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"Cry Little Sister (I Need U Know)"
Incentive UK

"Cry Little Sister (I Need U Now)" is based around the theme tune from the cult '80s bratpack film The Lost Boys. This remake keeps all the main elements of the haunting original, including the memorable atmospheric noises and child's choir. The track also features the vocals of Gerard McMahon who wrote and performed the original version. Maxi-CD single includes 3 mixes and the enhanced video!   

"Music Is Life"
NuLife UK

LThe Dirt Devils are back to follow the success of their club classic "The Drill" with the sleaze synth leviathan "Music Is Life". The track is a cauldron of of rolling basslines, vocoded vocals and dirty synths. This electro trancer will be found in every DJ box across the UK. Maxi-CD single includes 5 mixes and the enhanced video!


"Maria (I Like It Loud)"
Edel UK/Edel Germany

Freshly picked from their tenth (yes there's another nine like this one!) album "Techno Stadium Experience" is the single "Maria - I Like It Loud". It's a prime example of Rick J.Jordan's and Jay Frogg's finest trance/techno tunes. The distorted 303's pay homage to the early Prodigy era as well as there idols the KLF by keeping happy hardcore alive with there kooky high speed vocal breaks. Keep those cheesy lyrics coming lads!  

"In Concert in Dallas, TX"
Robbins Entertainment USA

LASGO will be in concert live at CLUB LIQUID, 2005 Greenville Avenue, Dallas, Texas USA (214-823-9700) on Thursday November 13 2003. The concert is organized by East Meets West Productionz and sponsored by KDL 106.7 radio. Advance purchase only $12 at ATPT Records (972-682-5826) and Bill's Records (972-234-1496). Don't miss your chance to see Lasgo live perform "Alone", "Something", "Pray" and more!... For more dates check out LASGO's web site.

"Wherever You Are"
Edel Germany/Robbins Entertainment USA

Born on May 03 1983 in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, Fernanda aka Laava originally released her single "Wherever You Are" in June 2002 on Edel Germany. She finally got a domestic release on Robbins Entertainment. Although only one single was released so far in Germany, the re-release of her hit may lead to new materials in 2003/2004 if "Wherever You Are" proves to be a success in the US. This first single is right on top along with some of the biggest names with 6 mixes from Pulsedriver to Chopstick. 

"La Marche De La Lune"
Outfly Sweden/Robbins Entertainment USA

Outfly, otherwise known as Aura Productions to those familiar with the MP3.com electronic chart, is the greatest trance group to ever come out of Gothenburg, Sweden. Their style is unique and fresh. It never gets old. I've been listening to them for three years now. Some trance is too obscure for the mainstream, but Outfly has beats and melodies that will drive you wild. If you like Doctor No and Antiloop, you will love Outfly "La Marche De La Lune". The maxi-cd single includes 6 mixes!

Eden Music USA

After the fall of Groovilicious/Strictly Rhythm, Abigail decided to take things in her own hands. The result is a self produced and distributed gem titled "Falling" only available through mail order from her web site www.abigailxx.com and at selected gigs in the States. This limited edition release will be autographed by Abigail and mailed to your door! Plus, beside 5 remixes of "Falling", Abigail included 2 versions of 1999 hit "Let The Joy Rise": the "Thunderpuss Radio Mix" and a previously unreleased mix, the "JR Mix". Abigail is mostly known in Europe for her mid-90's Eurodance covers of classic rock and pop hits on Klone Records and later relocated from her native England to the US in Connecticut with her husband and daughter Ilana. Through the years and a carreer of over 10 years already, Abigail has and continue to deliver hits after hits and climb the Dance Charts wherever she goes. Don't wait till it's too late, give yourself a treat and order her new CD single at www.abigailxx.com!


"Show Me Love"
Concept Music UK

A collaboration between producer Mark Hadfield and singer Emmie, 'Show Me Love' is already looking like the latest pop-trance nugget that's gonna be blazing a trail across dancefloors this month. Massive in the more up-for-it clubs in the North of England, this uplifting little monster also comes with some of uber production duo Flip & Fill's finest remix work to-date (which is really saying something). Yep, another summer biggie! The maxi-cd also includes the MPEG video of 'Show Me Love'.

"I'm In Heaven"
Incentive UK

Having remixed everyone from Run DMC and N.E.R.D to Justin Timberlake and Nelly, celebrity remixer extraordinaire Jason Nevins returns this week with one of his own tracks, the deliciously uplifting 'I'm In Heaven'. Featuring a vocal from ex-Tymes4 singer Holly James, around an uplifting, pop-tinted groove and a sample from Michael Jackson's 'Human Nature', this single has summer anthem written all over it and a set of remixes that take it even further onto the dancefloor. The UK edition maxi-cd also includes the MPEG video of 'I'm In Heaven'.

