for radio and television appearances to promote her new single, said Anja Scheding, a spokeswoman for the record company X-cell.

The flight 3597 from Berlin came down in poor weather conditions as it followed the flight path into Zurich International airport on Saturday.

The pilot and his co-pilot were among the victims, along with the singer Melanie Thornton who had been picked to be the voice of Coca-Cola in an advert.

Ten bodies were recovered quickly by rescue workers but the other 14 victims were declared dead after a lengthy search, police said.

Nine people had managed to walk free from the wreckage by escaping from the tail end of the plane which had been severed by the impact. Two of them are in a critical condition.

The survivors, talking from their hospital beds, described the experience as having been similar to a "horror film."

Nine people survived but 10 have been confirmed dead and it is feared the final death toll will be 24 as 14 passengers and crew have not been found.

"It is true that Miss Thornton was on the passenger list. She is not among the survivors," Zurich police spokesman Karl Steiner told Reuters news agency.

Thornton's latest single "Wonderful Dream" is the song of a new Coca-Cola commercial and was due to be in stores from Monday.

Thornton, born in May 1967 in South Carolina, was for many years the voice of Eurodance German band, La Bouche with whom she had world-wide sales successes with songs such as "Sweet Dreams," "Fallin' In Love" or "Be My Lover."

With her singing partner Lane McCray, she celebrated world-wide successes with La Bouche and obtained gold and platinum awards in more than 15 countries, including the United States.

But their second album "A Moment Of Love" flopped and Thornton left the group in February 2000 for an independent career.

Although born in the United States, her singing career started in Germany under the auspices of Franck Farian, who has launched many pop bands such as Milli Vanilli.

She had arrived with just $15 in her pockets to join her sister in Germany in 1992.

The Passion Fruit pop group -- comprising two Dutch women and a German citizen of Spanish origin were among the passengers.

A pop-music trio called Passion Fruit -- two Dutch women and a German woman of Spanish origin, all 27 - was also on the plane. The band's Maria Serrano-Serrano and Nathaly van het Ende were killed, but Debby St. Marteen survived, said the band's manager, Georg Bergheim.

Crossair chief executive Andre Dose said the plane had last been checked on November 16 and a thorough maintenance operation had been planned for January 2002.

The accident, the second fatal crash Crossair has suffered in two years, was a setback its attempt to win customer confidence as it tries to turn itself into a new Swiss flag carrier following last month's collapse of Swissair.

On Monday, the company's shares fell by 11.5 percent when trading opened in Zurich.

The Avro RJ-100 Jumbolino is a four-engined jet built by BAE Systems Plc, formerly British Aerospace."

Melanie's new single "Ready To Fly" sheduled to be released on November 26 2001 will still be released at the demand of her family.

Melanie Thornton's Music Videos

Sweet Dreams

I Love To Love

Love How You Love Me (Original Video)

Love How You Love Me (Dance Video)

Heartbeat (Ballad Video)

Heartbeat (Dance Video)

Makin' Oooh Oooh

Passion Fruit's Music Videos

Sun Fun Baby

Sun Fun Baby (Live Performance @ The Dome RTL 2 Germany)

You have the possibility to extend your sympathy under condolence@crossair.com

Taken from http://www.crossair.com (The airline's hompage).

"Fire Wire"
Radikal Records USA

Firewire, the latest track from Cosmic Gate, has enjoyed success and playlisting all over the country enjoying cult status amongst clubbers who create special Firewire signs and wave them to let the DJ know what they want.

It's a very simple track, but very heavy in style, akin to Storm's "Time To Burn" if you want a comparison. Remixes come from LCF, Clubdoctorz, and DJ Scot Project

The LCF mix is more acidic, compared to the Clubdoctorz mix which is much tougher and harder.
The DJ Scot Project mix is faster paced, still keeping the hard bassline, but enchaching the kick drum sample, before momentarily fading to an almost euro sounding breakdown, before the kick drum sounds again and the track continues where it left off.

