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MARCH 2005
Milk Inc
"The Sun Always Shines On TV"
Antler-Subway Belgium/Water Music Dance USA

Milk Inc's second CD Single US release is A-HA's cover "The Sun Always Shines On TV". Watch out for major promotion of the video in the US and Canada (on BPM TV). The US release feature all 4 mixes included in the original European release. 

With their first US album "Closer" scheduled to be released in the late Spring 2005, Milk Inc. is finally ready to make their mark on this isde of the Atlantic.


"The Best Of... CD + DVD"
Suprime Music Germany/Central Station Australia

Groove Coverage are Markus (aka DJ Novus) and Vocalist Verona. In cooperation with Suprime Music & BMG Germany, the project "Groove Coverage" was founded overnight by Markus and Axel in Summer 2001. Supported by both his producers Axel Konrad and Ole Wierk, their the debut single entered the Top 20 of the Dance/Club charts both in Germany and abroad."Are u ready" should have been a sign of what was to come because with the second track came the final major breakthrough and a success that no one would have even dared to imagine. The cover version of Mike Oldfields superhit "Moonlight Shadow" was Number 3 in the Media Control Charts and blessed DJ Novus - by now residing in Landshut - with a 14 week residence in the Top 20 (peak #3) of the German Singles charts and a great deal of success overseas too with a top 10 in the UK, Spain, Italy, Austria, Russia..a massive club hit in the USA, Japan, SE asia not to mention just shy of Gold sales and a top 10 in Australia!

Antler-Subway Belgium/Robbins Ent. USA

The queen of vocal trance returns with a new dancefloor screamer in "Inspiration".

Despite of what everybody thinks, Ian van Dahl is not a real person, but a project name. The face and vocalist of the act is Annemie Coenen, who co-writes most of the Ian van Dahl songs.

On stage she's backed up by two great dancers from the Belgium danceschool "The Move". The producers behind Ian Van Dahl are Christophe Chantzis and Erik Vanspauwen who, together with Annemie, created the first album, alongside Peter Luts and David Vervoort, who are known for their work with Lasgo. Having earned respect all over the world with various club and commercial projects and remixes Ian Van Dahl have steadily increased their following and "Inspiration" is just a taste of what's to come from the forthcoming album "Lost & Found".


"Find The Answer"

Respiri Digitali Italy

The second release from Italian rising star Be Angel. This time, the single gets 2 alternate Maxi CD releases, the "Italian Version" and "The English Version". Both include alternate versions of the video "Find The Answer", the Antiqua Italian Edit (more Italo/Eurodance style) and the Pop Edit (more housy pop style). Be Angel is the brainchild of Italian producer Pierlorenzo Bassetti and singer Fabrizio Campoli. 

"Hungry Eye"


A monster feel good clubbing anthem from the UK label that knows what clubbers want "All Around The World'. Eyeopener had a huge club hit over the past year with "Open Your Eyes" - another former hit which has been one of the most requested dancefloor tracks in Clubland. However, "Hungry Eyes", a cover of the Eric Carmen track spent weeks in the UK Top 20 and was #1 on the Box (for 3 weeks), thanks to the cute Peter Pan, cartoon style film clip! The animated video really has captured the imagination of the viewers. Whilst always being big in the clubs it was the most requested club track over the past few months in the UK.

Eyeopener is a combination of LMC and Flip & Fill - label mates, studio-mates and now with a joint band together producing a great version of "Hungry Eyes". Mixes have been filling floors throughout the UK over the past couple of months.

"Let Me Be Your Fantasy"
Concept UK/Water Music Dance USA

"Let Me Be Your Fantasy" is the debut CD single from this UK based film and music star, only 17 years of age! This little Dance Diva will be touring the U.S. this summer in support of her upcoming full album Dreaming and her first single is already a Top 20 Billboard Dance hit at radio.

"Only If I"
Antler-Subway Belgium/Water Music Dance USA

Flemish singer Kate Ryan has given us many hits so far. (Do you remember Desenchantee, Scream for more, U R My Love, Libertine?)
This is her new song that did quite well in Belgium (top5) and Germany (top20).

The cd includes 7 mixes, some of which are exclusive to CD release. Alex Megane mixes are eurodance-oriented, while Hiver & Hammer deliver us trancier versions of the song. Last, but not least, Peter Luts remix, a marvelous dub mix made by one of Lasgo's producers. Overall, it is a great cd, and you get fourty minutes of Kate Ryan music for such a nice price!

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