"Pretty Green Eyes"

Originally written by Force & Styles (and Junior), 'Pretty Green Eyes' has actually been huge on the hardcore scene for the last few years now. Now given a full release by Ultrabeat, with new vocals from Mike Di Scala (one of the three Liverpool deejays that make up Ultrabeat, the other two being Chris Henry and Ian Redman), it's starting to look like 'Pretty Green Eyes' is now set for chart domination as well. An uplifting mix of pop and trance; the euphoric sing-a-long original isalso joined by further dancefloor-friendly mixes from the likes of Flip'n'Fill and CJ Stone. The maxi-cd also includes the QT video of 'Pretty Green Eyes'.

"Greatest Hits - Limited Edition"
Bonnier Music Sweden

Released in Sweden last May on Bonnier Music, this new Leila K's album is actually a 20 track greatest hits compilation including all her hits, hard to find tracks and 3 not previously released songs "Positive Energy", "Possessed" and "Burning Up". To make it an even better value for your money, the limited edition includes an VCD including most of Leila K's videos (note that "Ca Plane Pour Moi" video is missing). So far the new album has sold about 6.000 copies in Sweden, which is far less than the album deserves, but then again the music market is about as hard as it has ever been. The album has also been released in Finland, but we haven't received any information about the sales yet. We encourage you to purchase this great CD at http://www.skivhugget.se a great and extremely reliable online record store based in Sweden.

JULY 2003
"I Don't Know"
Time Records Italy

"I Don't Know" is the follow-up single to "Relations" by Erika. Relations was a huge hit in the clubs and on dance radio worldwide in the US , Italy and Germany. "I Don't Know" is an extremely radio-friendly catchy dance/pop tune. It's use of strings, flutes and guitars give it a bit of a laid-back vibe and some latin flavor. It's definitely not your typical euro-dance sound and is quite a departure from the previous "Relations". Some have compared it's sound to Ace Of Base. "I Don't Know" is an getting a US release through Radikal Records.

"If U Want Me"
EMI Australia

Michael Woods (the artist formerly known as Warrior) returns with a cut that's been huge on the trance scene ever since Judge Jules hammered it off CDR at the back end of summer 2002. Now spruced up for summer 2003 - with a whole batch of brilliant remixes and a vocal from Aussie model Imogen Bailey 'If U Want Me' is looking like the track that could launch this talented producer, and singer, into a whole different musical stratosphere. Whilst Warrior, Lifestylers, Antillas and Northstarz each deliver awesome remixes. The Australian maxi-cd also includes the MPEG video of 'I'm In Heaven'.

"Destroy She Said"
Low-Spirit Recordings Germany/Radikal USA

"Destroy She Said" is pure electro pop.  It combines the best elements of the underground electro scene with catchy quirky pop vocals.

Circ are producer Alexander Perls and vocalist Madelin.  The two met at a Sonic Youth concert on The Bowery in New York City during the summer of 2001.  Perls had been living in NYC since 1998, working for the American video artist Matthew Barney.  Madelin had moved to NYC six months earlier, and was working for a midtown talent agent as a talent scout for the daytime soap operas.  After some conversation, somehow it turned out that Perls was looking for a vocalist for a track he was producing and Madelin wanted to try some singing.  He said he had a song called "Destroy She Said" which needed a vocalist.  Perls and Madelin first recorded in Perls' basement studio in Chinatown, right near the East River in Lower Manhattan.  The vocal tracks for "Destroy She Said" were all recorded during one very hot night during the summer of 2001, four months before the September 11th attacks.  The lyrical reference to "the towers" is merely coincidental. The maxi-cd includes the video.

"I Don't Wanna Stop"
Kontor Germany/Radikal USA

"I Don't Wanna Stop" is the first single off of ATB's new album "Addicted To Music".  Featuring the vocal talents of Roberta Carter Harrison, the mixes offer a new progressive trance sound with a bit of an underground vibe.  It's a much harder sound than any of the previous ATB singles. The high budget video for "I Don't Wanna Stop" was filmed in a house high atop the Hollywood hills. Typical of ATB videos, it includes shots of elaborate surroundings, fantastic cars and beautiful women. "I Don't Wanna Stop" will also be featured on the upcoming ATB DVD Addicted To Music.

JUNE 2003
"Talk 2 Me"
Tommy Boy USA/Concept Music The Netherlands

Always worth the wait, K-Klass return yet again with a seriously seductive club cut, brought to you by the trusted Tommy Boy label... Plenty of great music on this domestic single, including sizzling remixes from Orange Factory, Kidstuff and K-Klass themselves. A definite winner for on any floor and well, for any car.

"Secret Love"
Antler-Subway Belgium/Robbins Ent. USA

Now available domestically with additional remixes, Ian Van Dahl set their sights once again on dominating US club charts with their popular brand of vocal trance. Yet one thing continues to trouble us - with as much money that Ian Van Dahl have made over the past two years, you'd think they'd be able to afford a new photo shoot - we've been looking at the same seven pictures of Anoemie Coenan since they first made their mark with "Will I." Nevertheless, keeping in mind that it's the music that counts, the Van Dahl posse again deliver a strong vocal trance mix with "Secret Love." This domestic single includes three extended remixes, the most spectacular from "Midnight" who recently did Iio's "At The End" its justice with an ultra-cool trance remix.