"Stay With Me"
Serious Records UK

Angelic are producer Darren Tate and Amanda O Riordan and Stay With Me is their third single, following on from the huge hits ‘Its My Turn’ and ‘Cant Keep Me Silent’.

Darren has produced under several guises, producing several tracks that have found grace in the box of Judge Jules, such as Citizen Caned – The Journey and Orion – Eternity. No wonder then, that Judge Jules encouraged his wife to work with Darren, and the results speak for themselves in this single.

Stay With Me is the most euphoric release to date for Angelic, featuring uplifting house beats, mixed with swirling synths, overlayed with Amanda’s folksy yet seductive vocals.

Remixes come from German producer Marc O Tool, who’s star is currently rising in the UK with both his own production under his own name and as Ballroom, as well as remixes for the likes of JBN and DJ Tiesto. He delivers two mixes, one progressive vocal mix, which emphasises the stabs and orchestral effect, whilst chugging along, stuttering and teasing snippets of the vocal, and a dub for those who want to tease out the intro for that little bit longer, or as a set builder. Finally Sionix deliver a drum fuelled deep house mix, with lots of tribal influences, offset with dreamy effects, delivering a laid back alternative mix which was obviously inspired by the Balearic sound over in the White Isle.

This will surely be another huge hit for Serious, and is already enjoying plays from a growing number of DJs. By the end of the summer, you will have heard this; there is no doubt about that.

"Unsolved Mysteries"
Radikal Records USA

Kay Cee (real name Oliver Huntemann) makes his home in Berlin, Germany. He started DJing at the age of 15. Three years later (1993), he was manning the turntables at the opening of the World Cup in Berlin and he took over the mix show duties at KISS FM also in Berlin. After winning third place at the National DJ Spinoffs in the Marlboro DJ competition that same year, he started to get DJ bookings all over Germany, both in clubs and at major raves and his career really took off.

Nowadays, Kay Cee has established a reputation for his pure club sound and progressive trance with maximum crowd reactions. His pairing of emotional harmonies with rocking techno beats and pop arrangements combine to form a style completely his own. Kay Cee's style could best be described as the perfect symbiosis of trance and techno. His previous club hits include "Love Stimulation", "Sunshine", "Millenium Stringz" and "Escape".

His constantly growing success was confirmed in January of 2000 with his nomination as Best National Single Act at the inaugural German Dance Awards. Kay Cee's productions are created in collaboration with producer Stephan Bodzin at their Super 8 studio in Bremen. The successful production duo have also been responsible for projects like Taiko, Mojave and Jeux Floraux.

Kay Cee's previous single, "Escape", was released in the summer of 2000. It went on to substantial club success, radio mixshow play nationwide and even hit the Top 40 down in Florida where it was added to heavy rotation on WPOW in Miami and WPYO in Orlando. It is currently still getting play on both stations a year later. His new single, "Unsolved Mysteries", hopes to do just as well if not even better. An uplifting blend of pure clubsounds with all of the key elements of progressive trance, it's appeal is universal to clubgoers world-wide. Emotive harmonies paired with techno beats and pop arrangements characterize Kay Cee's style of music. This new single is a prime example of his best work.

"I Found Myself In You"
ZYX Music Germany

In Europe, Amber's new single is unfortunately "I Found Myself In You". Why unfortunately? Well, the 4 versions of that disappointing track are slow boring R&B... and not even extended... What's going on ZYX??

Tommy Boy USA

After the world conscious "Love One Another," it looks as if Dutch dance music queen, Amber, is in the mood again for something a little "Sexual (Li Da Di)." This time around, her breasts play a major part in the track, as do two outstanding remixes from superstar producers HQ2 (Madonna's "Music") and Illicit (Jennifer Lopez "Play"). Hex and Quayle kick up a peak hour circuit mix, suitably titled the "HQ2 Big Room Club Mix," while Illicit do their thang in a funkier disco mix with futuristic bells and whistles. The verdict? 5 variants to this track and we can't decide which one we like best! Just buy the CD Single and see for yourself.

"Forgotten Moon"
Tunes/ToCo Australia

There aren't many Chinese pop stars getting mainstream western release, but Ding Fei Fei has certainly gone about it the right way, with four remixes from Way Out West, two from LFO and one each from Terry Farley and Vermanis. Not a clue what she's singing (I guess something about a forgotten moon...), but some great house production talents on display for this hypnotic Trance anthem.

"You Set Me Free"
Groovilivious Music/Strictly Rhythm USA

The voice behind such huge hits as "Let The Joy Rise" and "If It Don't Fit" returns with yet another surefire floorfiller eurtechno tune, "You Set Me Free." As anthemic as circuit anthems get, Abigail's latest is arguably far better than everyone's former favorite "Let The Joy Rise," thanks to one exceptional big room remix. The first comes from Andy & The Lamboy, who's "Main Club Mix" sweeps across the room with trancy hooks more similar to Lost Witness' production than, say, Thunderpuss. The second remix is by Mindtrap who presents a pretty bowring version of that original killer track. Undoubtedly another hit for Abigail who comes back to her Eurodance roots.

"Whole Lotta Fun"

Live Show at the Arkadia, New Britain, CT, USA, November 10th 2001
Dance Zone Productions USA

YUMM YUMM is the brainchild of songwriter/producer Nivek Tek. It is the zany duo of Sugar B. and Candy Wrapper. YUMM YUMM's unique sound combines the traditional Bubblegum sound of Dance acts like AQUA with the stronger Club feel of the popular Euro Trance movement. With catchy Pop melodies best heard in songs like "Boom Boom Bang Bang" and "Ready Freddy", and nursery-rhyme like songs such as "Happy Day", YUMM YUMM is sure to capture the attention of reviewers and critics worldwide.

YUMM YUMM will be performing live on stage at the Arkadia Nightclub in New Britain, CT, USA for their first US appereance. Don't miss that exceptionnal event and discover this great band from Dance Zone Productions.

YUMM YUMM is an transcontinental collaborative effort between producers from the United States and Europe. Their very talented production team consists of Nivek Tek, Jeff Vincent, Donna Lori, Adam Edelmann, and Anna Clara. Their forthcoming debut LP, "Whole Lotta Fun", contains some splendid tracks written in various styles and tempos, including a very crazy Christmas track. YUMM YUMM has already generated a "whole lotta" attention in both the United States and Europe. Their winning sound is truly the future of pop dance.


"Vamos A La Discoteca 2001"
Arcade Music Company Belgium

Paradisio is back after one year break and their disappointing "La Propaganda". Alexandra is still the lead singer, replacing Marisa who followed her own solo carreer. "Vamos A La Discoteca 2001" is actually a remake of the "Shash Remix" with Alexandra's voice instead of Marisa. Nothing really new then but as the "Sash Remix" was one of the best remixes of Paradisio's songs, this new CD Single worth your attention. This is the third CD Single released with Alexandra after the phenomenal (but unpopular) "Samba Del Diablo" and "La Propaganda"! Hopefully a new album will be released soon bringing us some fresh bouncy productions from what remains one of the hottest Belgium Dance band. Also Vale Music Spain released on Maxi-CD "Samba Del Diablo" in July 2001.

"Stand Still"
Groovilicious Music/Strictly Rhythm USA

Already flying off the shelves, Aubrey's debut CD Single "Stand Still" comes to us with producer Hex Hector's stamp of approval. Frequent visitors to the dance floor will likely recognize the Eurotechno anthemic "Kinetic Journey Mix" as one of the more popular tune's in recent nights... whereas you may recall the freakish "Untertow Mix" as the tune that caused your stupid friend to fall out last week. Either way, you've also got a cute lil' "Acapella" for all you DJ's looking to create something of their own, as well as a couple of dubs n' instrumentals for those who enjoy such things. Finally some great Eurotechno made in USA :) Check it out!


Robbins Entertainment USA

Again, Robbins Entertainment USA stirkes back and release another eurotechno bomb from Belgium, "Forever" by Dee Dee.