Urban Germany/DATA UK

Just when he was being dismissed as a pop-trance covers machine, DJ Sammy returns with an original composition in the shape of debut album opener "Sunlight". Another pop-trance anthem in waiting, the delicate Latin orchestration and rousing synths are made for summer dancefloors, whilst another superb remix package (including Driftwood and Milky) will see this crossover with all kinds of top trance jocks. The maxi-cd includes the MPEG video.

"Desenchantee/U R My Love"
Antler-Subway Belgium/Robbins Ent. USA

Now available domestically through Robbins Entertainment, Kate Ryan's massive, decathlon-sized vocal trance tune, "Desenchantee," that just makes you wanna grab your purse and run as far from home as possible. Kate Ryan's delicate yet penetrating voice and beautiful French language vocals soar throughout the course of the stunning "Extended Mix" and are effectively minimized in the quasi-instrumental "Club Mix" both of which exceed 8 minutes in length. As an added bonus, this domestic edition also includes four remixes of Kate's 2001 hit "U R My Love," including the extended version from Lasgo's Peter Luts.

"Dive In The Pool 2003"
Nervous USA

Just when you thought it was safe to go back out to the club, the circuit anthem that helped coin the phrase is back for summer 2003... or is it? Of the two extended remixes included, one of them. "Wayne G's Anthem Mix" was actually originally released over a year and a half ago... only it never saw the light of day on CD single. The second mix, the hi-NRG remix from Rich B is just a bit fresher, packed with Pepper's original vocals and plenty of soakin' wet power to make one wax nostalgic. Is it time to dive in the pool again? You know, it just might be.

"Keep It Up"
Sony The Netherlands/Robbins Ent. USA

Direct from Robbins Entertainment, among the last American dance music labels still standing in the wake of downloading, comes this jaunty Dutch lil' pop trance stomper that's about as catchy as SARS... although somewhat less uncomfortable. Not unlike the "popcorn song" or, geez, what was that one song? Oh yeah, Barthezz's Eurotechno smash "On The Move," "Keep It Up" is a childlike instrumental hum-along that surely even grown-ups can enjoy. 

MAY 2003
"Can't Make Up My Mind"
Serious Records UK

During 2000, Sonique was one of the biggest female singers in the world! She scored a huge international hit with "It Feels So Good", won all the awards, sold stacks of records and sold out venues around the globe, then, at the pinnacle of her fame, promptly disappeared from view. Well, now she's back, and "Can't Make Up My Mind" is the first single from her forthcoming album. Simple, uplifting and hauntingly beautiful, it's a poignant, sweeping return as well as a wonderful taster of exactly what's to come on that new album. Robbie Rivera, Michael Woods, Stig and Sonique herself supply the more dancefloor friendly remixes.


After a decade of dancing in the US, Logic Records will be closing on Friday, May 9, 2003.

The staff of Logic Records US: Kelly, Thom, Salwa, Maiko, Victor and Marc would like to THANK everyone ...BMG, all the club DJ's, mixshow DJ's, radio, retailers, press who have supported Logic's music and artists, over the past decade.

And most of all, the Logic US staff would like to thank all of the GREAT artists we have had the pleasure of working with including:

Gloria Gaynor, Martha Wash, Kayo, Lane, Melanie, (La Bouche), (Le Click), Brad, Rich, Brizz (LFO), Todd Terry, Dr. Alban, Beki, SK8, Kira, Danny Howells, Eddie Baez, Westbam, Giorgio Moroder, Jocelyn Brown, Chris Shepard, Simone Denny
(Love Inc), Tom Novy, Emil Hellman, James, (Sound Factory), John Blair, Beto Sutter, Marusha, DJ Keana, DJ David Knapp, DJ James Andersen, DJ Monty Q, Da Hool, Dani Konig, Jam & Spoon, Lucrezia, Blondie, Alison Limerick, Njoi, Richard Humpty Vission, Pete Lorimar, Cosmic Baby, Sparks, X-press 2, Joey Beltram, Storm & Herman, DJ Victor Dinaire, Ratpack, Erire, Armand Van Helden, Frankie Bones, Kym Mazell, Illegales, Garland Jefferies, Scatman John, Regina, Harlen, Phil Fuldner, French Affair, LEX project, Ricky Crespo, Boney M., Clubzone, Jason Nevins.

APRIL 2003
"Say You Will"
Tommy Boy USA

Those looking for a pretty vocal trance anthem much in the same vein as the stuff from Fragma, Lasgo and Sylver will want to check out the new single from Halo, "Say You Will." It took us about three listens to win us over, but once we actually learned the lyrics to the catchy chorus it was almost impossible to get this sparkly trance tune outta our heads. Several remixes from Ford (Jennifer Lopez's "I'm Glad") are featured, which makes since as he's among the three members of Halo. Fascinating.