"Forever" was released July 19th 2001 on vinyl by A&S Recordings and this catchy tune will probably become their next hit (after Ian Van Dahl - Castles in the sky and Lasgo - Something). On August 2nd they entered the Belgian Dance chart at number #6... not a bad start at all !

The producers behind this project are Christophe Chantzis (Absolom, Ian Van Dahl), Erik Vanspauwen (Ian Van Dahl) and Tommie Kidjemet.

The female singer is Diana Trippaers. Lyrix are made by her, Christophe and Erik. The maxi-CD single contains 6 differents remixes.

"Scream For More"
Robbins Entertainment USA

Robbins Entertainment USA released this excellent track from Belgium, "Scream For More" by Kate Ryan, from Antler-Subway Belgium stables.

This commercial trance song, that took one week to enter the highest regions of the Belgian Ultratop vinyl, is a very nice production by producers Phil Wilde and Andy Janssens. You've probably heard of Phil Wilde as he is the songwriter/producer of many international dance groups like 2 Unlimited, Def Dames Dope, C.B. Milton and The Oh. In the past years he prooved to be pretty good in finding new talent...

In Belgium, a new single "My Love" is planned to be released soon and an album is scheduled for the end of this year.


Spin Denmark/Edel Denmark

This single released from their upcoming album "Toy Ride" is a perfect reminder of who Toy Box are and the kind of music they produce. Amir and Anila, who make up the spunky Danish duo, bring to the audience their brand of infectious bubblegum dance reminiscent of their debut album, "Fantastic".

Their website is also in the midst of being revamped and its launch, to coincide with the release of "Superstar", which will serve to be a treat for Toy Box fans. Expect a lot of dancing and head-bobbing to this one.

BMG Germany/Groovilicious Music/Strictly Rhythm USA

This artiste should be no stranger to those visiting this site often as there have been a number of his singles reviewed here recently. Our Starlight artiste a couple of weeks back has released the album chock-full with familiar tunes which makes this easy and expectant on the ear. Catch Coco's alluring and soulful vocals on the first track, "I Need A Miracle", a hit on many dance floors all over the world.

Be sure to take a listen to "Everytime You Need Me", "Everybody Knows" and "Toca Me" for that signature trance field only Fragma can conjure. With the vocals of Damae, Maria Rubia, Coco and Eva Martinez to add to the bass-driven melodies, this is one album which satisfies.

JULY 2001

Las Vegas, USA

If you are desperately looking for the newest maxi-CD and 12" vinyl releases from Italy, then check out this newly discovered online shop European Music Market. They are offering most of the latest releases from famous Italian record companies such as New Music International Italy, Time Records SRL, Do It Yourself Italy, Media Records, No Colors etc... They have very attractive prices and will ship your order quickly, so make sure to rush to their web site and order a lot of CDs :)  DanceWebSite is giving an A+ for that online shop for their professionalism and friendliness.

Tip of the day: most of their maxi-CDs are listed in the PICS galleries of DanceWebSite so if you need tracklisting and cover art detail before ordering check them out here.

"Live To Tell"
Logic Records USA

Logic Records just released "Live To Tell" by Lucrezia, the follow up single to her last release, "Looking for Love". "Live To Tell", a remake of Madonna’s hit single, offers a fresh sound and new perspective to the track. With floor filling mixes by the legendary David Morales and Eddie Baez, this record is sure to dazzle the mavens of dance music.

Lucrezia, who was born and raised in Milan, began her career back in ’97 when she joined forces with Roy Malone of Wamdue Project. Fresh off the catwalk, Lucrezia was a natural to the grueling schedule of live performances, theater and studio sessions. After completing "Looking For Love" with Malone, she toured the club circuit extensively and eventually landed herself back in the studio to work on her upcoming album.

"Live to Tell" is available as a double pack vinyl and a CD-Maxi. It serves up 5 mixes by David Morales and 2 mixes by Eddie Baez. An exclusive mix is featured on the next Eddie Baez compilation, volume 2, which will be released this summer by Logic as well. In terms of the mixes, Morales' club mix with its deep house grooves is sure to appeal to the masses not only on the dance floors but on the radio as well while the classic mix offers a more lounge type feel. Eddie Baez's Large Club Mix, while a bit more trippy is also sure to fill floors. All in all this record can't miss – there is a mix that will appeal to everyone.

"We Belong"
Neurodisc/Priority Records USA

A fresh, fast-paced update of the anthemic 1984 #1 smash single "We Belong", made famous by 80's vocal icon Pat Benatar. Hi-energy euro-trance washes over driving hard-house beats. Jules aka Julie Schick (vocalist) teams up with veteran producer/remixer Ivan Kopas who's roster of credits include projects with acts like Korn and Gloria Estefan, as well as seminal dance/freestyle acts Stevie B and Acid Factor. Jules re-working of this track is immediately gratifying... The maxi-CD contains 3 versions on Neurodisc Records USA.

"Mett Her At The Love Parade 2001"
Lightning Records Belgium/Manifesto UK

DJ Hooligan's trance anthem returns in 2001 re-tweaked, re-invigorated and refreshed with two firin remixes from two of THE hottest deejays/producers on the dance scene right now. An absolute classic that just refuses to die, both Pete Stylus Trouble Heller and hardhouse don Fergie manage to breathe new life into a piece of dancefloor perfection. Fergie ups the energy quota as he creates a mix destined to cause a storm all summer long while Pete Heller gets on a progressive tip with a mix that s alreadyreceiving masses of support right across the scene. The UK maxi CD contains the full video.

JUNE 2001

"You Make Me Feel (More & More)"
Cutting Records USA

Pretty hard to find but excellent maxi-CD though, Becca is a great eurodance gem that you need to add to your CD collection. The CD contains 3 versions on Cutting  Records USA.

What more do you wish for than the famous threesome of "Sun, Sea and Parties"?
One hot Spanish girl and two of her cute boyfriends decided that they would look for this perfect combination in every possible way. Recently they started the group "Becca"` and released the single "You Make Me Feel".

First, Rebecca (21) is born in the south of Europe and is now living in Barcelona. She has earned her fair share of fame by being a model for fashion clothing, bathing suits and make-up. All along she has been singing and dancing and now, she's showing more than 100% dedication to start a singing career. The single "You Make Me Feel" shows that Rebecca will be singing and dancing around town for a long time.

Juan (22) en Ricardo (20) also come from the south of Europe. The youngsters have been in various dance-acts together have established a well-known dance-demonstration team. A little secret is that Juan and Ricardo can sing very well so maybe you can catch them in Becca's next single.

In the meantime, enjoy the threesome: Sun, Sea and Parties and on top of that Becca of course!

"Come (Into My Dream)"
ZYX Germany

The unforgivably ugly packaging for this incredibly pretty song reminds us why we stopped buying singles based on cover art years ago. Fans of anthems like Fragma's "You Are Alive" and Darude's "Feel The Beat" will go for this uplifting trance tune, loaded with plenty of angelic vocals and all the uptempo energy you expect from a floor-filler such as this. Both of the two extended mixes are top-notch trancers, with the "Madmix" showcasing the vocals just a little better than it's neighboring version. Another surprising winner from the ZYX label.

"Take Your Time"
3H Music Germany

Ex Freshtrends members, Tamo and Kerstin are back with a new Eurodance titled "Take your Time". It is a very good crossover between ATC and E-Rotic sounds. No wonder it is produced by Lyane Leigh (Lyane Hegemann) and her brother Thijs (T.G.P. Hegemann), also responsible for E-Rotic and S.E.X. Appeal success.

Tamo (Michael Yang) - who chose his name from the Japanese language and means mediator, messenger - was raised in Germany as a descendant of Korean and German ancestors.
In 1995 TAMO established his first danceact "TAMO" with a crew of 5 people. By that time TAMO had no recordcontract, but he was playing "live" at the local clubs and performed as support-act for several famous danceacts. Kerstin Kitzig is 17 years old and her beautiful voice gives a terrific feeling to all Freshtrends songs.

Both Maxi-CD Singles of Freshtrends are available online at 3H-Music at a very fair price, as well as old and latest releases of E-Rotic, S.E.X. Appeal and more...