"Nothing But You"
Urban Germany/MUTE USA

As dedicated to Paul Van Dyk's career as we have been for the past several thousand years, one thing that even we have been forced to come to terms with is that, well, the guy can be a little inconsistent at times. Like, remember his collaborations with Saint Etienne? Sure you do, they were awesome... only to be followed up by such dismal entries as the Columbia EP and virtually every lackluster remix he's farted out in recent history. On the upside, such lowered-expectations allowed us to remain completely objective upon first listening to his latest single, "Nothing But You." The verdict? This tune kicks major ass - easily on par with his brightest, most beautiful vocal trance entries. As a matter of fact, both of PVD's included remixes are so strong that they make the neighboring attempts from Cirrus and Tomekk look entirely amateur. This time, the Dyk has definitely delivered the goods.

Press Release - 28/04/03
Do It Yourself Italy

After 10 years of activity, of which 7 with us, always at the top of charts, not only in Italy, Regina gives herself an artistic break facing an impelling though satisfying tournee in the USA and Latin America which is gonna take her also to her native country: Brazil. 

With the release of "Im Back" the artistic adventure with our label has come to an end but, while hoping for a new cooperation, we wish Regina all the good luck she deserves . To all Reginas fans, who are many, the appointment with the brazilian artist is for next summer when she will be envolved in a project dealing with 80s and 90s hits.

Thanks you so much for these seven years of extraordinary music!

Regina comes from an exotic place like Sorocaba, So Paolo, Brasil, she's got the sexy, velvety looks of an adventurous Bond Girl, and when she sings she could easily be mistaken for a modern, very young Ertha Kitt. She is a darling of the dance music clique, a goddess of the gay scene, and she has a fabulous name too: Regina. Regina Aparecida Saraiva has a lot of class. She began her career as a singer in 1989, with the group Forbidden Fruit. Being an ambitious, demanding and very on-the-ball kind of girl, she soon developed an interest for dance music in particular. In her mind, it represented the shortest route to the success on which she had set her heart.

Smart, talented, but also lucky, Regina found herself being the right girl at the right time - a time when house music was typically loaded with often boring, meaningless, mellifluous soul vocals, one very much like the other. Her edge was a gift from God: a very distinguishable, summery voice which oozes brilliance and originality. She was the cutting-edge producer's dream-come-true, and she quickly became one of the most sought-after session singers in the industry.
Having a certain style and being fluent in five languages helped her in her frequent travels for work all over Europe during the next few years, especially in France and the UK, but she finally settled in Italy, where she began to write lyrics and where, with its unique timbre, her vocal talent eventually came to the attention of innovative producer Max Moroldo who wanted something new. This is what he had been looking for. Ever-ready to be daring, and running against a huge trend of songwriters who preferred a more homogenous kind of voice, he signed Regina to his label.
So, in 1996, under Nitelite Records, Regina realized the first record which carries her own name, choosing to interpret and lend her particular flavour to one of the most beautiful songs of the 60s: a dance cover of "Killing Me Softly".

Shortly after its release in Italy, the single was scaling the heights of radio charts. It remained for 8 weeks the most-sold record in the country, with a total presence of 19 weeks in sales charts. "Killing Me Softly" went on to become a summer hit and was one of the floor-fillers in many discotheques nationwide. Regina nevertheless became famous with the follow-up single "Day By Day" which, for the sake of careful timing, came out in April 1997 to consolidate the success of its predecessor. It too confirmed itself as one of the most-sold records of that year, establishing more than 3 months' residency in Italian sales charts.

Better still, however, the song was licensed all over Europe, with excellent results in France, Germany, and England, where it remained in sales charts for several weeks. Airplay rotation and public request for "Day By Day" was such that the tune developed a very high profile.
Esteemed international DJs Mark Picchiotti (then already a remixer for artists such as Madonna and Lisa Stansfield) and Dancing Divaz were selected as producers for the remixes; they were a symbolic reconfirmation that Regina had conquered a salient position in the international dance music panorama.

With summer on the horizon, the infamous video (which caused quite a stir with its scene in which two guys explicitly kiss eachother) was shot. Produced in the style of a short, it resulted in being too crude and realistic - and therefore offensive to ultra-conservative viewers. The video was censured on MTV in the UK and on some French television stations, but since the tune continued to be enormously successful, a "softer" version was put out.

This re-packaging allowed the song to land in the USA where it reached the 4th slot in the Billboard Hot Dance Chart. It also did successively well in Japan and South America. "Day By Day" became an anthem for gays worldwide and Regina was one of the most prominent artists at Gay Pride that year. She also took in a European tour which saw her perform alongside artists Jimmy Sommerville, Martha Walsh, The Venga Boys, and 666.

After a much-deserved break, a third single, "Close The Door", was released in January 1998, followed in April by "Situations", Regina's first album. "What Can You Do" and "Up On The Floor" were also released as singles, making it a total of five singles extracted from the first album... An amazing finishing-line for a newcomer!

"Situations" can certainly be considered a very complete and colourful album, be it either for its numerous themes, or for its rhythms and sounds. At first-hand, it can seem quite gaudy, idiosyncratic, and naff, designed perhaps as the album you play whilst you're getting ready for a night out. But it is actually a very deep and well-crafted work of art, with very interesting things to say about life and very catchy grooves. Don't be fooled by its variety... the handbaggedness of "What Can You Do"... the bossanova of "Secret Mission"... the drum'n'bass of "Hopeless Love" (one of the album's best songs)... the pop-R&Bness of "Thoughts" (reminiscient of K's "Don't Walk Away")... "Situations" is very a open-ended album and this is its real appeal.

After more than a year's holiday from the dance music scene, Regina returned in March 2000 with a new single: "You And Me". Produced again by Max Moroldo and Francesco Marchetti, "You And Me" restepped into the footprints of "Day By Day", and although it was not as successful, it was nevertheless a hit with licenses made in more than twenty different countries, bolstered by a remix from Eiffel 65. For follow-ups and records that fail to do as well as their predecessors, Max Moroldo can be forgiven for retrying proven formulas at the expense of being criticized for playing it safe; he is, after all, more often than not a successful risk-taker, but he has always been obsessively careful for his artists. Playing it safe in an increasingly competitive market is just an opening gambit for him. When it doesn't work, he is quick to change tactic.
Regina therefore spent the remainder of 2000 in studio with her producers to realize two new singles: a decisively commercial dance cover of rock band Queen's "You Don't Fool Me", and a return to "Secret Mission", which explores Propellerheads territory. Both completely different from one another, but united on a single medium, these songs were the result of a lengthy period of brainstorming and research by the production team who had decided that a new direction was needed in Regina's artistic career.

Few singers have been able to cut an important role for themselves in dance music like Regina has in these years, but thanks to her indisputable vocal qualities, and with a sound that's decisively more pop, Regina is now ready to propose herself to the public in a new dress. Watch this space: the Bond Girl will be back real soon.

New challenge for Regina, who has come back to the market with a typical 80s sounding song. "Im Back" is the title of her new single released on Do It Yourself label and three are the versions: "Original Ghost" (Ghost Radio for Cds, Ghost Extended for vinyl), the "Vanni G" version, skillfully revisited by the roman elf Vanni Giorgilli (the Extended version will be available on vinyl only), and the "Cheesy and Tachy" version on both supports.

Spinnin' Records The Netherlands/Ultra Records USA

This debut cd release by 4 Strings is for those who enjoy hi-nrg melodic trance with beautiful female vocals (courtesy of Vanessa Van Hemmert). This cd is packed with many potential hits, and also includes 4 String's smash hits "Day Time", "Take Me Away (Into the Night)" and "Diving", the later two were huge in Europe. My picks for future hits are the hi-nrg songs "Revelation","Fly Away", "Let It Rain" (tentative release in Germany in May), "Summer Sun", and "High On Life", all of which are excellent. There are also several nice instrumentals in "Besides Us", "Eastern Vibe" and the title track "Believe". To slow down the pace a bit you have the songs "Interlude/Waterfall" and "Forever Young". Time wise, the songs range from just over three minutes to over nine minutes. If you enjoy listening to Ian Van Dahl, Lasgo, DJ Sammy Featuring Do to name just a few, then this cd will not disappoint. Enhanced portion includes a bonus CD-ROM video for "Take Me Away (Into The Night)" in QT format. Highly Recommended!

MARCH 2003
"I Begin To Wonder"
Warner Music Australia/London UK

In a clearly odd move, Dannii Minogue essentially buys the rights to record her own vocal over a previously released club hit from JCA, adding some new lyrics and turning up the BPM a tad before releasing it as her own. Fans of the original version may have to get used to Dannii's voice, but should have no problem with the tune itself as its identical to its predecessor. A new remix from JCA is also included, the "Krystal K" vocal, but with a running time just over 5 minutes, we're hesitant to actually christen it an extended version. An impressive bonus track, "Hide & Seek" is also featured, as is the entertaining CD-ROM QT video. Kylie beware.

"Moi Lolita"
Clubbgroove Germany/Radikal USA

"Moi Lolita", a melodic ballad by musical newcomer Alizee was one of the biggest pop records in Europe this past year.  It reached # 1 on the pop charts in France and Germany and # 10 on the pop charts in England.

Of course, every great ballad needs a version for the dancefloor and this is where Spacekid comes in.  The boy who made a name for himself as a remixer for artists like ATB, The Bad Habit Boys, the Outhere Brothers, 666, Silvio Ecomo and Voodoo & Serano, has taken this dreamy ballad and kicked it up a notch, creating a progressive trance / hard house anthem with it's huge wavy trance strings and minimal fades.  The "Extended Vocal Remix" is a definite hands-in-the-air crowd pleaser if there ever was one.  It's energy level and melodic hooks are a can't miss combination.  Cornelius Brause goes the hard techno route with his remix and the addition of lots of wicked synths.