"And Me U"
Abril Music Brazil

The latest album of Corona was actually released last year in June 2000... but guess what, I was not able to find it anywhere in shops or online, and I just got it thanks to a friend based Brazil. Thanks again Harlley! Now for the review. Ok, the album is made of 12 tracks plus a remix of "Volcano (Seismic Mix)" which doesn't have anything of an earthquake as the name would make us think... Basically, the whole album is based on pretty slow beats, sometimes attempting to sound "dance" but failing majestically. Let's note though that this time, Olga de Souza alias Corona is really singing on the songs as Corona's typical "voice" sounds different from her previous two albums. The album was only released in Brazil on Abril Music and had very little success over there. Corona dropped her former record company WOM Records Italy. Instead, all the songs were produced in the USA at Zig Zag Productions studios in Los Angeles, California, which may explain the lack of eurodance beats in that third album.

"Good Love"
Self Italy

Early this year "Good Love" (track #3 on "And Me U") was released in Italy as a single including 4 mixes of the song. Once again, nothing very interesting in those... Do I regret buying the new album and the new single? Well not really, they are both "listenable", I was just expecting something different from Corona but she just repeated her "Walking On Music" album mistakes, and worst as she cannot come up with at least one really catchy song on "And Me U"... Sorry Olga, if you want to become the new RnB diva you gotta go back to work!

MAY 2001

Be extremely careful about the following store, MUSICMANIA (aka Confidence Music UK). Apart from a quite interesting list of CDs they will
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Also you need to be extremely careful with the following stores as they did similar things to my Credit Card after placing an order: FRONTSTAGE BELGIUM and CD EXPRESS BRAZIL. Please do not order at there store, they also have terrible customer service. For Belgium use instead PROXIS. Please put these 3 Online stores out of business as they are a shame to e-commerce, and do not hesitate to dispute the charges with your bank within 2 months following the charge on your account to get an automatic refund. Happy shopping !

"Toca's Miracle"
BMG Germany/Groovilicious Music / Strictly Rhythm USA

Another track for trance fans out there, "Toca's Miracle" is infectitious, yet not overdoing so. Featuring more "beat-y" kind of mix, the single combines Coco's "I Need A Miracle"a nd Fragma's first single "Toca Me" and includes a total of five different mixes. I especially like the club mix version of the single.

"Let U Go"
Radikal USA

It's time – ATB's new single "Let U Go" is now ready. André has teamed up with the singer from the Canadian rock band "Wild Strawberries" for vocal support on this track. "Let U Go" rocks with uncompromising breakbeats and unbelievable bass and synthesizer lines. 

"Let U Go" is the second US single off the the ATB album "Two Worlds". The follow-up to "The Fields Of Love" featuring York which peaked at #17 on the Billboard Club Chart and #24 on the Maxi Singles Sales Chart, "Let U Go" featuring The Wild Strawberries is set to surpass any ATB single released so far. After all, it's the first one to feature a full original vocal. 

ATB was asked about his collaboration with The Wild Strawberries during a recent interview. He responded: "I'm a lateral thinker. I like trying out weird things... The Wild Strawberries are actually a Canadian rock band. The original version of "Let U Go" is basically a country song. At some point I heard this voice acappella and immediately had the idea of doing something together with them. We suggested to the Canadians that the whole thing would be released as an ATB single and they were completely happy with the idea. So, a big thank you again to the Wild Strawberries, especially Roberta the singer. It was great working together! I think the result of the co-operation is really good. It doesn't sound anything like the country song any more!".

Make sure you don't miss this record!

APRIL 2001

Byte Belgium

Straight from Belgium, Sylver (formerly know as Liquid feat. Silvy) delivers a promising first album "Chances" including 10 amazing Eurotrance tracks, 2 mixes of their singles "Turn The Tide" and "Skin", plus the MPEG video of "Turn The Tide". Not only in the Benelux things are going superb for the group, on an international level the sun is shining very brightly as well. "Turn The Tide" is now internationally being promoted as Sylver's first single in Canada, Spain, Poland, Israel, France and Germany. The record is supported by a video clip made by the German music video company Department M.