This single also includes the "Original Club Mix" of Matrix, an original tune penned by Spacekid and inspired by the movie of the same name.

Kontor Germany/Radikal USA

The U.K. progressive group Faithless had a major hit in 1997 with "Insomnia" and the song has since become a progressive dance classic. Now covered by The Nightwatchers, the song is faster than the original version and still retains those errie synthesizers, and the deep male voice which speaks over the layers of synthesizers. There are 2 mixes of "Insomnia" as well as two other songs. The "Extended Version" (7:13) has a long intro before the barrage of synthesizers kick. Similar to the original version, it does have a slightly different arrangement with added synthesizers and a stronger beat. The "Radio Edit" (3:44) is basically a shortened version of the lengthier "Extended Version". The two extra songs are "The Past Is My Future" (5:25) which is a progressive track with a strong beat, chugging synths and a deep male voice, and last is the song "Sleepless Nights" (3:36) which is an instrumental of "Insomnia" with a driving beat and layers of synthesizers. All in all this is an excellent cd single geared more towards the progressive dance music lover.


Yep, AATW are at it again! With not one, but TWO releases for Rezonance Q's first single "Someday". Liverpool based Rezonance Q get in on the act with their cheeky, but insanely catchy cover of Mariah Carey's "Someday". Re-sung here by fellow Liverpudlian Nazene, this 2003 styled pop-trance version of Carey's classic has all the hallmarks for dancefloor success (thanks to some typically upbeat remixes) whilst at the same time will easily appeal to any pop fans out there that are into the likes of Fragma and Ian Van Dahl. The maxi-cd #2 (pictured here) includes 3 remixes and the QT video!

"Forever Young 2002"

Having originally crept inside the UK's Top 30 way back in 1996, Interactive's "Forever Young" resurfaces in 2003 with more pizzazz, a bigger sound and a whole host of remixes for today's most uplifting dancefloors. Already making pop-dance waves across Europe, the original's one of those tracks that'll move trance floors as well as the more commercial dancefloors whilst the unstoppable Flip & Fill turn up with another firing, impossibly contagious remix. One for the party loving Saturday night posse! The maxi-cd includes remixes and the UK version of the QT video!

Combined Force Holland/Radikal USA

Solid Sessions are Cyril Helwig and Thymen Holleman, two friends with a burning passion for music who have produced together for the past 7 years under pseudonyms like Quarck and M.U.S.E.  They enjoy the perfect production partnership - Cyril is the master of percussion while Thymen's strength lies in constructing beautiful, elaborate melodies.  You can clearly see both sides to the duo on their latest single "Janeiro". 

A firm favorite with clubbers and DJs alike, "Janeiro" swept across the major European clubs like a wildfire.  It has been reworked and remixed into one of the finest summer anthems ever.  Pronti & Kalmani provide a new vocal version, featuring Natalie Smith on vocals, working the original mix into an uplifting summer anthem for Ibiza.  Armin Van Buuren turns in a blinding trance version that has to be one of his finest moments yet.  It's powerful riffs and soaring synths have already made it a favorite at Gatecrasher in the UK.  On a deeper tip, James Holden takes a bow to the original, building it into a bubbling, progressive shaker that Sasha's been carrying on his recent US tour.   

Positiva UK

The Ones launched themselves into the UK's dance consciousness with their brilliant, electro-pop tinted debut single "Flawless"; huge everywhere on it's initial release, the band had the dance world at their feet and then, seemingly disappeared from view. Well, they're back, and their latest is another catchy, funky and downright groovy slice 80's sounding house music that's heavily influenced by the untouchable cult of celebrity. Whilst Phunk Investigation, Smith & Selway and ATOC each turn up to deliver a wide range of floor friendly remixes. The maxi-cd includes the QT video!

"The One"
Antler-Subway Belgium/Incentive UK

Having already notched up one of last year's biggest trance anthems with the inspired "Forever", Dee Dee gets off to a flyer this year with a tune that's already winning fans from all corners of the major-league trance fraternity. A breath-taking, musically uplifting trance tune with A-N-T-H-E-M written all over it, it, like its predecessor, also comes with an outstanding remix package. From the Northern bounce of the Northstarz remix to the melodic trance of Ian Van Dahl (producing a similarly great remix to that on "Forever"), there's a little something here for everyone. The maxi-cd includes the MPEG video!

Tommy Boy USA

Perhaps no one better exemplifies the modern dance diva better than Kristine W, the Washington born powerhouse who's 1996 full-length album, Land Of The Living, continues to be a club classic. The follow-up, 2000's "Stronger", didn't quite earn the same kind of adoration among the masses, but Kristine's diehard fans still argue it's the better of the two. Still, everyone can agree on one thing - the dancefloor is definitely a much better place with Kristine W around. Unlike most pop divas who's radio hits only become dance songs after someone else has been hired to lay a beat behind them, Kristine is a true dance artist who's songs are originally produced for the clubs, with only the biggest names in the biz doing the remixing honors. Her latest single, "Some Lovin'," a collaborative effort between Kristine and Funky Green Dogs' MURK boys, has already proven to exceed DJ's expectations by taking a familiar song and revitalizing it with a standout vocal performance that's as strong as W's best work. Although Southside, Gomi and MURK themselves all deliver quality cuts, Peter Rauhofer's tongue-in-cheek "Reconstruction Mix" steals the show without question. Ideally, the release of "Some Lovin'" will further expedite the production of Kristine's third album, but until then... the dance floor will be waiting.

EMI Belgium/Sushi Germany

Just buy it. Seriously, it's really that good. Not since Johnny Vicious' remix of DJ Rap's "Good To Be Alive" have we heard such a massive, decathlon-sized vocal trance remix that just makes you wanna grab your purse and run as far from home as possible. Kate Ryan's delicate yet penetrating voice and beautiful French language vocals soar throughout the course of the stunning "Extended Version" and are effectively minimized in the quasi-instrumental "Club Version," both of which exceed 8 minutes in length.

"Boys Of Summer"
Urban Germany/DATA UK

Still riding the crest of a euphoric tsunami thanks to the massive success of last single "Heaven", DJ Sammy returns, with vocalist Loona aka Carisma in tow, on this updated, trance-pop cover of Don Henley's classic, "Boys Of Summer". Already a staple on the more commercial dancefloors, Sammy's reinterpretation of this 80's anthem manages to stay faithful to the wistful summer original (only with added beats, sweeps of euphoria and gentle acoustic guitar) whilst still adding that instantly recognisable Euro-pop stamp.

Polydor Germany/Nebula/Virgin UK

The work of 27 year old Rotterdam native Carlos Resoort, "Diving" is the latest 4 Strings trance odyssey that's set to propel dancefloors from Ibiza to Berlin into an uplifting furore. Following hot-on-the-heels of the anthemic "Take Me Away (Into The Night)", "Diving" combines the stunning vocals of Vanessa with Carlos's tough trance rhythms into a bruising and uplifting track that's already firmly ensconced in the boxes of Pete Tong, Paul Van Dyk, Dave Pearce, Tiesto, Judge Jules and Tall Paul, amongst others. And with a remix package that includes Minimalistix, Hiver & Hammer and Cosmic Gate delivering their best work for ages, this is an essential purchase that holds a little something for all trance fans. The maxi-cd includes the QT video!

Spinnin' Records The Netherland/Positiva UK/EMI UK

The work of three mysterious Dutch producers, Driftwood's trance epic "Freeloader" is already whipping up a storm on dancefloors and now, thanks to a full release from Positiva and some great remixes, looks like crossing over to the masses. The original vocal mix is a chunky piece of uplifting trance that'll appeal to all tastes whilst the mixes from Green Martian (haunting with an old skool leaning) and Lasgo (catchy with a slight hint of pop) take it right out into the centre of the dancefloor. The maxi-cd includes the QT video!

"The Opera Song (Brave New World)"
Direction Records UK/Sony UK

The follow-up to Jurgen Vries's massive "The Theme" (released September last year), "The Opera Song" is already, thanks to a handful of white-labels and promos, the toast of the international trance scene. Featuring the considerable vocal talents of, wait for it, Charlotte Church (yep, THAT Charlotte Church), this muscular, uplifting and totally irresistible trance anthem more than has enough clout for the dancefloor, and, thanks to a little hint of pop appeal, looks like it'll easily crossover to the mainstream. Whilst the mixes add a little "extra" for all kinds of trance tastes. The maxi-cd includes the QT video!

"I Wanna Dance With Somebody"

In 2002, Flip & Fill's names have been synonymous with crafting infectious slices of pop-tinted dance/trance tracks. From their own productions ("Shooting Star" and "True Love Never Dies", with Kelly Llorenna) to remixes for the likes of Sophie Ellis Bextor, DJ Sammy and Pascal, their trademark production stamp hasn't been far away from the UK's charts over the last twelve months. For their first outing in 2003 the duo craft this typically infectious rework of Whitney Houston's classic (re-sung here by Jo James), and in the process kick-start the new year in the same style that they finished the last. CD2 includes the QT video!

"The Way"
Heat/Data/Ministry Of Sound UK

Already a peaktime staple in the sets of Judge Jules, Dave Pearce, Scott Bond and Rob Tissera, amongst others, "The Way" is a superb way for the Data Recordings label to kick off 2003. Sung by sassy newcomer Sarah-Jane Scott and featuring remixes from Dutch trance stars Svenson & Gielen (epic and driving), N-Trance (uplifting), Green Martian (dark and pounding) (aka Airwave) and finally AATW's Friday Night Posse (tough). This is one of those rare releases that has a little something for alltrance and harder house fans tastes. Don't miss, the maxi-cd includes the QT video!