"Turn The Tide" was released in Belgium under the band name Liquid feat. Silvy. However, the name had to be changed into Sylver as an Irish band, around which it has remained very quiet for a long time, suddenly claimed the name. In January 2001, the second single "Skin" was released in Benelux. Visit Sylver web site.

"At The Club"


SM-Trax is currently one of the most successful dance artists from Germany. Their last single, "Got The Groove" was released in the USA on Strictly Rhythm Records/Groovilicious. 

"At The Club" is the follow-up single to "...Is Calling", unreleased in the USA. Very similar in style, it's energetic Eurotechno sound is both club and radio friendly. A variety of mixes by Mario Lopez, Lightforce, Didier de Chomb, Avantgarde and Axel Konrad means that there's something here for everyone. It is from the forthcoming SM Trax album. Although as of yet untitled, the album will also include Got The Groove and their other European hit single Is Calling.

"The Whistle Song"

Once upon a time there was a DJ named DJ Aligator. His real name was Ali Mosavat but he was known as DJ Aligator. He stayed up all night every night spinning records in clubs in Denmark. One night some of the guests had brought along some whistles. As DJ Aligator played his music, the guests began to blow their whistles. DJ Aligator had never experienced anything like that before. He was used to a crowd dancing to the music he played but never blowing whistles. He liked what he heard and the crowd was having a great time. The more DJ Aligator played music that they liked, the more the guests blew their whistles.

After DJ Aligator had gone home from the club, he could not forget about the whistles. They inspired him so much that he went into the studio and put together a song about them. He called it The Whistle Song.

He manufactured 300 copies on vinyl and gave them to some of his DJ friends who began playing it. The crowds who heard it loved it and began blowing their whistles. Soon a person from a record label in Denmark heard it and contacted DJ Aligator because they wanted to sign the record. It became a big hit single in that country. Soon it became a big hit single in every country across Europe. Everywhere it was played, people cheered and blew their whistles...

MARCH 2001
"Fly Away"

Radikal Records USA

Vincent de Moor new single "Fly (Away)" is a pure Eurotechno gem. It's being hammered all over European dancefloors and radios since September 2000 but has just been released in the USA on Radikal Records. It has even gone all the way to # 1 on the UK Coolcuts Chart. With remixes by Generation X, Havana, Don Diablo, Noisefloor and Vincent De Moor himself, there is a style to please any and all DJs and club music fans. It is the perfect follow up to "Between 2 Fire", "Eternity" taken from his second album "Moor".

Vincent De Moor was born in Delft, Holland 27 years ago.  He started his career with productions like Enjoy Yourself by Fix To Fax and Systematic which was released under his own name. He also did a variety of remixes for Ariel, Convert, Little Jam, MTF, De Bos and V-Tracks. In 1997, his Flowtation reached # 54 on the UK Sales Chart and jump started his international career, with Orion City following with wide international distribution and club success.

The 3 videos for "Between 2 Fire", "Eternity" and "Fly (Away)" were all designed by Hectic Illusions in Amsterdam, Holland. Vincent de Moor is signed by Combined Forces Dutch label.


Clubbgroove Germany/Radikal Records USA

Spacekid (AKA Ulrich Poeppelbaum) began DJing when he fell in love with Chicago house and acid wave music.  In 1993, he decided to turn his hobby into his profession and began throwing his own techno parties.  He released his first single in 1994, and that was also the year that he met Woody Van Eyden and Andre Tanneberger (ATB). 

Andre and Ulrich collaborated and formed SQ-1.  SQ-1 has had many successful club hits across Europe including "Music So Wonderful", "Can You Feel...", and "One Two Three".  In 1998, together with Woody and Andre, Spacekid founded Clubbgroove Records which is based in Germany.  They've had chart hits with Weekend by The Bad Habit Boys, Airwave by Rank 1 and Lui by Re-Flex among others.. 

After spending the past two years taking care of business, Spacekid is back in the studios and has released his newest project "Tune!.  European techno / trance with very strong hooks, it's similar in style to his partner ATB.  Spacekid has also lent his hand to remixing for artists such as ATB, Bad Habit Boys, The Outhere Brothers, 666 and Silvio Ecomo. Trance fans, check him out.



Radikal Records USA

From Italy, The Soundlovers release their 7th single "Living In Your Head". Also note that finally the US wakes up and release their 5th single "Walking" (Radikal Records). The good thing is that it gathers all the mixes from the 2 european Maxi-CDs, the bad thing is... damn it's old ! Anyway the facts have confirmed that the US is always at least 6 months late on Dance Music releases compared to the rest of the World... Still "Walking" is the best single ever from The Soundlovers and definitely worth it. Get it at www.towerrecords.com. For those who do not know The Soundlovers rush on that release and hopefully a 2nd album will be available soon, their first album "People - The Album" is a total rarity and was only released in Italy. I do not even managed to own a copy so this means IT IS REALLY RARE :)

"Much More"
ZYX Germany

After releasing the very good "Doo-Whoop" single (available on Maxi-CD in Canada on Popular Records) and her 3rd album simply entitled "Whigfield III", Whigfield is back with a new single "Much More" on ZYX Music Germany. Thanks to ZYX Music her Maxi-CD is available at a domestic release price in the USA. The melody is not as strong as "Doo-Whoop" but the music is definitely more eurodance and is worth buying it. The Maxi-CD contains 7 mixes. Get it at www.towerrecords.com. Also note the re-release on Maxi-CD of "Saturday Night" (ZYX Music Germany) in the ZYX Golden-Dance-Classics serie, gathering the regular versions and the "Holiday Remixes", a total of 7 mixes. A must have if you did not buy the single in 1994.

"Castles In The Sky"
Robbins Entertainment USA

Presented during Midem 2000, Ian Van Dahl hit "Castles In The Sky" is finally released in the USA as a Maxi-CD on Robbins Records NY. The Maxi-CD contains the excellent remix by Absolom (aka Christophe Chantzis) chosen version for the video. Get it at www.towerrecords.com.


Total Music Venezuela

Last December, Total Music Venezuela released the extremely good Maxi-CD, Patricia Mare "Bambolero". This eurodance production from DB One Music Italy is in the pure style of Kim Lukas and Bamble B. also from the same Italian record company. The Maxi-CD contains all 4 mixes (2 by Twin Towers and 2 Original mixes) and is available at www.towerrecords.com. Got get it now it is a absolute rarity on CD!


EMI Music Denmark

Danish Me & My are back with a new single "Fly High" and a new 3rd 12 track album also entitled "Fly High". After their 2nd album "Let The Love Go On" which was a complete flop except in Japan, Me & My is back to eurodance/eurotechno, style that made them famous in 1995 with singles such as "Dub-I-Dub", "Baby Boy" and "Lion Eddy". On "Fly High", Me & My have moved into new genres such as dance and trance. The music is more club-oriented than before, although the album also contains some of the catchy popular hits that the earlier records were so well-known for.

In 1995, Me & My achieved an international breakthrough with "Dub I Dub". The song turned out to be one of the year's inescapable hits and marked the start of a pop-music adventure for the two sisters Susanne and Pernille Georgi from Kolding, Denmark. The album represented an entirely new style of Danish pop music and, as a result, Me & My's sales figures reached almost explosive heights around the world during 1996. Just to give an example, the Georgi sisters sold 1.5 million albums and 750,000 singles in Japan in only one year. In the spring of 1997 they were presented with two Gold Disc Awards for the year's best-selling international album and as best-selling foreign artists in Japan. "Our number "Dub I Dub" opened doors, not only for us but also for a lot of other Danish bands", says Pernille. "Everything happened so fast with the first record, that it was really difficult for us to realise what was happening. On the other hand, it gave us a name, a style and a foundation to build upon".

In March the 2nd single "Sleeping My Day Away" from the new album will be released. You can get the latest news about the two sisters Susan and P.G. on their official web site www.meandmy.dk

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