"Thunderpuss Megamix"
ZYX Germany

Singer Shannon hit gold with the trendsetting, pulsating dance classic "Let the Music Play" and other similar-sounding hits in the mid-'80s that helped lay the foundation for the '90s electronica music genre.

Born Brenda Shannon Greene in 1958 in Washington, D.C., Shannon grew up in Brooklyn and attended York University, majoring in accounting and minoring in music. At 20, she joined the New York Jazz Ensemble as a singer. While a member, she met drummer Lenny White and sang with Brownstone, which led to some recording. One single, "Let the Music Play," was issued on NY-based dance label Emergency Records as a 12" single with Shannon listed as the artist in fall 1983. She was shocked at seeing her name on the record. Produced by Mark Liggett and Chris Barbosa and written by Barbosa and Ed Chisolm, the track introduced a new dance sound featuring upfront heavy, staccato bass drum locked into the groove with electro-synth bass sprinkled with chiming steel drum-like synth accents. The record became a monster dance-club hit and was picked up by Mirage Records, a subsidiary of Atlantic Records, whose roster included dance-club favorites the System. The million-selling "Let the Music Play" pumped its way up to number two R&B, number eight pop on Billboard's charts in late 1983. Her debut album titled Let the Music Play was issued in February 1984 and went gold, peaking at number 32 pop in March 1984. Shannon followed that up with "Give Me Tonight" (number six R&B) and "My Heart's Divided." Do You Wanna Get Away was the title of her second Mirage album, issued in May 1985. Her third album, Love Goes All the Way, with some tracks produced by Patrick Adams and Robbie Buchanan, was released on Atlantic in October 1986.

In 1998, Shannon embrace Euro-techno with teaming up with German producer/artist Sash! and released "Move Mania". Following the success of "Move Mania", she had her hits "Give Me Tonight" and "Let The Music Play" remixed by US remixer Hex Hector and Thunderpuss respectively in 1999 and 2000. Her latest album "The Best Is Yet To Come" was released in 2000 in the US.

Now she is back with the release of a Thunderpuss Megamix maxi-cd, compiling her 3 lately remixed hits "Let The Music Play", "Give Me Tonight" and "Believe In Me".

"I Believe In Love"
Digidance The Netherlands/Incentive UK

Incentive Records are another one of those labels that you can always rely on aren't they? Up there with the likes of Positiva when it comes to delivering catchy dancefloor stormers, they never really disappoint and their latest, Cooper's infectious "I Believe In Love" from The Netherlands, is no exception. An upbeat jaunt that manages to easily tread the fine line between Euro-pop and euphoric trance (with an uplifting vocal from Eva Simons), it's also helped into all corners of the dancefloor by a typically excellent set of contrasting mixes. The maxi-CD contains the MPEG video!

"Heaven Is Closer"
Serious UK

A trance rework of the Fiction Factory 80's classic, "Heaven Is Closer (Feels Like Heaven)" heralds the welcome return of Dario G from a somewhat extended musical hiatus. A typically catchy melding of pop with uplifting, dancefloor friendly trance, this track is also being helped into deejay's record boxes no-end by the inclusion of some excellent remixes from Pulser, Ralphie B and Mythos & DJ Cosmo. A little something for every trance taste, "Heaven Is Closer (Feels Like Heaven)" is a welcome return from the man behind 1997's massive "Sunchyme"... The maxi-cd includes the QT video!

"In Your Life"
BMG Germany/Logic Records USA

We miss Melanie Thornton. She was, after all, one of our legendary ladies - a beautiful diva with dance roots who's dedication to music never faltered. And you know what? The girl could sing! Which is why listening to "In Your Life" is both an exhilarating and emotional experience. The original, hi-nrg extended mix is included on this US edition, as well as an exclusive, circuit inspired remix from Dezrok (Wide Life's "I Don't Want U"). Worth every penny.

"Am I On Your Mind?"
EMI Australia/Virgin UK

Space Brothers do it again with this track.. AMAZING uplifting vocal trance backed up by Ian Van Dahl and Resonance Q remixes. But where are the original mixes and the Lustral (also Space Brothers) mix? The best vocal trance tune in too long definately up there with our faves. The Ian Van Dahl mix is our pick as it is much more uplifting than the rest.

"U Shine On"
Incentive UK

Matt Darey and long-time vocalist Marcella Woods follow-up 2001's anthemic 'Beautiful' with yet another similarly dancefloor friendly slab of uplifting trance euphoria. More majestic pop-dance brilliance, with uplifting melodies and catchy feelgood lyrics, 'U Shine On' has already been extensively road-tested in the clubs by a whole host of Europe's A-list trance jocks. And with remixes from Tiesto and his Magik Muzik team and up and coming outfit Resonance Q, 'U Shine On' isalready looking like becoming a massive trance anthem. The maxi-CD contains the MPEG video!

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